In the Kingdom of Fiore it had been a busy day for most members of Fairy Tail's guild but nobody was busier than a certain celestial wizard named Lucy. And she felt that today was one of the worst days of her life. The mission she went on was difficult and only got paid just barley enough to pay off her rent since her team had to use half the money they earned to pay for the damage done. She had to summon multiple celestial spirits making her beyond worn out, her outfit was torn up, and worst of all she had accidentally dropped Aquarius' key, resulting in a bottom so sore that she was limping home. It should also be mentioned that it was raining and she had to make a detour to buy some food, so she came to her home, tired, sore, and soaked. She immediately put away her food, got out a change of clothes and started to undress for a bath, as soon as she was prepped for the bath, she collapsed in the tub wishing that this day would just end.

"Oww, what a long day, I still can't believe that I barely made it out with my rent money. Or the fact that I even made it out alive after that mission."

After she got out, she changed into her pajamas and figured that she needed some company to make her feel better. She held Plue's key and tried to open his gate.

"Open gate of Canis Minor, Nicola."

However, she forgot that today was Tuesday so he was unavailable. Knowing that most of her other spirits were unavailable that day as well.

"Great, I get soaked, my butt stings, and now I have no company."

She then collapsed on the bed. Back in the spirit world Plue was feeling dizzy from Lucy's attempt to summon him.


He said weakly.

"Plue are you okay?"

Said Loke to the little white spirit.

"You look dizzy, I guess Lucy tried to summon you and forgot that it was Tuesday. I guess she needed some company."

"She also forgot about not dropping my key, again. So why does she even deserve any company at all if she can't even follow a contract?"

Said Aquarius holding on to Scorpio.

"Well, someone has to protect her beautiful body."

Said Taurus,

"If her body is so beautiful then why doesn't she use it to get a boyfriend? Oh that's right, she can't get a boyfriend."

Remarked Aquarius. Taurus then glared at her,

"Are you trying to say that Lucy is ugly?"

"So what if I am? If she were pretty she would have had a boyfriend by now."

"Them fighting words ocean girl."

Before they were about to fight a flash of light went between the two of them.

"Both of you are being a nuisance right now. She had a rough day and just wants some company. I'll go talk to her."

Loke then left for the human world. When he got there he saw Lucy on her bed looking upset, he then went over to comfort her.

"Good evening my princess, do you need some company?"

Lucy lifted her head,

"Loke, I thought that I couldn't summon any more zodiac spirits today."

"You're forgetting, I can use my own magic to get here."

"Okay, but how did you know I needed some company?"

"You tried to summon Plue and figured you would need someone to talk to, that and Aquarius did mention you dropping her key today. So if you want to we can talk."

Lucy blushed a little,

"Thanks Loke. Just be aware it's a bit of a long story."

"Don't worry, I have time."

She then told the whole story about what happened today. Afterwards Loke said,

"I can see why you needed someone to talk to, and I think I can help you feel better."

He got up and hugged Lucy. At first she thought about wanting to struggle away but instead she let him hug her. As soon as he let go, she smiled and said,

"Thanks Loke, I feel a bit better now."

"Its time for both of us to get some rest, goodnight Lucy."

He went back to the spirit world, and Lucy started to get ready for bed. Before she went to bed she started to feel something.

"Why didn't I resist his hug? And why do I feel so different? I feel as if there's something inside of me. Maybe if I get some rest I might feel better."

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