About four years later Leon was ready for his first day of school, so Lucy got him ready in his clothes and dropped him off.

"Mommy will be back soon sweetie."

He waved to her and said,

"Bye Mommy."

As she left he put his stuff in his cubby and sat down. Meanwhile Natsu and Lisanna dropped Nalia off at elementary magic school in hopes that she would become a wizard someday, while they dropped off their white haired son Igneel to his first day of school. As for Gray and Juvia, after she caught the bouquet at Lisanna's wedding they got married within six months. Eventually they had twins, a son with blue hair named Gray Junior, and a little girl with black hair she named Crystal. Also, let's just say that by the time Junior was two years old he kind of adopted his father's bad habit of taking off his clothes. While Erza and Jellal were tending to their little purple haired baby girl they named Ereina. Parenting was new to Erza but she quickly learned, and she and Jellal were off to a good start at being parents. With everyone being so busy doing solo jobs Lucy decided to take a job by herself this time, after all she wanted to train Layla some more in the human world. So she found a high paying job to get rid of some monsters.

"This seems like a good job."

So she went out to her job.

As she was battling she first used Virgo but the monsters surrounded her and it was too much. So she pulled out two keys and called for Loke and Layla.

"Open gate of the Lion and Little Lion. Loke, Layla!"

"Need some help dear?"

Asked Loke. Next to him Layla appeared as a ten year old in a school girl's uniform with black mary janes, white knee socks, and wearing sunglasses like her father's.

"We're right behind you mom."

Lucy pulled out her Fleuve d'├ętoiles whip and said.

"Let's get them."

As Loke attacked with light, Layla followed with her light bullets making the monsters easier to attack and defeat. Within a few minutes the monsters were all gone.

"Well, that was a good job."

Loke then looked around and said,

"It was a bit too easy if you ask me."

"I don't know dad. But at least everything is okay now. Let's go see if Leon's done with school now."

As they walked home their was a small object that was watching over them. In another area far away from where Lucy and her family was a voice said,

"The years have proven well to Lucy, she's gotten stronger and so have her spirits, but that child is also quite strong as well. In fact most of the children born from these wizards are no doubt going to become strong wizards. But that doesn't mean we'll be beaten by them, in fact I feel that when the time is right we should create a plan."

Back in Magnolia, Lucy picked up Leon from school and she and her family walked home. As they were walking home Layla told her mother,

"Mom, I've got something to tell you that maybe you should know."

"Yes sweetie?"

Lucy asked.

"Since I'm a celestial spirit now, I actually got to choose the age at which I stop aging. Since I'm the Leo minor I chose to stop aging at age ten, meaning I'll stay this age forever."

Lucy flinched and said,

"Well, that was unexpected Layla, but I'm happy that it was your choice. Besides, I would hate to see you grow up too fast. Now let's get you and Leon some ice cream, you did a great job taking care of those monsters, and I heard from the teacher that Leon was so well behaved at school today. I feel you both deserve it."

Lucy then felt a hand on her shoulder,

"Aren't you forgetting someone?"

Loke said while lifting his eyebrows.

"Of course not Loke. You've earned yourself another night in the human world."

She said to her husband. They stopped by the ice cream shop, got the kids ice cream, and went home. They had dinner, Layla went outside to go play with Nalia, and Leon was had no trouble playing with his own toys or with Plue. When nighttime came Layla went back to the spirit world, and Loke got Leon ready for bed. He tucked his son under his covers, Lucy told him a bed time story, they turned off the lights, and closed the door. Within minutes Leon was fast asleep, and Loke went into his wife's room. When he saw Lucy she looked sort of depressed, so he asked her,

"Is there anything wrong Lucy?"

"I'm just a little worried about Leon that's all. We may have chosen for him to be a human but what if he get's some sort of weird magic in the future?"

He put his hand on her shoulder and said,

"Lucy, he's a human like you. If he wants to use magic he will have to learn it first, hey maybe he might become a celestial wizard like his mother someday."

Lucy smiled and said,

"Or maybe he'll become a ring mage like his father."

They both kissed.

"Maybe we could also give him a new little brother or sister."

He whispered before kissing her neck.


She said blushing.

"I can't help it, even after having two kids you're still pretty hot."

"Stop it, you know I'm on the pill don't you?"

She said giggling.

"That doesn't take away the fact that you're still my hot wife. But for Leon's sake we'll keep it quiet, I really do like going soft and slow."

He said before French kissing Lucy. After it broke, he removed his sun glasses and said,

"You know, I really do enjoy seeing your face without my shades on. I can clearly see how beautiful it is."

Lucy cupped his face with one hand and said,

"And I've always said you've had the most handsome eyes."

They pulled in for another kiss and continued along with their business throughout the night.

A few hours later

"You're still good at this Lucy."

He said as he cuddled close to her body.

"Thanks Loke, you always know how to make me feel better."

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