Just to let you all know, this story is not canon to any of my other Sonic fanfics.

Chapter One: A Hero Faded

Sonic felt the heat of battle on his face. He looked up at the red-hot sky as he faced his most dangerous rival, the nefarious and dastardly Doctor "Eggman" Robotnik. Everything Robotnik had done had led to this. Robotnik had launched a cybernetic attack on the entire Earth and Sonic knew he could not let Robotnik win. The seven Chaos Emeralds were floating beside him as he looked up at the giant mech robot that was destroying the city of Westopolis; the pilot of that mech was Doctor Robotnik. A tracking device was attached to Sonic's back so Tails, Knuckles, and Amy (who were flying in the Tornado trying to fend off against flying badniks) can know where he is. Sonic also had a communicator on his throat so he can communicate with Tails. The emeralds began to spin at lightning speed around him, so much so that you could barely see them clearly. Sonic's blood stained dark blue fur was starting to stand up. He began to levitate off the ground. His emerald green eyes dissolved into ruby red. He was above the ground. He then closed his eyes and a blinding bright yellow light took place, as did a loud sonic boom afterwards. The dark blue fur was now bright blinding yellow. He had transformed into Super Sonic. He pressed the communicator on his throat, "Tails, can you see me now? " Sonic waited for a response. He repeated, "Tails, can you see me?" Tails responded, "Sorry Sonic. Yes I can see you. Remember to focus on defeating Robotnik. I'll take care of the other badniks." Sonic clicked his communicator, "You got it." Sonic flew up to the cockpit, which was also the mech's head. He saw Robotnik controlling the mech. Robotnik spoke through his intercom that projected out of the cockpit, "You will never win, Sonic. Today, you die." He went to grab Sonic with the extended mech arms, but Sonic swiftly dodged them. Sonic arched his hand back and quickly whipped it forward, which fired a heat beam at Robotnik's cockpit. The beam made a small crack the size of a blade of grass. Robotnik let out maniacal laughter, and then grabbed Sonic with the mech's hands. Sonic tried to break out of the mech's grip but it was no use. There was one more thing for Sonic to do. He managed his best to choke out the words "Chaos Blast." BOOM! The right arm of the mech disintegrated and the explosion left the torso of the mech in bad shape. However, Robotnik was still inside the cockpit. Robotnik had no face of defeat; in fact he still seemed optimistic in his evil scheme. Sonic grabbed the mech and began to fly up all the way into the sky. Tails quickly pressed his communicator, "Sonic. What are you doing, its too cold up there. You're communicator will-" Tail's voice shorted out as Sonic was flying up in to the air with the entire mech body in his arms. Robotnik had a terrified look on his face, "No, this can't be happening." It started to get very cold, so cold that jumping in a fire wouldn't be enough to cool down, but Sonic didn't care. He kept looking up as he rocketed through the Earth's atmosphere with the mech. The two were floating in space. Sonic flew above the floating mech and then rocketed down on it, causing it to hurtle down the Earth. Sonic flew down back to Earth with it. Sonic knew that if Robotnik's mech crashed into Westopolis it would destroy the entire city. He grabbed the mech and tossed it into the ocean, with Robotnik still inside. Sonic's power was fading out; his bright yellow fur was fading back to blue. His red eyes turned back to green. His overall energy was nonexistent. He then lost all of his power as he fell unconscious when he was falling. Knuckles was sitting in the back seat of the plane, "Tails, do you know where he is?" Tails looked back, "His tracking device got destroyed when he took Robotnik into space."

"Look!" Amy Rose pointed into the sky where Sonic was falling. Tails pulled the hyper drive stick shift and jettisoned over to where Sonic was hurtling and tried to catch him in the plane but sadly failed. "No!" Tails screamed. Sonic had hit the ground with great force and couldn't move. Tails landed the plane where Sonic was. He ran toward him, "Sonic!" Sonic slowly opened his eyes, "Robotnik… is dead." Knuckles nodded, "You did it." Sonic shook his head, "No, Tails is the hero." Tails recoiled, "Me? How am I the hero." Sonic smiled, "You predicted that this global cyber attack was going to happen. And it did, but now with Robotnik dead. His badniks no longer operate. It was you that was prepared for this." Tails then made a sudden realization, "Wait, why are you saying this. Are you claiming that I have to be the leader now?" Sonic nodded. Tails was confused, "But why? I thought we agreed I would take your place if you died." Sonic said nothing. Tails then realized, "No! Sonic, you can't die." Amy started to cry, Knuckles turned away. Sonic spoke, "I have no will to live. I can't move. Its your job Tails." Sonic began to close his eyes when he spoke his final words; "There is still hope in the world." Sonic then laid his head down. He was dead. Tails began to cry, "No, no, no. Please no."

To Be Continued.