Chapter Two: New Life

It had been two days since the final battle of the Robotnik cyber attack. Sonic the Hedgehog had lost his life during the battle, leaving Miles "Tails Prower to be the new leader of the group. Tails has yet to come to terms with this new job he had been given. Knuckles the Echidna had to go to Angel Island to defend the Master Emerald. But if he left, it would no longer be a group. Tails decided to take Amy to migrate back to his old workshop in Mystic Ruins, which was near Angel Island so that way they will be near Knuckles in case another problem occurs.

"No, you're not doing that!" Knuckles spatted at Tails, "I need to be alone to defend the Master Emerald." Tails tried to convince him, "If we remain apart, it won't be a group anymore. When you guarded the emerald, we were still a group because Sonic was still with us. Now there is only three of us, you have to let us stay!" Knuckles fumed, "No! No way in hell!" Tails was out of ideas, but then he came upon a realization, "Knuckles, Sonic said I am the leader now. Let us come to Mystic Ruins, that is an order!" Knuckles let out a scoff, and walked away, "A little kid telling me what to do! What a joke!" Tails sighed, "I am not the naïve little kid that I was years ago. I am not the kid that can't go anywhere without being saved anymore. I am sure as hell not the kid that would let Sonic down, as I used to be. I have grown up. Please Knuckles. We need you. Knuckles let out a groan, "Jeez. I never saw Sonic as my boss, or a leader. But he was a hero. He saved the world. I am not going to take orders from you, but I understand where you're coming from. You can migrate to your lab, but do not let it interfere with my guarding duties. Go ahead and go to your old workshop but do not set one foot on Angel Island unless it is an emergency. Deal?" Knuckles put his hand out. Tails smiled and shook Knuckles' hand, "Deal."

"Amy, go ahead and get inside." Tails was ready to leave to Mystic Ruins to his old workshop, he looked back at Knuckles, "Are you sure you don't want to ride with us to the island?" Knuckles shook his head, "No. I can get there myself like I always do. Good luck, Tails." Tails sighed, "My name isn't Tails anymore." Tails jumped into his plane, "Its Miles Prower. Tails fired up the engine and took off into the sky. Knuckles watched the plane fly away. He stared at it, with a smile on his face, "Nope, I'm still calling him Tails."

Elsewhere, a man stood in a strange laboratory situated on a small island in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. He had black hair and a scrawny body. With his fingers rested on a large keyboard, he typed the letters, "TORNADO MARK II". A picture of Tails' plane was displayed. He typed in, "LOCATION". A map of the world was displayed showing a red dot moving across the middle of the map. The red dot was Tails' plane. The man gave a smile, "I will complete what you started, Doctor Ivo Robotnik."