Chapter Four: Cyber Madness

Tails had landed his plane on Mystic Ruins. Amy stepped out of the plane, "Finally, we're here." Tails was still worried about the badniks that had attacked him. He tried to think of how they would still work with Robotnik dead. He tried to ignore it. He entered his workshop with Amy. He stepped in the main lab and spoke to Amy, "Down the hall to the left is your bedroom." Amy nodded, giving her thanks, "Where are you sleeping?" Tails sat up on his counter, wiping the dust off, "Here. I'll be fine." Amy left to the bedroom. Tails turned the table over, revealing a bed. He laid down in it and fell asleep.

Elsewhere, Doctor Yazi stood on the helicopter landing skid at the Robotnik base. Cyber Sonic was standing by him. Yazi looked down at Cyber, "Do you remember the plans?" Cyber Sonic's eyes flickered, sort of like nodding, "Yes, Doctor Yazi. First, I land on Mystic Ruins. Second, I destroy Miles Prower's workshop. If not dead, I will kill Miles Prower and his friends. After that, I return to you to report my success." Doctor Yazi nodded appreciably, "Good." Cyber looked up and said something badniks were not programmed to say, "What if I fail?" Yazi hesitated, "If all seems lost, come back to me and I will think of a new plan." Cyber understood. The rockets below his feet ignited, and Cyber flew away.

A while after that, Tails woke up from sleeping through the night. He stepped out to see the morning sun. Suddenly, he heard the high pitched sound of something falling through the air. He looked toward the sky to see a small black object really far up in the sky. As it got closer, Tails noticed it was metallic blue. It was shaped like Sonic. Tails' eyes widened, Metal Sonic, he thought. He quickly ran toward his workshop. As he was running toward it he heard the sound of something being launched. Rockets. The rockets struck his workshop, nearly destroying it. The metallic blue figure made it to the ground. His hand turned into a small minigun, "I am Cyber Sonic. Metal Sonic is no more! Soon, you will be no more as well!" Tails ran into the ruins of the workshop, dodging the bullets that Cyber was shooting at him. He heard the sound of Amy calling for help. He met up with her at the back of the almost destroyed workshop. They ran out of the workshop, or what was left of it. Cyber flew up in the air and caught sight of Tails and Amy, "Show mercy!" Cyber's hand changed into a strange pipe. Fire spurted out of it like a flame thrower. Tails and Amy narrowly dodged the fire. Tails and Amy got into the plane and took off. Cyber rocketed after them, chasing them through the air.

Meanwhile, on Angel Island, Knuckles faintly heard the sound of a plane flying. He looked down from the island to see if there were any planes around. Sure enough, Tails' plane rocketed up in the air above Angel Island, Cyber was still flying behind the Tornado. Knuckles bitterly chuckled, "I knew it wouldn't be long when danger comes back." The plane flew down below Angel Island with Cyber flying behind. Knuckles jumped off the island to glide toward the Tornado. Wind blew on his face on the way down. He landed onto the wing, right next to Tails, "What the hell is happening?" Tails gradually increased the speed to get away from Cyber, "No clue! He came out of nowhere!" Knuckles looked back at Cyber, "Is it Metal Sonic?" Tails shook his head, "Cyber Sonic, or so he says." Cyber began to fire bullets at the Tornado. Tails tried to evade them. He pulled a lever in the plane console, "Deploying flares!" Flares were deployed from the rear. They slowed Cyber down, but he did not give up. Cyber's hand then turned into a rocket launcher. He fired one rock at the Tornado. An explosion bursted from the side. Amy screamed, "We're hit!" The plane was going down at a fast rate. Tails grabbed on to both Amy and Knuckles, "Abandon plane." He jumped out and began floating with his tails. He saw the plane fall down to the ground in its mangled state. Once it hit the ground, it fell apart. The three of them stayed in the sky. Cyber had passed them, thinking he had killed them. Tails, Amy, and Knuckles made their way safely to the ground.

Hours later, Knuckles decided to hang out at the still intact section of the workshop. Tails, Knuckles, and Amy sat at a table. Tails was even more confused, "Those badniks that attacked us at the ocean, and Cyber Sonic attacking us a few hours ago. What is going on? Something is happening and I do not like it! Someone wants us dead." Knuckles chewed on charred remains of fruit that burned in the explosion of the workshop, "Who wants us dead?" Tails stood up and turned around, "Whoever he is, he must be the new leader of Robotnik Laboratories since Doctor Robotnik is dead." Tails pulled out a small piece of metal, "I found this when we got back on the ground after Cyber Sonic attacked us. It may be a small piece of him that broke off when I hit him with the flares. If I use my computer to analyze it, I can track the coordinates of Robotnik base, find the new leader of Robotnik Laboratories and Cyber Sonic, and end this." A lot had happened today, Tails just went to bed to think about what he would do the next day.

"Well, did you kill them?" Doctor Yazi had asked Cyber when he came back. Cyber spoke, "Not instantly. I destroyed their plane but they jumped out before the plane hit the ground. But there is no doubt that the fall will kill them." Doctor Yazi turned around and looked at the dark starry sky, "I hope you're right. If not, we'll go through phase 3." Cyber was intrigued, "Phase 3?" Doctor Yazi gave a sinister smile, "Send a full scale army of our cybernetics after them. That should take them out." Doctor Yazi walked away, "Dismissed." Cyber's eyes flickered, "Thank you, Doctor Yazi."