The night ended and became day then to night again. Maurice returned and for the next month he kept to his word of coming back every night to visit her. It was exactly a month later that things between Maurice and Avery changed. He'd been in her room waiting for her, he could hear her down below talking with her parents. Her brothers were all gone doing their own things with friends for the weekend. He could hear the woman who had to be her mother yelling at Brian about his whore, Maurice had trouble believing Brian would cheat but he knew it was true. The adult Maurice had never wanted to become his best friend had turned into. There was a resounding iSlap!/i and Maurice cringed upon hearing her mother screeching.

The woman's words infuriated him. Not at the woman, but at Brian, "don't you hit her!" The yells grew quieter as the two adults slammed the door behind them as they left to continue arguing and then to leave.

He stood near the door to the attic, for Avery had switched rooms with her younger brother to make it easier on Maurice to get to her, and as soon as she came running in he caught her in his arms. She clutched to him and cried. When she looked up into his eyes something was different. There was a primal need there. Maurice felt it too and he closed the door. His lips met hers for the first time since the day they had met. His tongue, was long and he licked her lips, she could now feel the slight fork in it and still she opened her lips.

It was an age old dance their mouth and tongues performed in. Maurice couldn't help his hands and they roamed. First it was just up and down her sides then his thumb brushed over her nipple and he heard her gasp, felt her thrust her chest forward some, then when his hands reached her waist he snuck them up her loose night shirt. She didn't protest, not that she could have said much with his tongue nearly down her throat, and the pleasured shiver he felt her give just encouraged him more. As a monster he was different than humans, and his elongated nails proved that. They ran over her skin and he felt the small sound she made more than heard it.

Then his fingers went under the loose elastic of her sports bra and she pulled away from his mouth. Her hands lifted her shirt up and as she lifted she hooked her fingers under the bra too and took them both off in one fell swoop.

He loved the milky white of her skin and the dark of her rosy buds. His lips met her throat and she moaned aloud. He didn't stay there for long before he began sucking on her nipple. She loved it and instinctively moved closer hoping to intensify her pleasure. He nipped and with his pointed teeth she cried out and grasped his horns. The sensitive buds upon his head made him nip at her again and she cried out loudly.

Pulling away from her aroused breast he pushed her onto the bed and he quickly removed his pants before grasping the hem of her sweats and pulling them down slowly while lavishing kisses down one leg then up the other. He was no virgin, not like her, so he knew that to even be with her he would need her to be very relaxed for he was a large man, for during this act he was not any bit the boy he normally was. He nipped the inside of each leg and when her hips thrust up he could easily smell her arousal.

He trailed his nails up her thigh then grasped her thing panties and pulled them down, "it seems my path is no longer blocked," he joked. Her panties were green with lacy blue trim and right where her vagina was, was a printed picture of a sleeping Snorlax with the words 'You're path is blocked!'

He nipped above her vaginal hair and then kissed the red welt. Too distracted by the pleasure the pain mixed with the soft kiss had dealt her she didn't notice his intentions until her face reddened and a loud moan escaped her lips. "M-Maurice? Ah!" She moaned when his tongue again lapped at her, it flicked over her entrance and with the fork enveloped her sensitive bud. "O-oh God!" She cried when he did it a third time. He felt some of her pre juices leak out ans lapped them up quickly, before they had a chance to drip to far away.

Having a forked tongue left him with great muscle control over it so he folded it together and slowly pushed it into her entrance, waiting to see if he caused her any pain. Nothing but pleasure was written on her face so he pushed it in some more. He hadn't expected her reaction and when her hips thrust up without her consent his tongue had delved far into her opening. He hadn't done anything yet but the new pleasure had overloaded her and he drank up her sweetened juiced. He tried not to laugh when he realized that his drinking of her caused her first orgasm ever to last longer than it was meant to.

His thumb went to her clitoris and the nail trailed over the extremely sensitive bud causing her to cry out and try to thrust up again. His free hand forced her hips to stay in once place, least they repeat her too quick orgasm. Unfolding his tongue he watched as the shock and pure pleasure covered her face as he moved each forked part separately. Her walls tightened over his tongue and he slowly pulled out before she would come again. Without warning he thrust into her and she cried out. The pain had only been a slight pinch and the pleasure overlapped that.

His first thrusts were slow to get her not only accustomed to his size, but the ridges that covered his penis. The new sensations were too much for her and she came again, then she started to cry and he stopped, afraid he's done something wrong, "Babe? Avery, talk to me, babe."

"I-I'm sorry." She said then tried to calm down. "I-I'm no good. I'm too inexperienced."

"Then lets fix that, shall we?" He kissed her and pulled back to quickly thrust forward. His pumps picked up speed and strength thrusting deeply fast into her. She was getting close again but she didn't know if he was or not and her hand reached down without thought. When he pumped into her she grasped whatever she could an his smooth sac happened to be it. His hips jerked in surprise and he hissed when his seed came spewing out. His hand quickly moved to lightly scratch her clit to get her off too. "Babe," he groaned, "I love you."