I want to give some credit to J-Cal who gave me some ideas for this, you can find him and his amazing works here: /user/J-Cal/profile

Gamzee wakes slowly, his head pounding and pain flowing through his arms and legs. He blinks several times, his vision black as he attempts to look at his surroundings, only to find that a blindfold has been placed on his head. He is in a dark, damp room, the walls are made of cement, showing it to be a basement. To his right is a wooden staircase that bends around the corner to the left. To his left is a bolted down table with clamps and belts hanging from the sides that appear to have clamped him down earlier, as his Indidgo blood stained the metal and leather. On the table is a small arsenal of sexuall toys such as anal plugs, vibrators, several large dildos, several cock rings, a small 8-ended, silver tipped whip, a jockeys whip, and a cattle prod. On the wall are more chains and belts, all have a blue shimmer, revealing them to be blueblood materials, that of which Gamzee is unable to break.

Gamzee is on his knees, his legs and ankles bolted down within several blueblood steel clasps on each leg. His arms are bound tightly behind his back by several more blueblood leather belts, four to be exact, and each tied as tightly as possible. His hands are in special full-hand metal casings so that he cannot break them open, the are chained together by another blueblood chain. His clothes are tattered and torn and stained with his dark indigo blood. Within his mouth is a Jade green ball gag, and his whole mouth from his chin to his nose, is covered by a wire-mesh muzzle, keeping his mouth closed around the gag. Around his neck is a blue leather shock collar that has three clips connected to chains that disappear into the ground, two in front of him and one behind him.

He arches his back and cries out in pain as a stinging-burning sensation comes from the back of his neck and the bottom of his foot, giving him remembrance of how he had gotten into his situation. He had been on a walk through the forest towards karkat's hive when he had been attacked by two people. They held him down as he struggled to see their faces and put a blindfold on him. As they tried to put a gag into his mouth, he bit one of them and they kicked him before forcing the gag into his mouth and then put the muzzle tightly on him after tying his arms tightly behind his back. He had dug his nails into one of them, so they beat him again and put the blueblood casings on his hands. He tried to run when they tackled him again and tied his legs together and carried his struggling body back to a hive where they restrained his struggling body to the table and tattooed their signs into his neck and then tattooed something onto his foot. One of the two then held a bottle of clorophorm to his nose and within seconds, the struggling juggalo fell unconscious.

He comes back to reality and struggles forcefully in the bindings as the door at the top of the stairs opens and closes with a slam, then two sets of footsteps as they come down into the basement.

"Weeeeeeeell, it looks like our little pet is awake" Vriska says as she walks down the stairs, Kanaya following soon after her, both smiling maliciously at their captive highblood. Gamzee's head snaps to the source of the sound as he struggles in the bindings, the tattoos starting to burn with more pain as the two come closer.

"Deactivate The Mark, We Don't Want Him In Too Much Pain… Yet…" Kanaya says as she moves across the room towards Gamzee and forcefully rips the blindfold from his head, forcing Gamzee to wince in pain as he attempts to get used to the amount of light in the dark room. He takes the time to adjust before his eyes widen in fear at the sight of Kanaya and Vriska. He tries to talk through the gag only to get a painful slap from Vriska.

"Quiet Slave… You speak only when you are spoken to. But for now…" Vriska gives a few tugs on the muffle to make sure that it is securely fastened on Gamzee. "…You stay quiet."

He struggles more as he yells out through the gag and muzzle, his words muffled but still comprehendible. "What in the Motherfuck are you doing?! Let me go!"

Vriska gives him another painful slap, "I said quiet!" She walks over to the table where Kanaya is and begins to search through the stuff on the table before taking a pair of scissors and walking back to Gamzee. "Now hold still, so I don't accidentally cut you." She says with a smirk on her face as she begins to cut through his clothes.

Gamzee's eyes grow wide as he stops moving so that she doesn't hurt him. "You Gave Us Quite A Fight Gamzee…" Kanaya says as she grabs a few things from the table and then walks back over to gamzee and kneels down behind him, putting the things on the ground and then suspending a bag from a pipe jutting from the wall. "Are You Curious As To Why You Are Here?" She asked, fully knowing how he would respond.

He nods quickly before yelping in pain as Vriska purposely cut him "Oops" She says, a smirk on her face before she cuts through the rest of his clothes, leaving him in his boxers. Gamzee shivers as Kanaya begins to explain his predicament.

"Well It's Simple, Vriska And I Were Getting Bored, And I Still Want To Kill You. But She Talked Me Into Another Way To Punish You For Killing Equius And Nepeta."

Gamzee's eyes widen as he calls out and struggles. "I never killed anyone! I don't even know what you're talking about!"

Kanaya grins and takes the scissors from Vriska and starts to cut through Gamzee's boxers, revealing his nook and bulge, which in turn, forced a rather furious blush from him, the purple of his cheeks showing through his dirty makeup. "Oh But You Did Gamzee, But It Doesn't Matter Now… You Are Going To Be Out Little Play-Thing." She smiles as she pokes his nose. "Whether You Like It Or Not."

He struggles even more furiously, his blush becoming even more furious as she stands and both of them stand in front of him. In Vriska's hand, a knife, and in Kanaya's, a cock ring that she firmly squeezes on him, leaving him extremely uncomfortable. "Noooooooow, we need to go over the rules," Vriska smiles as she sees the fear in Gamzee's eyes, "You will speak when you are allowed to, you will obey all orders, you will NOT cum unless we say you can, you are not allowed to touch yourself without permission, and finally, you do everything we tell you to, when you tell you to, got it?"

He winces in pain from the ring and nods quickly, eyes the knife in Vriska's hand in fear. "Good, now…" She pushes a button on a remote that she pulls out of her pocket. Suddenly the chains start pulling him forward. He attempts to fight against them, but the power of the motor hidden in the ground is stronger than him and pulls his head all the way to the ground, which in turn, forces his ass into the air, giving Kanaya a good sight of his anus and nook. "Kanaya, go ahead and do the enema."

Gamzee's eyes widen in fear as he attempts to talk through the gag and muzzle. "En-Enema?" He asks, only for Vriska to take the edge of the knife and hold it up to his throat, pressing it lightly against the skin, not enough to break skin but enough to cause pain. He yelps in pain and stops struggling as Kanaya starts to lube up a tube behind him. He closes his eyes and waits for her. His eyes snap open and he winces painfully as she forces the tube into he anus, resulting in a squeak of pain from behind the muzzle as he squeezes tightly around it, trying to force out the strange intruder.

Kanaya and Vriska laugh loudly as he struggles in an attempt to get the tube out of him, making him blush even more furiously. Kanaya squeezes the bag and starts to pump Gamzee full of the lukewarm water, effectively washing him out. "We Will Do This Everyday Until You Are Capable Of Doing This Yourself. Vriska, Put The Other Gag On Him. We Need To Start Training Him."

Vriska smirks and removes the knife from Gamzee's throat before sheathing it and walking over to the table where she grabs a circular, open-mouth gag and walks over to the squirming Gamzee. "8ite me and I swear you will suffer for it." She quickly pulls off the muzzle and ball gag and before he can talk, let alone object, she forces the open-mouth gag into his mouth and ties it tight. "There we go…"

Kanaya pulls the tube out and pushes a pressure point, forcing Gamzee to drain into a tub she had placed under him. He blushes furiously and puts his head down, blushing in shame and embarrassment as the brownish liquid pours out of him. "Now Now Gamzee… Don't Be Ashamed.." She says sarcastically as they both laugh as Kanaya grabs another of the items. "Relax Or This Will Hurt." She says as she slowly pushes an plug into his tight anus.

Gamzee cries out in pain and tightens, causing more pain to himself. He attempts to relax, tears streaming down his cheeks. "8etter get used to this Gamzeeeeeeee… This is part of your uniform!" Vriska grins as she loosens the chains slightly, allowing Gamzee to look up at her. "Now to teach you how to please someone, or we aren't going to make any use of you…" She grins as she starts to undo her pants, smiling at the expression of true terror on Gamzee's face. She pulls down her pants, revealing her throbbing grey-blue bulge and wet nook. Gamzee's eyes widen and he gasps, a slight moan escaping him as Kanaya lays down beneath him and starts to lick his nook.

"Wow… Looks Like Someone Is Wet… You Enjoying This Gamzee?" Kanaya asks before going back to licking him. He shakes his head only to be painfully slapped by Vriska, causing him to recoil in pain.

"You answer with 'Yes Mistress' or 'No Mistress' when you are spoken to, got it?" Vriska asks, anger and annoyance showing on her face.

Gamzee and and answers Kanaya. "N-No Mistress"

Vriska slaps Gamzee again. "Wrong answer, you thank her for pleasuring you, you worthless slut."

Gamzee cries out in pain, a slight moan mixed with his cry of pain. "Y-Yes Mistress, th-thank you mistress"

Vriska smiles and moves closer to Gamzee, pushing her bulge through the circular ring of the open-mouth gag. "Now pleasure your mistress…"

Gamzee gags at the taste of her bulge, causing Vriska to become angrier. She rakes her claws across his back, and smiles as blood starts to seep from the wounds. He then cries out in pain again, his cry mixed with another moan from Kanaya's continuous licking. He starts to lick around the tip of Vriska's bulge, the taste making him sick to his stomach.

Vriska moans in pleasure and grabs Gamzee by his horns and pulls him down, forcing him to deep throat her. She holds him there for a moment before pulling back and allowing him to breath. "Good… need to work on your breathing through…"

He moans loudly as Kanaya's expert tongue prods his clit, bringing forth a bright purple blush of shame from himself enjoying his treatment. "Y-Yes Mistress…" He replies, shudders floating up his spine. Vriska pushes her erection back into his mouth and he licks around the tip, spiraling his tongue to make her squirm in pleasure.

"You enjoy my bulge in your mouth you little slut? Yea… I know you do… You're our little slut…" She moans as Gamzee forces her over the edge. She grabs his horns and pulls him tight, cumming straight down his throat into his stomach and then releases, a thick rope of her genetic material landing on his face and in his mouth. "Now be a good little slut and swallow the rest of mommy's cum…"

He gags at the taste and swallows, wincing as the thick, blue liquid slowly flows down his throat.

"Good 8oy… now clean the rest of it off."

He reluctantly starts to lick the rest of the material from her bulge and his lips, moaning from Kanaya's constant licking. He groans as Kanaya stops, his own body near orgasm.

"Aww, Is My Little Slut Upset No one Is Eating Him Out?" Kanaya asks, a grin on her face as she stands in front of him.

"Y-Yes Mistress" Gamzee groans, ashamed.

"Well, What Would You Like Us To Do About It?" Kanaya asks, grinning down at him, revealing her erection, Jade green precum already forming at the tip. She turns to Vriska, smiling.

"P-Please Mistress," He says, blushing furiously. "P-Please let me cum…"

Kanaya and Vriska smile at each other and think before turning back to him, smiling. "No" The reply in unison, smiling.

Gamzee groans as he struggles in the bonds, hoping to rub the edges of his nook together to make him cum but Kanaya quickly comes over and separates his legs with a leg bar, making it so he cannot move his legs whatsoever. Gamzee groans, upset that he can't cum as Kanaya comes back into view and whispers into Vriska's ear. Vriska's eyes light up and she quickly takes hold of Kanaya and pulls her into a deep kiss. Gamzee's eyes widen as he becomes extremely horny, struggling as he whimpers through the gag. Kanaya smirks at Gamzee as Vriska takes out the circular gag and then puts the ball gag and muzzle back on him.

Kanaya smiles and then takes Vriska back and holds her close. "Now… Shall We Make Our Pet Jealous?"

Vriska smiles and then starts to slowly rub the head of Kanaya's bulge. "I think we should…" She kneels down and slowly suck on Kanaya's bulge as she rubs her own clit.

Kanaya moans in pleasure and starts to rub Vriska's horns, smirking at Gamzee as he struggles in the bindings, shifting as he whines, his bulge rock hard as he stares at them with saucer-wide eyes.

Vriska pulls back and smirks at Gamzee, "Awwwwwwww, is our little pet horny?" She smirks as she stands and pulls Kanaya back into a kiss, slowly pushing Kanaya's bulge into her soaking wet nook.

Kanaya moans loudly and starts to stroke Vriska's bulge as she starts to slowly move her own bulge in and out of Vriska's wet pussy. "I Think He's Enjoying Watching.. Are We Ever Going To Let Him Cum?" Kanaya asks, moaning.

Vriska moans loudly and then puts a finger to her chin, "Hmmmmmmmm… no."

Kanaya smiles back at Vriska then looks at Gamzee. "I Thought So… Are We Going To Build Him Up?" She softly strokes vriska, her other hand holding Vriska at the waist.

Vriska smiles and then gasps as Kanaya tickles her anus with a nail. She moans loudly and attempts to reply. "Y-yea… D-Defin-E-etly…"

Kanaya smirks then pulls away from Vriska and walks over to the table, smiling as Vriska lets out a groan as Kanaya moves away from her. Kanaya grabs a tube off of the table and then walks over to Gamzee and kneels down next to him and firmly slides the tube onto Gamzee's bulge.

Gamzee's eyes widen and he groans in pain as the tight tube slides onto his erect bulge. He had climbed down from his near climax and groaned. He gasps as Kanaya turns on the machine and it starts to pulse, tiny feelers within the machine exploring every inch of his bulge before slowly starting to suck and pulse on his bulge, slowly bringing him towards a climax.

Kanaya and Vriska smile and Kanaya roughly pushes Vriska against the wall and quickly thrusts her erect bulge deep into her as she rubs the tip of Vriska's bulge, bringing forth a loud moan from the spider troll. Gamzee watches with intent curiosity as Kanaya starts to pump in and out of the wriggling Vriska, both moaning loudly. Gamzee groans as the machine brings him to the edge of climax. He attempts to thrust forward but the machine holds tight, not moving at all and keeps him at the edge of climax for a minute before shutting off. Gamzee groans in anger and cries out, hungry to come but the machine doesn't move, simply stays tightly attached to his bulge.

Kanaya and Vriska stop for a minute to see the wriggling Gamzee and they smile at him. "Looks Like My Little Machine Is Working Perfectly… How Many Times Should We Build Him Up For His First Session?" She asks Vriska.

Vriska thinks for a minute. "Weeeeeeeell… May8e three… at four his testicals would explode from the tightness… Has it really been an hour since you put it on him?"

Kanaya checks her watch then looks up at Vriska. "Yea… We've Been At It For A While.. I Trained You Well…"

At this Gamzee perks up, looking straight at Kanaya and Vriska as he thinks to himself. "Trained her well? What does she mean by that?" He thinks for a few minutes before finally realizing what was going on. "Vriska is Kanaya's apprentice?" All of a sudden the machine turns back on and he wriggles in the bindings, the feeling of the machine making him squirm in pleasure. He moans loudly which makes Kanaya and Vriska turn back to Gamzee, snickering.

"Looks Like Our Pet Is Enjoying His Toy…" Kanaya said to him before turning back to vriska and rubbing Vriska's most sensitive spot, the small tip of her left horn. Vriska immediately bucks in pleasure and bites her lip, a loud moan coming from her. Kanaya smirks and starts thrusting into her as Vriska reaches up and rubs the small crook on Kanaya's horn, immediately making Kanaya cum. Kanaya moans loudly in pleasure and collapses on Vriska and then glares up at her, her Jade green eyes full of anger and pleasure. "I Thought I Told You To Never Rub Me There…"

Vriska smirks at Kanaya, glad of her defiance. "Oops…" She says, a large hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Kanaya roughly grabs Vriska and turns her around, pushing her against the wall. "Your Disobedience Needs To Be Corrected… It Will Also Serve As A Good Example For Our Little Pet That You Do NOT Disobey Me."

Gamzee wriggles in the bindings, moaning loudly in pleasure from the extreme stimulation of the machine as it brings him towards yet another orgasm that it will not give him. He looks up at Kanaya and Vriska, his eyes widening as he realizes that his suspicions are correct. He Moans loudly again and attempts to thrust forward as the machine makes him reach his climax. He groans loudly and he tries to cum but the machine shuts off and he cries out, upset that the machine will not allow him the climax he so madly wanted.

In front of him, Vriska's smirk drops from her face and she squirms against the wall. "P-Please master… p-please don't!"

Kanaya grabs several of the blueblood belts from the wall and binds Vriska's arms tightly behind her back before pulling her over to the table and gagging her tightly with another Jade green ball gag. "Too Late Vriska.. You Were Told Not To Disobey And You Still Did." She then ties the muzzle tightly and locks it before locking two leg bars onto Vriska's legs, one on her calf and one right above her knees. She then pushes Vriska against the wall again where she clips the collar around Vriska's neck to a hook that jutted from the wall, as well as locked her ankles into clamps on the ground.

Vriska cries out in pain and struggles, attempting to get free as she fears what will come next. She attempts to yell out through the gag and muzzle, her words muffled but comprehendible. "Please master! Im sorry! Please don't punish me!"

Kanaya walks back over to the table and grabs a small 8-ended, steel tipped whip and walks back over to Vriska. "Too Late. This Is What You Deserve." She cuts off Vriska's shirt and then with a quick snap, whips Vriska in the back, the sharp points digging into her gray skin.

Vriska cries out in pain and squirms in the bindings, her cerulean blood dripping down her back from the 8 wounds that Kanaya had just created. While the whip had hurt, it also made her somewhat aroused as Kanaya walks back to the table and grabs another object.

Kanaya smirks as she walks back to her apprentice and roughly pushes a very violent, large girthed vibrator into Vriska's anus, causing her to scream in pain through the gag and muzzle as the vibrator stretched her. Vriska attempts to talk through the gag. "Please master! Please don't! Ill 8ehave now! Please!" Kanaya only smirks at her apologies and turns on the vibrator, causing Vriska to scream in half pain half pleasure as the vibrator violently shook inside of her anus.

Gamzee watches with fear, realizing just how violent punishment would be if he were to misbehave and disobey Kanaya's orders. He gasps and groans loudly as the machine clicks on again, the machine slowly pulling him towards the third orgasm he would yet again be denied. He moans loudly as the machine sucked and moved on his bulge, a strange lubricant coming from the machine itself as it continues to move on his hard erection. He shudders as pleasure rolls up and down his spine, his testicals slowly becoming swollen with the need to cum.

Kanaya smiles with glee and turns back to Gamzee and then walks over to him. She kneels down next to him and gently squeezes his balls. "Hmmm" She coos, "Looks Like Someone Needs To Cum…" He nods quickly as he attempts to look at her, his eyes widening with hope. "But I Think Ill Wait A Little More…" His eyes quickly fill with dread as she tells him that he will have to wait to cum, but he quickly moans and squirms as the machine brings him close to cumming again. She rubs his back as he comes close, then smiles as it turns off and he cries out again, the need to cum overwhelming him. "Aww… Does My Little Pet Wish To Cum?" She asks, rubbing his back.

Gamzee quickly nods and Kanaya takes off the muzzle, soon followed by the gag. She smiles and rubs his back. "You Know What To Do Gamzee…"

Gamzee gulps nervously as he shifts in the bindings, knowing that he has to beg. "P-Please Mistress… Please… L-Let me cum…"

Kanaya smiles as him and then kisses his cheek. "I Think You Need To Do Better Than That… I Think Another Cycle Will Teach You…" She smiles and puts the gag and muzzle back on Gamzee and then rubs his back again as he cries out to her, "And Call Me Master From Now On… Vriska Has Lost Her Ability To Control You…" She turns and goes back to Vriska, checks on her restraints, then goes up the stairs and leaves, turning off the lights and leaving the squirming and sobbing bodies of Gamzee and Vriska to the tortuous devices that are connected to them.