Gamzee woke with a slight sting on his crotch. He moves his head but all he sees is black. He starts to freak out but he remembers that there is a blindfold tightly tied on him. A slightly sickly feeling rises from his stomach as he comes back from his drug-induced mini-coma. He hears a door open and close and then the soft patter of footsteps as Kanaya walks down the stairs.

Kanaya crosses the room swiftly and pulls off the blindfold and gag, forcing Gamzee to squint into the bright light that emanated from a single lamp, bathing the room in light. Kanaya quickly attaches a leash to the collar around his neck and grabs a glass anal plug which she lubes quickly before slowly pushing it into Gamzee, bringing forth a slight yelp in surprise of pain from the plug.

She then undoes the restraints but keeps Gamzee's ankles restrained by cuffs attached with a long chain. "Let's Go Gamzee… One Final Piece Of Your Training Left." She says with an air of authority as she starts pulling him along. He moves to stand but she pushes him back onto his knees. "Pets Crawl Gamzee, They Do Not Walk."

"Y-Yes master…" Gamzee replies, blushing somewhat as he slowly crawls behind her up the stairs.

Kanaya smirks and walks him into the living room near the front of the hive where he sees two kennels built into the wall, Vriska fast asleep curled up in the one on the right.

Kanaya pulls Gamzee over to a chair where she sits down and instructs Gamzee to sit on his knees in front of her. He quickly obeys, stiffening slightly as he looks up at her. "Now Gamzee, You're Going To Learn How To Please Your Master. Now Come Over Here." She pulls him closer, his knees just barely touching the bottom of the chair. She uncrosses her legs and spreads them to reveal that she is not wearing any underwear, her bulge and nook glistening with moisture.

She undoes the buttons holding her dress up and lets it lie underneath her on the chair as she gently pulls Gamzee closer to her. "now Gamzee, You Must Pleasure me, Do NOT Touch My Nook Until I Say You Can. Understood?"

Gamzee nods slowly and catches himself "Y-Yes master…" he says, not quite understanding what she wants him to do.

"Well..?" she says, exasperated, "Have You Never Sucked A Bulge Before?"

Gamzee's eyes grow wide and he shakes his head. "N-No master… Th-That's disgusting.."

Kanaya sighs and reaches over, grabbing a metal ring from the table. She quickly pushes the ring into his mouth, which opens his mouth painfully wide. He winces in pain and tries to pull away from her as she ties it tightly behind his head. She then quickly ties his hands together behind his back and grabs him by the hair, her fingers curling to tightly grasp the thick mop of hair upon his head. "Now Listen Up Gamzee. You Are Mine. You Do As I Say, When I Tell You To. Got It?"

He nods and gasps as she pulls his head down, her thick bulge going through the metal ring and into his mouth. He gags on the horrible taste, a moldy green apple tinge to it as she forces his head up and down on her bulge. She suddenly pushes his head down hard and begins to deep throat him. He chokes and she holds him there for a moment before pulling his head back up off her bulge and allowing him to breathe.

"You Need To Relax Your Throat Muscles Gamzee" She said before forcing him all the way back down again. He starts to choke but relaxes his throat muscles and is able to take her into his throat. She moans and starts pulling him by the hair up and down.

He tries to fight her but her grip is too strong and before he knows it, he can feel her bulge tingling within his mouth. He closes his eyes and tries to stop moving but Kanaya makes him move faster. She pushes him down hard and cums, her jade green genetic material filling his mouth as her screams fill the room. She lets go of Gamzee's hair and holds her hand over his mouth and closes his nose. "Swallow It.." She commands, holding tighter.

He chokes and thrashes before finally giving up and swallowing, wincing as the thick jade liquid flows down his throat. "Good Boy.." she says with a smile before undoing the gag and pulling his head down towards her bulge. "Clean The Rest Of It Up And I Swear To Gog, If You Bite Me I Will Cull You…"

He pales nervously and starts to lick the excess off when a loud knock comes from the door. Kanaya curses and stands, pulling her bulge from Gamzee's mouth. She quickly pulls Gamzee over to the other kennel and shoves him inside, undoing the restraints on his arms and locking the door before pressing a button with covers the kennels with a collapsible wall that comes up from the ground, plunging them in a cool darkness except for a small night light in the small space between the two kennels.

The sounds of Kanaya putting her clothes back and answering the door are heard through the wall, then the door closes, but no sounds of footsteps are heard.

"They're looooooooking for you…" Vriska says, completely startling Gamzee which makes him bang his head on the top of the kennel. Vriska laughs and pulls the blanket tighter over her. "Looks like you were enjoying yourself.." She says sarcastically with a smirk, "Made me so horny… sadly, I'm not allowed to touch myself so I'm stuck with this…" She says, indirectly waving towards her crotch where Gamzee can see the perspiration within her nook and the small tent created by her bulge.

Gamzee wraps the blanket around himself and puts his head on the pillow inside the kennel. "So is this motherfuckin normal?" He asks, turning himself to look at Vriska.

"What do you mean? Also, make sure you don't swear in front of fussyfangs… she hates swearing…" She says, rubbing her cheek as if in remembrance of a time Kanaya had slapped her.

"Like… Is it normal for stuff like this to happen? Getting locked in here, being forced to do… that kind of stuff… Is this normal?"

"Yes… I've been here for a few months now… This is your new home Gamzee… just like its mine…"

Gamzee turns and looks at her, a shocked expression on his face. "A-A few months?! So this is where you've been…"

"Yea.. You grow to enjoy it after a while… Anyway, get some rest.. Kanaya has plans for us tonight.."

"P-Plans?" He asks, completely pale.

"Yep, tonight is the night you lose your virginity…"

Gamzee laid awake for what seemed like hours, fearing that night. Soon he hears a door open and close and then footsteps throughout the room just on the other side of the wall. A low buzzing sound fills the small area. Vriska quickly gets up and sits on her knees. She looks over at Gamzee and bangs on the side of the kennel and tells him to sit on his knees, his hands folded in his lap as the collapsible wall moves down again, showing Kanaya standing on the other side of it, wearing nothing but a girdle to hold up her breasts and a thin black thong, the fabric not hiding the bulge very well.

Kanaya quickly undoes the latch on the cage and commands Vriska to come out. She crawls over and sits obediently at Kanaya's feet. Kanaya pats her head and undoes the latch on Gamzee's kennel. He backs up against the back of the kennel until he can't move any farther. Kanaya snaps her fingers and glares at Gamzee as she points at the spot on the ground next to Vriska. Gamzee shakes his head and presses against the back of the kennel. "Vriska… Get Him For Me Please…"

Vriska nods obediently, "Yes master.." She replies as she turns and crawls into the cage with Gamzee and grabs him by the collar before dragging him out, latching the door of the kennel shut behind him as Kanaya grabs Gamzee's collar and hoists him into the air, his feet coming off of the ground.

"What Gives You The Thought That You Can Refuse An Order?" She asks, her voice full of anger as she pulls Gamzee close.

"I… Uh…" Gamzee starts to say, but before he can finish Kanaya painfully slaps him, causing a cry of pain from the startled and scared troll, and drops him. Gamzee lands on his knees, his arm supporting him as he holds his cheek with the other.

"Sit Straight" She commands, point to Vriska as an example before grabbing Gamzee's ear, causing another cry of pain, and pulling him up into the proper position, tying his hands together with a belt she had on the small section of wall above the kennels. "Stay…" She commands, standing back up again.

He tugs on the belt a bit but keeps his hands in his lap, looking down at the ground, a small welt rising on his cheek from the slap Kanaya gave him. "Now Because Of The Little Problem I Had To Deal With, We Can't Do Everything That We Had Planned, However…" She smiles at Vriska, who looks slightly upset, "We Can Still Do The Most Important Thing We Have Planned Tonight."

Vriska looks up and smiles widely before snickering at Gamzee as he pales, already knowing what she had planned for the night. "Tonight, Gamzee, We're Going To Have So Much Fun… Now Come Over Her…" Kanaya grabs the belt on his wrists and pulls him over to the middle of the room and before he knows what's happening, his hands and knees are bound to the floor by several metallic bands, a blue shimmer revealing them to be of blueblood originality. "Do You Know What Tonight Is?" Kanaya asks, a smile wide on her face.

Gamzee looks over at Vriska who is slowly shaking her head. "N-No master…" Gamzee replies, knowing that telling the truth would make Vriska get punished for telling him.

"Tonight Gamzee… Is The Night I Break You.." Kanaya says, lightly tracing a fingernail down his back towards the crack of his rear. Gamzee's eyes widen and he pulls on the restraints as he turns furiously pale. "Now Now Gamzee… Relax… It's Quite Easy Really, As Soon As I Own Your Virginity.." She moves closer and whispers in his ear, "… I Own You…"

Gamzee begins to forcefully struggle in the bindings, pulling on the belt and clamps. "N-No! You cant!"

Kanaya only smirks and holds his chin in her hand. "Oh But I Can Gamzee… Legally As Well… How Do You Think Vriska's Ancestor, Mindfang, Was Able To Have Slaves?"

Gamzee pales and struggles more, knowing that she was right. "No! Please no!" he yells, looking at her and Vriska with pleading eyes.

Kanaya grabs a circular gag off of the table and forces it into Gamzee's mouth, stretching it wide open. He starts to sob in pain and Kanaya rubs his back and shushes him. "There There Gamzee… Just Relax And Before You Know It… You'll Be Mine…" She moves out of sighs, lightly scraping her nails down his back.

Gamzee cringes in pain and squirms. He sees Vriska smirking from position on her knees only a few feet from him. He feels something warm and soft pressing against his nook and he gasps and blushes furiously. He tries to talk but the open-mouth gag keeps him from forming legible words.

Kanaya rubs his back and shushes him again as she slowly pushes the head of her thick long bulge into his nook. Gamzee's eyes widen in pain and he squirms, sobbing in pain. Kanaya pulls out and grabs a bottle of lube from the table next to her. She lubes up her bulge and starts to push it into him again.

Gamzee puts his head down, silently sobbing in pain from his stretched jaw and painfully sore stretched nook as Kanaya starts pushing farther into him. She rubs his back and wraps her arms around his hips, pulling her towards her and pushing her bulge farther into him. He closes his eyes tight in pain and cries out as she painfully thrusts the rest of the way into him, his rear end against her waist. She smiles and bends over him, her mouth close to his ear as she shifts, her legs between his. "You Enjoy My Thick Bulge Inside You Tiny Little Nook, My Little Slut?" She asks, rubbing his back, "You're Mine Now… "

She straightens up and looks over at Vriska, her bulge painfully hard. "Alright Vriska. You May Join Us Now…" She says, the corner of her lips curling up into a smile as Vriska grins and crawls over to Gamzee, moving in front of him. She sits up on her knees and takes a hold of Gamzee's horns, pushing her thick bulge through the ring and into his mouth. Gamzee gags on the taste and struggles, trying to pull his head away but Vriska tightens her grip on his horns and moans loudly.

He blushes and moans loudly as Kanaya starts to thrust in and out of him, her thick bulge rubbing up against his g-spot with every thrust of her thick bulge. She gives him a swat on the ass and he blushes as he becomes very wet around her bulge and moans. Kanaya gasps and smirks down at him. "Well.. It Looks Like My Little Slut Enjoys A Little Pain…" She gives him another hard spank, making him cry out in pain and moan at the same time, Vriska and Kanaya laugh as Vriska starts to thrust into Gamzee's mouth, her shame globes smacking against his chin.

Kanaya rubs his back and smiles down at him as she increases her speed, "You're Doing Good Gamzee…" she says as Vriska increases her speed to match Kanaya's, moaning loudly as she thrusts into his mouth. She hears another loud moan and smiles at the moaning Vriska, "Looks Like My Little Sluts Are Having Fun, No?" She asks, knowing fully well that Gamzee can't respond because he is currently sobbing as the pain and humiliation become unbearable and he breaks down, still moaning with each of Kanaya's thrusts.

Vriska nods, "Y-Yes master… Th-thank y-you…" She replies, stuttering because of the moans between each thrust. "M-Master… m-may I cum…?" She asks through each loud moan of ecstasy.

"Yes Vriska, Make Sure That Every Drop Goes In His Cute Little Mouth…" She replies, looking down at the crying, moaning, and squirming Gamzee.

Gamzee's crying lowers to a whimper as he grows more used to Kanaya's size. He blushes with shame and embarrassment as another loud moan escapes his mouth. He feels Vriska's bulge fidgeting and he tries to pull away from her, not wanting her to cum within his mouth. Vriska grabs his horns, holding him in place. She thrusts powerfully, forcing her bulge into his throat painfully. She practically screams as she cums, shooting her hot, cerulean-colored genetic material deep into his throat. Gamzee chokes as he feels it shoot, some of it becoming entrapped in his airway.

Kanaya hears him choking and pushes Vriska off, who lands on her ass, her genetic material still spilling out and running down her bulge. Kanaya wraps her arms around Gamzee's chest and squeezes hard, forcing him to cough up the thick liquid just as his vision starts to grow black at the edges and turns fuzzy.

Kanaya frowns at the material that lands on the floor near Vriska. She points at it and glares at her. "You Made A Mess Vriska, And You Almost Killed My Pet! I Told You Vriska, He Isn't Ready To Take It Straight Into His Throat Yet!" She pulls out of Gamzee with a soft 'pop' as his tight nook fights to hold onto her bulge. She smirks but then remembers what she was doing and walks towards Vriska past the slumped Gamzee, sobbing from the near-death experience as some of Vriska's cerulean-colored genetic material dribbles down his chin. Kanaya points to the puddle, glaring at her. "Clean Up Your Mess." She commands, anger obviously in her voice as she grabs Vriska by the hair, bringing forth a cry of pain from her as she pushes the scared spider troll towards her own genetic material.

Vriska nods shakily, tears streaming down her cheeks, "Y-Yes ma-ma-master.." She replies, slowly starting to lick up the salty, thick, cerulean liquid as she fearfully trembles within the furious glare of Kanaya.

Once Vriska cleans up all of the mess, Kanaya quickly grabs her by the hair and pulls her towards the basement. "M-Master no! Please no!" she yells, trying to pull the other way, crying in pain from Kanaya pulling on her hair.

Kanaya spins and painfully slaps her, the sound of reverberating off the walls. She points to the open basement door and yells at her. "NOW!"

Vriska lowers her head and walks down into the basement, quietly crying as she approaches her impending punishment.

Kanaya walks her down the stairs and then throws Vriska onto a table where she clamps the sobbing spider troll's hands to the bottom of the table. She then spreads Vriska's legs wide and ties them to the legs of the table. Vriska continues to cry, louder now that Kanaya was stretching her out.

Kanaya forces the gag and muzzle on Vriska, then walks over to the other table. Vriska watches her with wide eyes as she grabs the machine that Kanaya had used on Gamzee, a large vibrator, and three small marble-sized spheres. She walks back over to Vriska and tapes the three spheres to her, one on each nipple, and one on her clit. She then forcefully puts the machine on her flaccid bulge, making her yelp in pain. She then pushes the large-girthed vibrator into her nook, making Vriska scream in pain. She lastly finishes up with a vibrating anal plug which she quickly pushes into Vriska's anus. She pants and her breathing quickens in fear as she looks up at Kanaya with pleading eyes.

Kanaya only watches her with a cold glare and presses several buttons on a remote, turning on all of the machines. Vriska screams loudly in pain and pleasure as all of the machines force her to orgasm within a minute. The machine sucks up the genetic material greedily and deposits it into a gallon container, already half full with cerulean material.

"You Have To Fill This And I'll Turn Those Off" Kanaya says with a smirk. "Took You Eight Hours To Fill It A Forth Of The Way Earlier…" Vriska screams into the gag as she careens into another shuddering orgasm, the machine only deposits the drops.

"Have Fun" Kanaya says with a smirk before turning and walking back up the stairs and shutting the soundproof door, leaving the sobbing, pleasure-ridden Vriska to the malicious torment of the machines.