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Chapter 1


"Wont you just shut up already!" I said. I was sitting with Elena, Stefan and the whole 'gang' as they called themselves and we were currently discussing our problem, Klaus. Elena was talking some shit about trusting Elijah and I just cant take it anymore! They never listen! Every time I try to warn them or tell them that they are wrong, they dont listen. They have to be always right about everything! And I was egoistical. Yeah right.

Immediately after I told her Elena got the hurt face that she puts on when someone doesn't listen to her. Works every time on my poor excuse of a brother, may I say. But not with me anyway.

"Oh, put that face away, it wont work on me and you know it." I snapped at her.

"Damon…" My brother said warningly. Yeah, like he could ever scare me.

"Oh don't Damon me. Everyone has to listen to me for once and no one would get hurt. Isn't that what you want Princess?" I said sarcastically at the end to Elena. I didn't think but the frown she had on deepened, wow, we have to call the Guinness records.

"We have to trust Elijah! He is the only one that can help us." She continued on the Elijah thing. Girl, cant you take the hint that you are not right in this situation?

"Yeah like we trusted him the last time when Klaus wanted to break the curse and look what has happened? Newsflash Princess, originals cant be trusted." I said to her and stood up to get a drink. They were starting to give me a headache.

"Oh yeah, and who do you think would help us in this situation?" Blondie said annoyingly. That got me thinking. Oh yes, I know just who. Lets hope she has forgiven me about that thing.

"Oh I know just who." I said and smirked while drinking. This will be good.


"Yeah, so you wont believe who I saw making out with who. When I saw them I swear, my jaw hit the floor…" And so on continued Jessica's annoying blabber about the gossip in Forks High School. Uh, wont this girl shut up for a moment!

I was sitting in the cafeteria in school next to Jessica and Laurent, yeah poor me. But today was sunny so the Cullens cant be here today. That leaves me here, stuck with this bimboes.

"Oh, I know like totally. I cant believe like he would like do this to her." Laurent said in her annoying voice. Ah, it was hurting my ears. Like cats scratching on something metal. "Right Bella?" Suddenly Laurent turned to me.

"Like totally." Oh no what have they done to me. I was starting to talk like them. I have to get away from here as soon as possible. I cant become like them.

Suddenly the doors burst open and revealed a guy with raven hair and piercing blue eyes. Just the guy I wanted to see(note my sarcasm). My eyes widened and I tried to hide myself but too late, he already saw me. He started walking my way and of course Laurent and Jessica started flipping their hair and stuff like that. Ha, like he will ever go out with them.

Why does he always have to have all the attention when he walks in? Not to mention that every one in the cafeteria was looking in our direction. What is so interesting about us? Dont they have lives or anything. Oh, did I just saw a girl faint after he walked pass her. What has the world become people. Oh thank god that the Cullens were not here today.

"Bella, sweetheart, I was looking for you." He said when he reached me. I immediately heard Jessica and Laurent mutter something like 'Why always her'. Then they turned to me and asked me who he was. He answered instead of me.

"I'm Damon, Bella's ex." He said with a smirk.

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