A/N: This has been floating around in my head since Opposite Date aired. The characters are terribly OOC, but I nevertheless felt the need to type this up and post it. Call me a glutton for punishment. It's going to be mostly dialogue.


"Jade, you have no right to be mad at us-" Tori started to say with a slightly guilty look on her face. Jade opened her mouth to say something, but Beck cut her off.

"Yeah, I mean you wanted this."

Jade had been looking surprisingly meek, despite her all black outfit and bright green highlights, but at her ex-boyfriend's words, her eyes flashed and lit up with the fire of barely contained rage.

"I wanted this?!" She asked in a sharp, almost strained, tone. "What exactly did I want Beck" she spat with venom in her voice.

"You broke up with me" Beck said in a flat voice, as if he wasn't reminding her of one of the most painful memories in her life.

"You think I wanted this? You really think I wanted to throw away a three and a half year relationship in 10 seconds!" She desperately tried to keep the hurt out of her voice, but it was getting increasingly more difficult to do.

"Then what did you want, Jade?" There was still very little emotion in Beck's voice, but Jade thought that maybe she detected something there. Something to tell her that he still cared, if only a little.

"I wanted you to FIGHT for me, Beck!" Jade all but screamed, her fierce personality finally coming through. From the corners of her eyes, she saw everyone in the waiting room lean back in their chairs, trying to put more distance between themselves and the scary girl. Even Tori took a few steps back so she wasn't directly in the line of fire.

Beck, on the other hand, just looked like he was alternating between shocked and confused.

"I was so tired of being the only one defending us. I wanted you to do it for once." She let out a bitter chuckle. "I wanted you not to shout that you were unhappy with our relationship in front of a studio audience. I wanted you not to offer up your car when I said I wanted to slam my head in a door." At that, Beck had the decency to look embarrassed. He could hear the people in the waiting room whispering around them ("Did he really do that?", "That was pretty cold, man.", "No wonder she broke up with him.") but wisely chose not to respond.

Jade continued, however, undeterred by the peanut gallery. She had some things she had wanted to say for months now, and she was finally going to get them out.

"I wanted you to defend me, Beck, not laugh when our teacher, our friends called me a gank, or make jokes about being 'splitsville.' I wanted you to realize that maybe you should tell girls that you had a girlfriend instead of letting them flirt with you and that perhaps texting another girl 10 times before noon was not the most appropriated thing." Beck stared at her, unable to formulate a response. He wasn't like Jade; he had trouble formulating responses without a script in front of him.

Jade stared back at him, eyes glassy with unshed tears as she brought up the one event to which all of their problems could be traced. "I wanted you not to kiss Tori because you thought that I needed to be punished and that hurting me, cutting me, so deeply was the best way to do it." She said, choking down the tears that threatened to come out. She was not going to cry in the waiting room of Petmergency."And I wanted the rest of the class not to applaud when you did."

She looked down then, unable to look her ex-boyfriend in the eyes anymore."I wanted to walk out that door knowing that you were going to be right behind me because, no matter what, we were always by each other's side. On each other's side."

Jade rolled her eyes upwards as she let out another bitter laugh. "I didn't want to be proven so incredibly wrong about that."

Suddenly angry as one more painful memory came to mind, she looked up. Her blue-green eyes locked directly on his brown ones, glaring right at him as fire danced within them

"And I really didn't want to watch you call me a horrible person because you wanted to convince Tori to kiss you three weeks after we broke up." Beck and Tori's mouths opened in shock, never mind the rest of the waiting room.

"Yeah, I would have thought that you had learned to make sure that the web cam is off before you make out with a girl" Jade said with a sneer, alluding to a somewhat embarrassing event while they were together when Beck's Canadian family saw much more of Jade then they ever needed to see.

"But that's not the point. The point is that you shouldn't bring up what I wanted because clearly that has not been a concern of yours for a while." With that, Jade turned to walk out of the glass doors.

As she reached down to push them open, she paused and turned back to Beck. "By the way, I was going to say that I wasn't mad that you and Tori were out together because we should all be able to hang out with whomever we want. I mean, we're all friends, right." She said with a sarcastic little smirk which did nothing to cover up how much it pained her to say those words.

Beck looked down, unable to meet the eyes of the girl he had clearly hurt so badly.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. I'll be in the car, Cat. See you guys Monday." With that, she turned, her black and green hair bouncing behind her as she stormed out.

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