Title: Stargate: Wives; Season Five

Author: Jeff

Category: AU

Content Level: Age 13+

Content Warnings: None

Pairings: Jack/Sara; Teal'c/Drey'auc; Daniel/Sha're

Season: 5

Spoilers: Seasons 1-5

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author. This story may not be posted elsewhere without the consent of the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Stargate wives is where the series generally ran as it did, but Sara, Sha're and Drey'auc are apart of the regular cast like Hammond and Dr. Frasier. Diverging from 'Cold Lazarus' for Sara, 'Bloodlines' for Drey'auc and 'Forever in a Day' for Sha're. This season Drey'auc is fully a member of SG-1 with Sha're debating whether to join Daniel on the team or remain with Sara to be a more traditional wife, while Sara is not sure what kind of role model she is providing as she continues her own work at the SGC.

The Stargate Wives concept was inspired by the works of LE McMurray and C. L. Kamnikar.

Author's note; since several women have played the role of Drey'auc and I've pictured her taller than the ones who have portrayed her. For these stories picture Gina Torres portraying Drey'auc.

I like to apologize for the huge gap between Season four and five. I certainly did not intend three, practically four years to go by before returning to these stories and I thank those who wrote and kept encouraging me to continue them.

This is not betaed. I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Its been some years so I'll add a guest starring list as a refersher and into to new readers that in this series I have been crossing over with other shows, often in the form of a SG team. SG-8 is the think tank team for Research and crosses with Lost in Space, Time Tunnel and Quantum Leap, while SG-10 is the astronaut team of characters from various shows that had astronauts, Farscape, Six Million Dollar Man and I Dream of Jeannie (with a different take on what Jeannie is).


Lt. Col. Jonathan G. Robinson (Professor)

Major Don West

Cpt. Jeb Walker

Dr. Doug Phillips

Dr. Tony Newman

Dr. Samuel Beckett


Lt. Colonel Steve Austin ex-NASA

Major Anthony "Tony" Nelson ex-NASA

Major Roger Healy ex-NASA

Now without further ado, here is chapter one, Allies

Sara's diary

"Any news?" the question seemed to come out of nowhere, and both Janet and I flinched from it. I hadn't spotted the Re'tu's scarf, and as always, I suspect Chake doesn't mean to startle us, particularly now.

"No, Chake. General Hammond is still talking with a Tok'ra named Ren'al," I was still a bit shaken from his out of nowhere question, and had to take a few moments to go over what I heard, well, what Janet told me. While I hoped she would speak up, one look over at her as we sat in Commissary and I see she's still thinking of Roger out there with SG-10, who went along with Jack's team and SG-8.

"I understood that the leader of the Tok'ra came herself. Who is this Ren'al?" It was a good question, one Janet didn't have an answer to even without both of our minds on our missing men. Not that I wasn't worried about Jenny, Drey'auc and Sha're, but I found my mind kept going back to Jack over them.

"Ren'al has been appointed as a kind of ambassador to Earth until Jacob comes back," Maureen interjects as she brought her tray to our table. Its sort of an unspoken ritual, our husbands go missing and we end up eating together. The only reason Donna, Jamie and Jeannie aren't with us as they don't work for the SGC.

"I was just in with them. Garshaw came to show how seriously the Tok'ra are taking this, and Anise came to explain what they think happened," I noticed Maureen paused as if debating whether to try and explain it to us or not, thankfully giving us hope won out, "They detected one to two subspace distortions that could have been ships entering hyperspace. Arise doesn't think they did so before the star went nova though."

"But-" I prompt, I know Maureen wouldn't bring us this news if it was only bad news. Well, she might if it was the only news.

She sighed, "I hate to give us false hope ladies, but it could mean they did make it out. Someone did." I could tell Maureen wanted to believe Jonathan made it out just as much as Janet does Roger or I Jack.

"May I join you?" Martouf's voice also seemed to come from out of nowhere as Chake's had been, but no-one flinched as his voice was not as unexpected as our resident Re'tu's had been.

"Please," I speak up for us, and indicate a seat next to Janet, across from Maureen.

"I thought the Tok'ra left after delivering their news?" Maureen asked not quite surprised. While the reasons for Garshaw, Ren'al and Anise coming were official, the reason he came was obvious as is his concern for Sam. I know he must wish she had remained behind and safe, its a wish none of us get.

Its a futile one for Jack or Jenny, even Daniel and Teal'c, and Drey'auc, but I do wish Sha're wouldn't assume she had to go. I can understand wanting to be there and look after Danial, yet to assume just because she can operate Goa'uld technology and tap Amaunet's knowledge to fly a Ha'tak is unreasonable.

She's not like Drey'auc who wants to be a warrior and fight beside her husband. She's more like me. Someone who didn't grow up to be a fighter. Someone to help put my man back together after he's been out there and taken apart by his fights. At least I like to think Sha're is more like me in that respect.

I guess I know I can't keep Drey'auc safe, but maybe I can convince Sha're to stay out of danger.

Danger like they must be in now. Danger that I welcome because otherwise it means they're dead.

Drey'auc's day

Teal'c, my husband I miss you. I know. Deh shakka mel. You died free. I will honor you. I will keep up the fight. I will see your dream, our dream, come true. Our people will be free of false gods.

So I cannot die now as much as I wish to join you and even see Apophis' ship approach us. Read on the weapons console I man that is useless his weapons systems powering up. Know that our shields will not come activate, as useless as our weapons and hyperdrive. I still must believe we will live on somehow.

O'Neill will find a way. He always does. You believed in him. I will believe in him.

Yet it is not O'Neill who provides the key to our survival. It is Daniel Jackson.

"Can we communicate with them?" Daniel Jackson asks the question that could save us. I do not think he realizes how, not even when he replies to Jacob Carter's question of what to say.

It is not his suggest to not shoot.

I am ashamed that my tongue stills as I know what will and so does Sha'ere.

"He will not shoot if he knows..." Sha're begins but is cut off by her husband, "Absolutely not!'

"Daniel!" Jack O'Neill also understands what Sha're is saying, and I think all of us do.

"Jack, I am not putting her in his sights ever again!" Daniel Jackson's heated words are understandable.

"Doctor Jackson," Selmak speaks for Jacob Carter, "It will buy us time to do act."

"Dan'yel," Sha're does not turn from her panel to face him, perhaps knowing her resolve will crumble in the face of his concern, "This will help all of us and may get us home. Husband, let me do this."

"Fine," Daniel Jackson's one word are a lie from his lips. Whatever this is, it is not fine with him.

Sha're's story

I will face this demon. I will face this demon. Dan'yel, everyone is counting on me to give them time. I open my eyes not realizing I had closed them as contact is made with Apophis. Looking up, I see the anger in those eyes of his and I wish to smile. I hear Saman'tha's comment of the destruction of the demon's fleet.

Yet that smile falls from my lips before it can even form as I gaze into his eyes and hear that hated name.

"Amaunet, my queen. I will revive you soon enough my love."

Dan'yel's hands are on my shoulders and I nearly turn to let him take me into his arms after the hated image fades from view. The cut off due to an attack, a new ship, a ship we have never seen before starts attacking.

And most important of all, they are attacking him, the demon and not us.

I hear my name called, asking what I am doing. I know what I am doing. I am running. I am flying away from the demon. Hoping, wishing that whatever is attacking him, kills him, but not really believing it myself.

I could not say who I heard more. Ja'cob, Jon'athan or Sam'uel, but I did hear words Blue Giant, and more importantly the word Hide. We can hide from the demon and his attacker if we go close to the star they call a Blue Giant. We cannot stay long, rad-i-ation is a worry everyone but me fully understands.

But I don't care. It hides us. It keeps the demon away a little longer.

Then Saman'tha, Jen'ny and most of SG-8 leave with Ja'cob to go repair the ship. Shields as Jack suggests first. Now I turn into Dan'yel's arms and let the tears I held back fall from my eyes. I cry for Teal'c. For Drey'auc's loss, and I am sorry, to say I cry for myself. I am afraid of becoming Amaunet again.

When it is time to fly us away from the star, we find that the demon has possibly died. His ship is alone and no life signs according to Ja'cob. But since we need crystals to repair our ship, Jack takes Saman'tha, Ja'cob, Jen'ny, Don and Jeb to the demon's ship to get what we need.

Drye'auc is at the weapons where I do not think she has moved since this began.

Jack's team returns quickly saying something about Replicators as I fly us away from Apophis' ship, hoping he is still on it as it self-destructs, but surprised to see Teal'c alive in the aftermath, fleeing in a Tel'tak.

It turns out that was a trap as I later learn after we pick him and Jaffa that supposedly had helped him escape. This was after Teal'c was revived by the demon in his sarcophagus, but had his mind washed. Jon'athan says as much before SGs eight and ten drag me out of the Pel'tak as Apophis' Jaffa re-take it.

"What of Dan'yel?" I ask Rog'er, who takes my safety as his personal concern. Although it turns out I cover them when I use my Kara kesh to send the pursing Jaffa flying backwards. Then we run.

"Captured, along with the rest of SG-1 and General Carter," Ro'ger replies as he leads me along with SGs eight and ten to the hanger where the very cargo ship Teal'c flew was stowed. It was where Drey'auc went with SG-1 to welcome Teal'c back. Before the ambush and the discovery of the demon's survival.

SG-10 prepares the cargo ship while SG-8 goes to rescue SG-1. The next I see of them they are returning with SG-1, Drey'auc helping to carry her husband in with them.

One look at her and she explains his limp form in one word, "Zat'nik'tel." She saved me by prudently having that on her the day I nearly killed my Dan'yel and Teal'c but had a Ma'Tok, a staff weapon, in his hands.

Otherwise, like how it might have happend on that day, they may have only had the choice to shoot Teal'c with the weapons they carried and not stun him with a 'Zat gun' as Jack calls it.

Drey'auc stays with Teal'c as Jack, Jen'ny, Don and Jeb leave to make the plan to kill these Replicators work.

They have to destroy the sublight control crystals to keep the Ha'tak from slowing down. Almost everyone else will cover their exit and return to the Tel'Tak as well as make sure there is a Tel'Tak to return to.

The plan will work. The plan has to work. This will kill the Replicators, but more importantly to me, this will kill the demon.

Finally. Please finally.

Sara's Summary

We had called on everyone to keep an eye out for our missing SG teams. We had called our allies to look for them, Asgard, Mondoshawan, even the Vorlons, much as they didn't seem to want to get involved, but it was finally the Tok'ra that sent news.

So here we are, an impromptu party to celebrate the return of the SG teams. Jack will probably have a barbeque when they actually get back, but right now Janet, Maureen and I have gotten together with Donna, Jamie and Jeannie to celebrate.

It wasn't so much the destruction of Apophis' fleet, his base or his own possible final death, but the return of our loved ones. We'll have the victory celebrations later when we get the details.

One detail has me very worried though. Jack sent word that Teal'c was apparently brainwashed like Rya'c had been a few years ago by Apophis. He's been made to believe that he's still First Prime of Apophis.

So we have Teal'c's body back, but now we've got to bring back his mind.

Author's note;

Closing thoughts, again thank you for reading this particularly if you've been waiting these last three years for me to get back to this series. If all goes well, it shall not be so long before the next chapter and I still plan to go up through to season ten as well as cover the movies. Again thank you for waiting and reading.