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Sara's diary

I have to wonder if everyone from the NID is going to be the heavy towards us. What is done is done and pushing for some payback, and that's all these hearings really are, is just spiteful. It seems to me that this Colonel Frank Simmons is cut from the same cloth as Colonel Harold Maybourne.

These past few weeks have had to have been hard on Sam. She's been thought of seeing things, then find she was right and she was stalked by an alien, then her advice is gone against testing some weapon off world, and she has to disobey orders to stop it before something really bad happens in the end-of-the-world sort of way. Well, end of a world, for once it seems not Earth.

So she gets back and Simmons wants to press charges. Disobeying orders that he pushed for the testing of said weapon, against Sam's advice and the harboring of an alien no-one believed in at first.

She falls in love with this Orlin, Orlin gets killed saving the day on this other world, and instead of letting her get over that Simmons pushes for hearings Hammond has to go through the motions of.

With all of that I was less sanguine about Jenny's use of K-9 to contact Martouf and Narim. It just seems to me to be very awkward to have two men who are interested in Sam to show up after her fling with yet another one.

Hmm... that sounds bad as if Sam was dating one guy after another. When really she has to be kicked off base to get to relax, much less have time to date.

But maybe, Jenny's notion of bringing in those two were to remind Sam there are others here for her.

Beyond us that is.

Drey'auc's day

"Yes she was unconscious when I and my husband responded to Daniel Jackson's call to come to him," I do not know why this Colonel Simmons did not seem to hear me the first time I made that statement.

"I nor my symbiote detected Orlin at any time my husband and I visited Samantha Carter at her home prior to her trip to Velona," nor do I think it strange that Samantha Carter had a Chappa'ai in her home.

I wonder if she will consider building one in our home one day. Teal'c keeps asking if we might live off base.

"Yes I would believe her if she told me something was dangerous and so should you," Simmons should not take offense at what I said. It is true. If Samantha Carter says not to use something, one shouldn't.

I would think that ever since she used a star to destroy Apophis' fleet, her people would believe in her.

"No, she did not accompany us when we went to watch others do battle in a ring of Jell-O," I have no idea why Simmons would even want to know that, "We did not see Orlin at that time of visiting her home." We had brought along pizza and the great film of Star Wars too. Teal'c and Rya'c have seen it more often than I have, but it is nice to watch.

Even nine times.

Sha're's story

"Do you think SG-16 miss us?" cooking for them was nice, but cooking at home was even better, "I hope Saman'tha is alright."

"Yes, and yes," my Dan'yel gives me that look he always does when he does not follow what he calls a sudden change in conversation. I wait for the question that always comes, "Sha're how did we get from the one to the other?"

"After Saman'tha lost Orlin, we were there with SG-16, remember? You had spent weeks working on the language, and there Saman'tha was with Orlin out of the Chappa'ai to tell SG-16 to stop with the test."

Dan'yel gives me that slow nod that says he really didn't see how the two were connected, but he'll humor me anyway. Oh my Dan'yel.

"Are you going to be alright with Simmons today?" Dan'yel knows how much I do not like this NID. They had me jump out of an air-o-plane. I will never forgive them for that and Simmons is worse than Maybourne.

"I will my Dan'yel," I try to assure him, but then feel mischievous, "May I take my Kara Kesh in when I go talk to him."

Dan'yel actually looks like he might say yes, before we both start to laugh.

Sara's Summary

In hindsight it wasn't a good idea for Jenny to call the boys in. That is hindsight for Simmons, who just used the two to further point out how Sam is only dating aliens. Like it was any of his business. Okay, maybe a human dating aliens might have something to do with national security, but I think its a stretch.

Although I have to wonder if Sam's just got a thing for alien men. Not my business, but I do wonder. Of course if she does, it becomes my business if they start showing up with any regularity. The whole alien hostess thing going. Hmm... hostess is probably a poor choice to write in this diary, considering the Goa'uld.

However, for Sam, seeing Narim and Martouf I think did a lot of good. I think they helped her get over Orlin, or at least be ready to move on from him. Now if only she would choose between the two.

Naturally Simmons did try to use the fact both Martouf and Narim were aliens against Sam. He practically spelled out she is a security risk because she attracts aliens to her. Ridiculous! I swear it seems he was trying to start an inquisition, find some excuse to dig in at base and into SG-1 as if it were personal.

Hammond, bless him, was firm. Simmons got to ask his questions and then Jack got to kick him off base. Its just a shame it wasn't literally kick him off base.

I'm sure Simmons will be back to cause trouble. He's too much like Maybourne not to, all slime.