Drunk Fruitcake

"Explain to me again why we're still here? Why we're not at home in my bed?"

Kate couldn't control the shiver that ran up her body. Castle had her backed up against the wall, his hand splayed beside her head, his voice dark and warm in her ear. She closed her eyes and concentrated on remaining upright. They couldn't go home, not yet.

"Castle." Was her voice shaking? "Back up a little." If only he wasn't almost touching her.

"I don't want to. I've missed you." His lips grazed her throat and Kate couldn't stop herself from arching into him. His other arm wrapped around her waist, holding her close, his heat and his smell surrounding her, and oh God, she'd missed him too.

Castle had been gone for an incredibly long, frustrating, lonely week. A last minute invitation to speak at the holiday conference of the Mystery Writers of America meant that Castle had been in D.C. since the day after Christmas. He hadn't wanted to go, but Gina had insisted. Sometimes (all the time) Kate really disliked Gina.

"I have to stay for the damn party." She didn't mean to wrap her hand around his neck and kiss the underside of his jaw, the slight stubble making her lips tingle. "I told Gates I'd be here, it will be suspicious if I bail twenty minutes after you get back."

"I know." He turned his head, his mouth so close that his lips were brushing hers as he spoke. "That's why I came home early. I want to go to the party with you."

"You just said you wanted to go home." Kate screwed her eyes closed, because she was pretty sure if she looked into his, the pupils shot with desire, she would not be staying for the party and then she would be getting fired for New Year's.

"I wanted to go to the party." Now his mouth was against her ear. "But I seem to have underestimated how badly I was going to want you." His fingers slid along her waist, under her shirt, against her skin,"And now I just want to go home. With you." Castle pulled his head back and attempted a smile to underplay the slight desperation in his voice. "We can come back afterwards. Believe me, I don't think it's going to take that long."

"I'm not sure 'it's not going to take that long' is really your best argument." Kate swallowed hard against that massive lie, because the thought of walking into his loft to be shoved against the front door, of having him quick and hot, standing up, their clothes still half on because they just couldn't wait, made her mouth dry, her voice breathless with want.

"I'll make it up to you." Now his lips were almost against hers, his hand slipping up her leg, his thumb grazing her inner thigh. "I've missed you a lot."

Oh, God. Kate swallowed hard and locked her knees to keep herself from wrapping her leg around his, to stop herself from climbing him right here in the break room. That would probably be a give away. "That's not going to work."

"You're right. We wouldn't make it all the way home." She could feel Castle's chest rising against hers as his breathing sped up. "We'd scandalize the cab driver. Except, wait. Problem solved, because I brought the car service."

"No." Kate worked her hands in between their bodies, brought them to his chest, the heat seeping into her palms. "I mean, we're not going to this party together. I can't go like this, I can't even…" Words left her as she felt him against her thigh, felt exactly how much he wanted her, and this was why this wasn't going to work. "You have to leave. I'll meet you when it's over."

"Kate, no. " Castle gently wrapped his fingers around her hand and brought it to his mouth, brushing his lips against the sensitive skin of her inner wrist. "I want to stay with you. Do holiday things."

Kate grabbed his other wrist before he could pull her shirttail all the way out. "Then we have to stop..." She fell silent as he took the tip of one of her fingers in his mouth, lightly sucking. There was an answering pull deep in her abdomen and then she was on her tiptoes, pressing against him, her hand at his belt. She had to stop.

"No, this is fine. It's a New Year's thing." His hands were spanning her ribcage, each thick finger a brand of heat against her skin. "You're supposed to make out on New Year's."

"That's only at midnight and this party is sure to be over by eight, please God." For some reason that no one could understand, the precinct had decided to forgo a Christmas party, instead opting for an early party on New Year's Eve. The idea was that the party would be completely inclusive – everyone celebrated the New Year – but Kate wondered if part of it was because so many of them had to be on duty for New Year's anyway.

But not Kate. In two hours and fifteen minutes she was free. Fifteen to thirty minutes later, depending on traffic, she was going to be in Castle's bed.

If she could make it that long, because now Castle's fingers were under the edge of her bra, his thumbs brushing her breasts, "Nothing specifies that you can only make out at midnight." His breathing was so rough that she could barely understand him. "And I bet there's still some mistletoe around here somewhere." He leaned in, his lips pressing against hers in a fleeting glance that made her gasp before his hand was in her hair, turning her head for a better angle, his tongue sliding against hers, the sensation slipping down to her stomach, turning her to fire.

"How long will it take to get home?" How Castle understood her Kate had no idea, what with her tongue in his mouth. But he must have, because he made a sound of want and relief, backing up until he was sitting on the break room table before wrapping a large hand around the back of her thigh to yank her into his lap, his leg between hers, his mouth…

The door suddenly slammed opened and Ryan tripped in, his arms full of rectangular packages.

"Hey gu…Whoa!" The packages scattered everywhere as Ryan simultaneously tried to cover his eyes and shut the door.

Castle let go of her so suddenly that Kate almost fell off his lap. She managed to get one leg underneath her and grab the back of a chair while she teetered on one foot. Castle reached out for her elbow, but jerked back, grunting in pain, as one of the packages landed against his leg with an audible thump, then crashed to floor.

"Oh my God!" Castle leaned over, his hands on his upper thigh, his mouth twisted. "Ouch, ouch, holy shit, ouch."

"Are you okay?' Kate palmed the back of his neck but Castle just shook his head. "Ryan, what the hell?"

"Oh no. Oh nooooo." Ryan had gone noticeably pale. "Not again."

"Again? What?" Castle lifted his head. "Shit, it hurts. What the fuck is that?"

Ryan looked sick. "Fruitcake. It's a damn, stupid fruitcake."

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