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I'll Be There for You

Episode Two: The One with Charlie's Angels


A black-haired man with striking blue eyes blinked rapidly when the door opened. It was unknown as to the reason – shock, maybe, at the rather rude answer of the woman at the door, or possibly the fact that she was attractive and curvy and wow. "When my roommates said you were gorgeous, they were clearly understating it."

The woman didn't look remotely pleased, or like anything really. She stared at him with narrowed magenta eyes and bedhead hair. "I guess it depends on which one of us they were talking about. We're like Charlie's Angels – we've got what we got and we got it well."

"I can see that," he replied, unashamed in his leering. "Well I'm sad that I missed last night. My name is Miroku. I'm your other neighbour." He held out a hand.

The woman just continued to stare at him blankly. "You're the one that orders the pizza girls?"

"I– What?" Miroku asked, frowning. "Oh come on, that was only one time."

"Is there a point to this?"

"I wanted to introduce myself, obviously, like I've done." Miroku grinned suddenly, stepping closer. "I haven't had the distinct pleasure of learning your name."

"You're right; you haven't."

Miroku nodded and continued to smile, completely undeterred.

The woman sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "Fine, I'm Sango."

"That's a beautiful name."

"Thanks." Sango gave him a funny look, like she had received a puzzle piece and didn't know quite what to do with it. "Well, your crazy loud knocking woke me up so if it's all the same to you, I'd like to go back to bed."

"Of course," Miroku conceded. "Sorry to disturb you. I just had to make sure that my friends were not, in fact, high on drugs. They had a pretty interesting story to tell."

"I bet," Sango replied, giving the smallest smile for the first time. She had leaned forward just a little, enough to make the secretive smile like a private moment between them. It also opened the door a bit more, revealing a particular decoration Miroku found stunning.

"Is that a towel hanging on your wall?"

"Huh?" Sango didn't even have to turn her head, closing the door some more to block his view. "I'm sorry. It's way too early for this. I drank a lot last night. My head is pounding. My stomach is killing, so I'm just going to–"

"So you really did steal Inuyasha's towel," Miroku exclaimed, almost in awe. "And you hung it up by its four corners like a freaking flag!" He laughed out loud, shaking his head as he turned in the direction for apartment 412. "Holy shit!"

Sango sighed and closed the door, frowning at the peephole while she fixed her hair and straightened her tank top. "You guys, this is strangely cruel." Moving through the tiny apartment, Sango entered what was going to be Rin's bedroom. There were boxes everywhere and her two friends were shoving sugar donuts in their mouths for every break in their sip of coffee. "Even our other neighbour is hot."

"The pizza guy?"


Rin grabbed another donut and all but forced the thing in her mouth. "Wuh he want?"

Kagome snorted. "Pizza?"

"To meet us, I don't know. He saw the towel though. Tell me again why we did that?"

Rin took a knife to another box to slice open the tape. They were nearly done unpacking her room – never mind putting anything away – and they still had four more rooms to go. "It's a victory prize. You know, like putting the decapitated head of your enemy on a pike."

"And we were drunk off our asses," Kagome added. "Hand me the knife?"

Just as Rin was handing it over, a knock at the door came, making Sango sigh. "I'm totally not getting that. I did my fake-sleeping routine already. It's someone else's turn."

"I'll go," Kagome volunteered, ruffling her hair and removing her sweater. She was still wearing her sleep pants, and she could easily pass as someone who was hung over and just crawling out of bed. "Don't eat all of the sugar donuts, please," she added to Rin, who merely raised a brow. "I'm serious. I'm far more hung over than you are."

The smaller woman grinned but tilted her head in acknowledgement. Sango snorted as she started to categorize the stuff they were unpacking, hopefully to make putting things away far easier later on. Kagome gave a mock salute as she left the room, rolling her eyes as the door was pounded on once more. Unlocking the door, she wrenched it open and glared at whoever was on the other side. "We're sleeping, what the–"

"You stole my towel and you hung it up?" Inuyasha asked, incredulous golden eyes staring at her. "Where is it?"

"I am very hung over–"

"I'm coming in," Inuyasha stated, crossing his arms over his chest.

Kagome looked at him like he was crazy. "Absolutely not. Wait until I've had coffee first before you burst in here. I've just woken up."

"First of all, that's a lie," Inuyasha pointed out, his finger nearly touching her face. "I'm a half-demon, which means I can smell the coffee on your breath. I can smell the coffee in your apartment, which is somewhat faint by the way, meaning that you made it a while ago. That woke-me-up routine may have worked on Miroku, because he's both human and a moron, but it won't work on me."

It was Kagome's turn to cross her arms, glaring at her neighbour. "We were all drunk last night. Look, it's not a big deal. We got rid of the towel already, the moment that Miroku spotted it. We even threw it out the window."

Inuyasha snorted and pushed his way inside, nearly knocking her over. The moment he saw the towel he just paused, his entire body frozen to the spot. "Holy shit, you actually did hang it."

"Get out of my apartment!" Kagome yelled, moving to stand in front of him. He wouldn't look at her though, his gaze fixated on the white towel. "You can't just barge in here!"

"You can't just steal a guy's towel when he just got out of the shower," Inuyasha snapped back, irritated. "Get it down and give it back to me."

"Why is he in here?" another voice asked from the side, making both Inuyasha and Kagome turn to Rin and Sango. Rin, obviously, was still holding the knife. It shouldn't have looked so threatening coming from a five-foot two-inch woman, and yet, it absolutely did.

"I want my goddamn towel back," Inuyasha hissed, pointing at the wall.

"And I want to eat a bag of cookies a day without getting fat," Sango replied, rolling her eyes. "We don't always get what we want."

Inuyasha just looked at her like she was crazy. "Those two things don't even remotely relate."

"Look, I've give you the towel back," Kagome said, throwing up her hands. "Get step outside of the apartment and I'll give it to you. We were drunk and it happened. We're sorry."

Rin snorted and waved the knife around. "Yeah, just step outside and trust me, you'll get your towel back."

It really didn't help that Sango burst out laughing.

"No fucking way," Inuyasha said, manoeuvering once more around Kagome to walk towards the wall where the towel hung. "I don't trust you to return it to me in one piece. I've got two towels and this is one of them. You crazy wenches are not going to make me buy another damn one because you wanted to keep it as a trophy."

"Not a trophy, a victory prize," Rin corrected, grinning and elbowing Sango to make the woman laugh harder.

"You guys aren't helping," Kagome hissed, following the half-demon. "He can't get it back, remember?"

"The hell I can't!" Inuyasha shouted, clearly not understanding. The single couch – the only piece of furniture – was in the way, but he didn't hesitate to start climbing it.

"No!" Kagome yelled, pulling on his t-shirt. "Stop this!"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, tapping her hands away. "I'm sorry to tell you but I'm a hell of a lot stronger than you. I think I'll get my towel back."

"Stop him!"

Inuyasha's golden eyes widened a split second before he was tumbling off the couch, Sango's body against his side from tackling him to the ground. Inuyasha's hand flailed and grasped Kagome, who fell from the momentum. In a heap they lay there, groaning, while Rin jumped on the couch and grabbed the towel.

"You can't have this!" she yelled, grimacing as she looked at the other side of the towel, the side that they had hidden for a reason.

Typically, people didn't write a list of every single person they had ever had sex with. Even more so, people didn't write said list on a towel. But of course, all three of them had been drunk, and all three of them had written their (somewhat expansive) list of conquests.

"We'll buy you a new one," Kagome added, grabbing her head. "Ow, Jesus did you have to pull me down too?"

"Did you have to tackle me?" Inuyasha asked, pushing up off the floor and making Sango roll off. She wasn't as injured as the other two, but she grabbed at her wrist all the same. "Why the hell can't I have my towel back?"

Kagome sighed and nodded at Rin. "Show him."

Her friend gave her a scandalized look. "We can't."

"It's not like he's going to know any of them," Sango pointed out. She rolled her eyes when Rin still didn't comply and explained instead. "We wrote down the names of all the people we've had sex with – permanently in Sharpie. It covers your entire towel. We were drunk and high off of our towel-stealing victory. I swear we'll buy you a new one."

Inuyasha stared at them in horror. "You WHAT?" His voice was so loud and so incredulous that the entire floor probably heard it. All three of the women winced.

"This was probably not the best second impression," Kagome said slowly, at least looking guilty. "The towel we buy will be expensive, I promise."

"You… You wrote on my towel?" Inuyasha asked. "Who does that?"

"This is better than I imagined," Miroku said, his voice coming from the doorway as he stepped inside, a delighted grin on his face. "I don't know why you tried to prevent me from seeing this," he added, looking over his shoulder at Kouga reproachfully.

Kouga merely rolled his eyes and looked around the room, seeing Inuyasha on his knees, Kagome on the ground, Sango standing awkwardly by the couch while Rin was huddling over the marker-covered towel. "What happened in here?"

"They fucking tackled me!" Inuyasha yelled, standing up and stalking towards them. "They wrote on my towel, hung it up on the fucking wall and then they tackled me to the ground to stop me from getting it!"

"Who, exactly, tackled you?" Kouga asked, looking far too amused by Inuyasha's clear anxiety over the issue.

"That one!" Inuyasha pointed at Sango, narrowing his eyes at her.

"You mean Sango, the beautiful," Miroku stated, winking seductively. "Well, she was certainly right then."

"About what?" Rin asked suspiciously. "When Sango is right about something, I worry for the state of the universe." Sango flipped off her friend, even while glaring at Miroku. The Don't You Dare look was pretty impressive, but Miroku's severe lack of self-preservation won out.

"You're Charlie's Angels," he said, grinning widely. "Only much, much hotter."

The tension in the room suddenly snapped because Rin started to laugh so hard and so loud that she nearly crumpled to the floor. "What?" she asked.

Kagome watched her, the massive smile on her face cracking until she, too, was laughing. Miroku chuckled and Kouga, who was nothing but amused the entire time, laughed out loud too. Sango was grinning so hard her cheeks hurt and Inuyasha… Well, he was looking at them all like they were insane.

"How about on the way to buying Inuyasha a new towel, we all drop by the liquor store and get properly acquainted with each other over a lot of alcohol and a lot of pizza."

"It's the morning!" Inuyasha exclaimed. "And they destroyed my towel! We can't just invite them over. They'll probably write on our walls next!"

"Live a little, asshole," Kouga quipped, smacking his shoulder hard.

"It's the morning," Inuyasha repeated, as if that statement alone would stop them all from suddenly getting along.

Rin draped the towel around her back like a cape and skipped towards them. "We can all get takeout breakfast and drink to this newfound neighbour-ship with mimosas at your place."

"No–" the half-demon attempted to say.

"Awesome!" Miroku cheered, wrapping his arm around Rin's shoulders and smiling to the room at large. "And may I say, you look absolutely stunning with pajamas, a towel cape and a knife in your hands."

Rin winked at him. "And don't you forget it."

Surprisingly, no one died by the end of the day. Even more surprisingly, Inuyasha had so many mimosas that he ended up walking around the room in only a towel for the rest of the night. When Kagome once again stole it, he snapped the waistband of his boxers that he'd secretly worn underneath and did a little dance.

Kouga taped the entire thing and put it on YouTube.

Despite Inuyasha hating each and every one of their faces in the morning, the rest of them got along just swimmingly.

It was the start, as they say, of a beautiful friendship.

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