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My life was definitely not what I thought it would be when I moved back in with my father after college. The fact that I willingly came back to the one place where my heart was shattered by the first boyfriend –yes,boy , he was never a man… was a surprise in itself; the fact that it was my idea to return to the small town of Forks, Washington was even more so. Being the daughter and only child to the police chief had made my time during high school somewhat uncomfortable. Any attention I received was always twisted in a way, never anything real. For many I was the ultimate game and prize -who better to bang and break than the daughter of the man with the authority in the town? If you were with me, then you'd be safe and could fuck up and not get a ticket.

Then when the Cullens moved into town, my world was turned upside down. Five beautiful teens that would make you feel like crap just by looking at them, anyone's self-eisteem would take a blow of epic proportions. I thought my troubles would be over, that I'd be left alone from all thewanna be players of Forks High School. I was woman enough to admit that the two newbies were female were hot as hell. However, what I didn't count on was that they were inter-dating, and only one of the new kids was single. And, it seemed he was looking for the next notch on his bedpost. Edward was out of my reach, so when in biology he paid attention to only me, I was floored Soon enough, we started dating and I was somewhat accepted into his family. I say somewhat since his sister, Rose, and brother, Jasper, made no attempt to get to know me; in fact, Rose openly despised me.

However, it all blew up on my 17th birthday when my best friend and Edward's little sister, Alice, threw me a party, one that I didn't want and couldn't get out of. It was also when I found out that there was more than just humans in this world. A simple cut on my finger from the wrapping paper and what was black was now red and what was white was now black. Vampires were real and looked like models. It was three days later that Edward took me into the woods behind my house and told me they were leaving to give me a life I should always have, a normal human life. At the time, I was devastated and threw myself into my studies so that I graduated early and headed towards Texas to study medicine.

Finishing my degree in six years, I'd had enough of the sun and dry heat of Texas and headed once more to the place I knew as home. Since I had left, dad had re-married, so I now had a younger brother and older sister who cared for not only my father but me too. Seth and Leah had been in constant contact with me since I moved and were the only ones who knew that I was heading home for good. The job at Forks Hospital was icing on the cake. They had both helped me find a small place on the border between the reservation and Forks so I could be close to my family and work.

Nevertheless, in all the time I had been away in Texas, I didn't have a life; my nose was always stuck in a book. My goal was simple; to graduate and head back home. I'd come to realize that Edward Cullen and his family had run me out of my home while I was at school. I was terrified, ashamed, and downright pissed that I had let him and his family rule my choices after they had left me.

All of that led me to this; I would have expected this from Jess and Mike from high school. Hell, from what high school was like. Iwould expect this from any one of the strange people I had graduated with. But when Leah and her soon-to-be-husband Jake had decided their joint bachelor/bachelorette party would be a sex-themed, risqué get together, I was a little worried… and slightly turned on. When she first told me, I was a little unsure since our littler brother was going to be there too, but after a while, my interest outweighed my insecurities.