A/N: Educating Embry Call, the long awaited sequel of Claim

So I know I've left you hanging with the sequel for Claim, and while I have tried to do it all before posting anything it's just not gonna happen. So this is what I'm gonna do. I'm going to post as it comes. I will NOT have a regular schedule for updates as I did with Claim. Mean I know but every time I have tried to get it started, it just won't compute. Sometime you will get two or three chapters a week, sometime you may have to wait for a few weeks or even *gasp* a month. But my RL is really more than just sitting in front of my computer just like so many of you.

I know its sounds bitchy here, even when reading this over and over again to try and re-word it, but *sigh* I just can't get it out politely. I won't be posting the full story of Claim as the first chapter, but go and refresh yourself if you wish.

Now onto another point of interest. I have entered the More is More competition that is here on FFN. I will not tell you which one is my entry, but go check them all out. I've read them all and I know it is gonna be an amazing competition regardless if my entry is the winning one.