I usually don't like making OC's and reading stories with OC's because honestly, I don't really like reading that kind of thing. I have read and enjoyed a few stories like this, but I usually try to avoid them.

So... Why am I writing a story with an OC in it? Usually, when I make a story, I don't use OC's unless absolutely necessary, but then they're just minor characters. The reason I'm trying one out now is one, I wanted to try to make an original character, see how well I can create one, because maybe one day it'll come in handy, who knows?

The second reason is like a little idea I had, what if elements were added/removed to the story, and how would that change the outcome? You'll see two of the major 'added elements' in the first chapter. Yes, my story will follow the storyline of the game, but certain points will be altered.

Is this going to be a romance? Well... Yeah because I'm such a romantic and all, but it won't be easy, it'll be a tough ride, and there will be inevitable points that can tear people apart... Uh, you'll see what I mean later on. :|

So... I can understand if my OC here isn't too great, this is my first attempt at it, and it'd be cool for some advice. :)

So... Let's start this, shall we?

Disclaimer: I don't own 'The Walking Dead'.

Chapter 1: First Impressions


Lucy looked up, the sudden noise startling her from her daydream. She relaxed as she just saw it was Clementine, kicking a soccer ball against a barrel. She sighed, resting her head on her knees as she brought them close to her chest in a sitting position.


It's been about three months since they took refuge in this motor inn, and while it wasn't the most preferable place to stay, it was safe. It kept those walkers out of their faces, which was a blessing. The only thing that Lucy could really complain about was the lack of food. They found a new guy, Mark, who gave them enough food for everybody, but now, that food was nearly gone, making everyone hungry. There were a few people outside, hunting for prey.


She looked at a stray piece of glass, staring into her reflection. Tired green eyes stared back at her. Her brown, short, curly hair was begginning to look un-groomed, and almost all of her clothes were too dirty to wear. She only had her jeans, shirt, and black and white striped sweater to keep her warm.


She watched Duck draw. He was doodling pictures of robots and space and stars and distant planets. He seemed to busy with his doodles to notice Lucy watching him. Katjaa came up and crouched next to him, praising him and ruffling his hair. She caught Lucy's gaze and smiled. Lucy smiled back.


Carley was dozing off in her chair, unable to sleep due to the incident in the drugstore. Lucy wasn't there, but apparently Doug, a guy who Carley had a small crush on was eaten right in front of her. Carley was so strong though, Lucy liked her, and the two liked to talk, considering how Carley was the closest to Lucy's age.


She could hear Larry banging nails into the wall, fortifying it. She pressed her lips together. Larry… He was an asshole, that's all Lucy could think. He wanted to kick Duck out just because he was possibly bitten. Then he punched Lee for no reason, leaving him to die. Lucy really couldn't give two shits about the old man.


In fact, the only person who actually cared for Larry was his own daughter, Lilly. Lucy didn't actually dislike her, but she could be a real bitch sometimes. She and Kenny were always arguing about everything basically, she always ended up screaming at him with Larry backing her up, so Lee, Clementine's guardian, backed him up, which Lucy appreciated. At least Kenny wasn't on his own.


A high pitched whistle rung through the air. Lucy quickly got up and silently crept behind the R.V, Katjaa, Carley and Duck close to her. She could spot Clem hiding behind the barrels, Larry peeking out the top of the wall to see what had startled Lilly. Lilly glared into the forest, her gaze hard, her finger on the trigger.

The bushes quivered and out came Lee, waving his arms. "Open the gates! We've got wounded!" He cried.

Lilly lowered her gun, looking extremely annoyed. "Shit. What the hell are they doing?" She hissed. Lucy bit back snapping at her as they all ran to the gate.

Lucy eyes widened at a few unfamiliar faces. She saw that Lee, Kenny and Mark were all right, but… Mark was carrying a man with no leg! His stump dripped blood, splattering onto Mark's clothes. Holy shit, what'd they do, cut it off? Why?

The legless man wasn't the only new stranger, there were also two other boys, looking around her age. A really tall brown haired nervous looking boy and a shorter, not as short as Lucy though, black-haired male, both of them wearing the same kind of school jacket, emerged from the bushes, eyeing the group cautiously. The tall one seemed scared, twitchy as he got closer to the group. The shorter one on the other hand, looked pissy, jogging with confidence.

"Come on, move!" Kenny bellowed, urging Mark.

"Oh my God!" Katjaa rushed to the gate, looking at Kenny. "What happened?"

"Who the hell are these people?!" Larry yelled in his usual angry voice.

"Who's that?" Duck running eagerly to his mom. Lucy tried to hold him back, but he was too quick and was already at her side.

"I don't have much time to explain." Lee said, answering Larry through all the clutter of noise and confusion.

"Lee, are you okay?" Clementine's anxious voice cut through the loud sounds.

"Get him into the truck. I'll see what I can do." Katjaa commanded Mark. Mark hauled him over, the two new people helping Mark lay the unconscious man down.

"Kat, can you fix him?" Kenny asked. Lucy began to slowly walk over to him.

"Jesus Ken, I… I don't know!" Katjaa exclaimed.

"Are you all right?" Lucy piped into their conversation, looking at Kenny. Kenny gave her a weary smile.

"Yeah, don't worry, I'm fine." Kenny replied.


Everyone turned silent at Lilly's angry voice. She was giving Lee a nasty look, which Lee didn't seem to appreciate with the look of annoyance on his face.

"What the hell?!" She said, "You can't just be bringing new people in here! What are you thinking?"

"Hey, you want to calm down for a fucking minute?" Kenny snarled, turning away to face the woman.

"Hey, watch your mouth!" Larry snapped, pointing a finger at Kenny.

"No, I don't!" Lilly said to Kenny, she turned to Lee, a hand on her hip, "I want to know why you thought bring more mouths to feed was a good idea?!"

"He would've died if left him!" Lee said in a hard tone.

"So what?" Larry rolled his eyes.

"Fucking asshole." Lucy muttered under her breath so no one would hear.

"We are not responsible for every struggling survivor we come across! We have to focus on our group! Right here, right now!" Lilly declared.

"Come on Lilly, these are people!" Mark motioned to the two new teens. They looked down, not meeting the group's questioning looks. "People trying to survive just like us! We've got to stick together to survive!" Lucy nodded her head in agreement, but she knew no one would notice that.

"The only reason you're here is because you had food. Enough for all of us. But that food is almost gone, we've got maybe a week's worth left, and I don't suppose you two are carrying groceries, are you?" Lilly turned to the boys.

"Does it look like we are?" The short one said venomously. The tall one nudged him, eyes wide.

"Travis… Don't!" He said. 'Travis' just clenched his fists in anger, shaking his head.

"Fine you guys fight it out." Mark said, looking defeated. He turned to Travis and his friend. "Welcome to the family, kids." He walked away, clearly frustrated.

Clementine walked up to the two new boys, a glum look on her face. "Come over here and see what I drew." She said, tugging on the brown-haired boy's sleeve.

"What? No, I-"

"Ben." Travis shoved him lightly, "Let's just go with her." 'Ben', unsure what to do, just sighed and followed Clem and Travis away.

"You know, you like to think you're the leader of this little group, but we can make our own goddamn decisions!" Kenny hissed, "This isn't your own personal dictatorship!"

Lucy frowned, knowing how this would turn out. She grabbed Duck's hand. "Hey!" He yelped.

"Come on Duck, let's go." Lucy ordered. Looking reluctant, Duck shook off Lucy's hand and ran over to his drawing station where Clementine was with those new people, Ben and Travis. Clementine was drawing while Ben and Travis just sat there awkwardly. A bit weary of these strangers, Lucy hesitantly sat next to them, a little far off. These people might be part of their group now, might as well get to know them, right?

Carley had plopped back down in her chair, also annoyed with the constant bickering between Lilly and Kenny. She seemed half awake, the way her eyelids drooped.

"Is it like that every day here? With all of them fighting like that?"

Lucy turned her head and met the eyes of brown eyes of the guy named Travis. She shrugged her shoulders. "I guess you could say that." She answered.

Travis snorted, "If this is what it's like every day around here, then I don't think I want to stay here." He muttered. Lucy scoffed.

"You don't to stay here, you can leave if you really want to." Lucy told him.

"Hey, I wasn't asking for your opinion!" Travis quickly said, looking at her angrily. She felt bubbling rage inside of her.

"Well sorry for thinking you were talking to me! I didn't know you had an imaginary friend!"


"Travis! Geez, will you calm down for a moment?" Ben intervened. He gave Lucy a look of apology. "Er, sorry about that, Travis just gets annoyed and pissed easily, I mean, we've been travelling for awhile now, and we hadn't had much time to eat or rest, we're always moving around ever since our camp got raided and-"

"Ben. Too much. She doesn't have to know everything." Travis butted in harshly. Ben blinked and nodded sheepishly, looking away.

Lucy scowled, looking away too. At least she knew what kind of people these guys were. One was a smartass jerk and the other was a talkative softie. Two people who were the exact opposite of each other, it seemed.

"You see how it feels to not have enough food for everyone!" Lilly said loudly. Lucy turned her head to see Lee take the four pieces of food out of Lilly's hands, looking conflicted while doing so. Oh… So… He's giving out the food today? Good. Ever since she met met Lee at Hershel's farm, she had nothing but good vibes around the guy. He was a kind man, he would probably feed Clem and Duck that was really all she cared about. As long as they were fed, Lucy didn't care.

As predicted, Lee went up to Clem first. As they two of them conversed, she could hear Ben's small whispers.

"They're not going to feed us, are they Trav?"

Travis just shook his head, a look of hunger flashing through his eyes. Lucy felt a brief sense of pity for them, but swallowed it down. She didn't know them, they could be doing this on purpose to gain pity! Who knows?

"Hey Lu," Lee had walked up to her. Lucy looked up at him, a little surprised. He held out an apple. "Want something to eat?"

She shook her head, even though her stomach was screeching yes. "No, I'm good. You already fed them, right?" She motioned to the two children.

"Yeah, of course." Lee responded. He looked at her one more time. "Are you sure you're not hungry?"

"Lee, just give it to someone who needs it. I don't." She gave him a quick smile, hoping he'd just go continue his job. He paused, but did go away toward Larry and Mark. She internally smiled to herself. Good.

"Why the hell did you reject that food?" Travis asked, his eyes gleaming with curiosity.

"Are you talking to me or someone else right now?" She asked. He let out a mock laugh.

"Ha ha, very funny, Lu." His voice was full of childish contempt.

She felt her eyebrow twitch in annoyance. "My name's Lucy."

"He called you Lu."

"It's just a nickname."

"Then it won't matter if I call ya that too, right?"

"And it'd be great if I called you 'Trav', right?" She mimicked his childish tone. His eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Come on guys, stop fighting!" Ben pleaded, looking slightly annoyed.

"How are you friends with this asshole over here?" Lucy asked Ben.

"Swear!" Clementine called out. She rolled her eyes but focused on the conversation. Ben had just shrugged.

"He's not like this all the time. He can be a jerk sometimes, but once you get to know him he's actually a pretty nice-"

"Damn it Ben, you got to work on keeping your mouth shut!" Travis complained, giving his friend a light punch on the shoulder. "I mean seriously, one day that mouth of yours and you trusting people too much will get you killed, I swear."

"Well… Sorry…" Ben mumbled, scratching his head in discomfort.

"You guys swear too much." Clementine said, making the three teens turn to face her.

"Yeah, mom says it's not a good influence and you shouldn't swear!" Duck added. Lucy smiled at both of them.

"Okay, okay, we'll stop."

"So, are you going to join us?" Duck asked excitedly to Ben and Travis. Lucy watched their reaction, wondering how they'd respond. Travis and Ben exchanged a look, before Travis shrugged his shoulders.

"Maybe, we'll see." He said.

"So, my whole family doesn't matter to you anymore?"

Lucy could hear Kenny's pissed voice. She turned and saw him confronting Lee. Lee looked a little tired and not in the mood for Kenny's complaints.

"Look, I fed who I thought had to be fed and-"

"You only fed Duck!" Kenny said, "You could've done more, ya know! Are you picking favorites or something?'"

"Come on Ken..."

"You could've at least fed half my family, right? Are you choosing favorites or something? Is there something wrong with my family?"

Damn it… A little tired of dealing with this, Lucy got up and approached the two men.

"Dad, it's okay, I told Lee I didn't want anything." She said, hoping he'd understand.

Kenny looked at his daughter in disbelief. "You rejected a meal? Do you know how long it could be till your next one? Think Lu, you could starve!"

"Come on dad, its okay, I ate a bit yesterday."

"Yeah, a bit, yesterday." He pointed out the small details. Lucy exhaled.

"Ken! Lee! Come here please!" Her mom was calling her dad and Lee away. She thanked her mom for sending her dad away.

Kenny looked over his shoulder, still looking at her disapprovingly. "We'll talk about this more later." He walked away, leaving Lucy in relief.

"That's your dad?!" She resisted the urge to hit Travis as he gasped in shock.

"Yeah, you got a problem?" Lucy challenged him. Travis shook his head.

"No, it's just… I don't know, you don't look like family. I mean, I guess you kind of look like the lady who's patching up Mr. Parker over there but…" He trailed off.

"Mr. Parker? The guy with no leg?"

"He's our band teacher." Ben said, "Travis and I are in the varsity band. We were going off to the playoffs when… When all this happened. Travis, Mr. Parker and I are all that's left of our group... "

"If I had a fucking dollar for every time you opened your mouth too much…" Travis grumbled.

"Okay, okay, sorry!" Ben quickly shut himself up.

"Too much swearing." Clem remarked, looking at them.

"Sorry Clem." Lucy apologised, "I'll get these two to-"

"AHH!" Lucy's eyes widened at the voice of the shriek.

"KATJAA!" Lee's frantic voice echoed through the Inn.

"Mom!" Lucy ran up just in time to see Lee separate a walker's hands from her mother's shoulders. As Lee pried her away, he waved to Mark and Larry.

"The axe, hurry!" Lee called before the walker grabbed him and pulled him into the truck. Lucy watched in horror as Lee wrestled with the monster, desperately trying to push it off. Everyone had begun to run up to the scene. Carley loaded her gun, ready to shoot just in case. Mark had run up to Lee, trying to aim.

"Move, move!" Mark said. Lee pushed the thing off, slamming it against the truck. Mark swung, but the walker sunk a bit too low, making Mark miss. "Crap!" Mark panicked.

Lee gasped, kicking the walker away. He started to back up away from it, but accidently fell off the truck in the process. The walker jumped on top of him, snapping its jaws dangerously close to his face. Lucy squinted, looking on with disgust as Lee began to dig his fingers deep into the dead man's eye sockets, dark blood streaming out of the holes.

"Shoot it!" Lee gasped as Carley stood above him, getting her gun ready. Lee pushed it off in Carley's direction. One quick shot and the walker lay limp in Lee's hands. He pushed it away, panting.

"You okay?" Carley asked, crouching down to him.

"Yeah, thanks." Lee said the shock and terror still in his eyes. Lucy saw Larry walk up to Lee, his eyes as fiery as lava and his fists clenched so tightly that his nails might've been digging into his skin.

"Why'd you bring him here in the first place, asshole?!" Larry cried.

"Dad, calm down." Lilly tried but he didn't seem to hear.

"You're going to get us all killed!"

Lucy ran up to her mom, scanning her skin for bites. She felt a sea of relief when she found nothing. Kenny looked at Ben and Travis, who just seemed shell-shocked from the whole ordeal.

"You said he wasn't bitten!" Kenny accused, his body quivering in anger.

"What?!" Ben yelped.

"We asked you, point blank, 'Was he bitten?', and you said 'no'!" Kenny yelled.

"He wasn't bitten, dumbass! Did you see a bite on him?" Travis yelled back. Lucy glared at him.

"Easy Trav." Ben calmed him down, looking at the group nervously.

"Well, you're fucking friend over came back to life, and tried to kill my wife, you little piece of shit!" Kenny began to advance towards them. Katjaa held his wrist, shaking her head. Kenny looked at her and grumbled something softly.

"Wait, Trav, they might not know!" Ben exclaimed, prodding his friend. Travis blinked, examining the group.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kenny asked.

"They don't know." Ben breathed. Travis looked at the group, his brown eyes huge in wonder.

"I guess you never had it happen…" He realized, "But… It's not the bite that does it." Travis paused, "You come back as a walker no matter how you die. If you don't destroy the brain then that's just what happens. It'll happen to all of us."

Lucy gripped her mom's sleeve in confusion. We're… all infected? That means… We'll turn no matter what? No… That can't be…

"We're all infected? Everyone?" Lee's voice trembled in disbelief, his eyes set on his little girl.

"Yeah. Ben and I have seen people who were defiantly not bit turn." Travis said.

"When we first saw it happen, we were all hiding out in a gym, and everyone thought we were finally safe." Ben said softly, "But one of the girls, Jenny Pitcher I think, I guess she couldn't it. She took some pills. A lot of them." Ben folded his arms, looking somber. "Someone went in the girls' room the next morning and… God…." Ben looked at his feet.

Travis kicked Ben's ankle. "You know why I did that." Travis muttered. Ben blushed red, but didn't answer.

"Back off!" Carley's voice slashed through the air. Everyone turned to see who she was addressing to. There were two men just outside their wall, two alive men.

"Whoa, lady, relax!" The first man said, a southern accent attached to his voice. "Me and my brother, we… We just want to know if ya 'all can help us out."

"I said back off!" Carley said again in a stronger voice.

"Carley…" Lilly murmured.

"Are you armed?" Lee asked in a dark tone.

"Yeah… For protection." The younger brother said, "Dead could be anywhere."

"But uh, I think you've got the upper hand here." The older one said.

Carley didn't seem amused, she just huffed and said, "Why do you need gas?"

"Our place is protected by an electric fence. Generators provide the electricity." The young one answered.

"Our generators run on gas." The older one said, "Look, we own a dairy farm a few miles up the road. If ya'll be willing to lower your guns, we can talk about some kind of trade."

"How ya'll doing on food? We got plenty at the dairy."

The group looked at one another, wondering what to do. Lilly's gaze hardened. She turned to Lee. "Lee, why don't you and Mark check the place out, sees if it's legit."

"I'm going with you." Carley said "I got your back in case anything seems fishy." Lee smiled and nodded.

"So, what ya'll think?" The strangers asked.

"You've got a deal." Lee said, "We'll bring some gas to your dairy. In exchange, you give us some food to bring back. We'll see how it goes from there."

The strangers smiled. "Sounds fair. A couple of gallons should power one of our generators for quite a while."

Lee walked up to Clem and patted her head, talking lowly to her before joining Mark and Carley. Lilly took a quick glance at Ben and Travis. "Hey, tall kid. What's your name?"

Ben gulped, "Um… Ben."

"I want you too to go with them to the dairy, okay? It won't hurt for them to have an extra hand."

Ben frowned, looking at Travis. Travis didn't seem too happy. "Just… do what they say." Lucy raised an eyebrow. The words sounded forced out of him.

Ben must've noticed his friends distress, for her gave him a small smile. "I'll be back soon, 'kay?" Ben reassuringly nudged his friend. Travis gave Ben a small genuine smile. He watched as Ben disappeared out of The Motor Inn and into the forest, his brown eyes full of worry.

"Are you that worried about him?" Lucy asked with a tiny smirk on her face.

Travis glared at her. "He's my best friend, of course I am."

"Relax, he should be fine." Lucy said.

"You barely know us, don't reassure me!" Travis hissed, brown eyes boiling in rage. Lucy was barely able to keep calm as she just said through gritted teeth,

"Well I'm real sorry for trying to be nice."

Travis puffed out some air, clearly a bit frustrated. "Fine, I'm sorry for snapping too. Hope that pleased you." He stormed off. Lucy leered at him.

What the hell's his problem?

An hour or two had passed before Lucy had caught sight of two familiar faces emerging from the bushes. Carley and Ben shoved the forest shrub out of their way, going towards the gates. Lucy's nose twitched as she caught the scent of fresh food on the breeze. She opened the gate for them, eager.

"Hey Lu, you look hungry." Carley smiled.

"What's that smell? Is it food?" Lucy asked, willing for it to be true.

Carley smile grew wider. "Yeah, they gave us some fresh biscuits in exchange for gas! That farm has plenty of food, they said. They're inviting us all over for dinner."

Lucy's stomach growled at the mention of dinner. Lilly and the others began to form around Carley. Lucy noticed Travis near the back, the tension leaving his shoulders and his eyes rested on Ben. Travis hadn't said a word since Ben's departure, which interested Lucy a little. Shows the trust they got, I guess.

"Where are these biscuits anyways?" Lilly asked, a bit impatient.

Sighing, Carley gave Lilly an open picnic basket. Lucy's mouth watered as she spotted the fresh biscuits, at least half a dozen of them."They said they'd serve us dinner if we brought Kat, our vet, over. They have a sick cow, and they'd like if she looked over it."

"Of course I will, as long as the kids get a good meal." Katjaa ruffled Duck's hair as she spoke.

Lilly examined the picnic basket and snorted. "It looks half empty. And since you both didn't eat today, you probably ate some, didn't you?"

"Hey, we saved some for you guys!" Carley argued.

"Yeah, some." Lilly huffed.

Carley took a breath, trying not to lose her temper. "Hey, if it'll make you feel better, how about I stay here to watch the Inn while the rest of you go to the dairy and eat dinner?" Carley suggested.

"Good." Lilly said, "Then you and Ben can stay behind.

"Me too?" Ben said, looking a little disappointed.

"Did you eat out of that basket?" Ben remained silent, looking at his feet. Lilly scoffed. "That's what I thought. The rest of us are going to have this dinner."

"Do I have to go?"

Everyone turned to face Travis, who looked a little shy for once. "You don't want dinner?" Lilly asked.

"I don't want to go if Ben isn't. I wouldn't feel comfortable." He confessed, going over to stand with Ben. Ben blinked, his mouth opening a bit.

"But Trav, you'll starve!" Ben exclaimed. Travis shrugged.

"Whatever." Was all he said about the situation. Lucy was a bit impressed with Travis's loyalty, it kind of reminded her of her father towards Lee, the way he went back to save Lee back at the drugstore.

"Okay then…" Lilly said in a surprised tone, "Well, if you're staying here, you might as well take a biscuit, since you'll go without eating for awhile." She took one out of the basket and handed it to Travis. Travis cautiously took it, as if she poisoned it or something.

"Thanks." He said his voice full of suspicion. Lilly sneered at him, not liking the way he spoke to her after being merciful to him. She whipped around and walked towards the gate.

"Come on guys, let's go." She said, motioning for everyone to follow. Lucy watched as Lilly took the lead, Larry close behind. Clementine stayed with Katjaa who was trying to restrain Duck from sprinting ahead from everyone. Kenny nudged Lucy with his elbow.

"Stop dilly-dallying and get a move on Lu." He said, pushing her forward.

"All right, all right, geez!" Lucy pushed him playfully, earning her a bigger shove. Kenny chuckled.

"Don't pick a fight with your old man, he'll still kick your ass."

"Yeah, right." Lucy said sarcastically, gaining another shove.

"Stop that you two, the children might copy you!" Katjaa scolded.

"Yeah okay honey!" Kenny replied, rolling his eyes. Lucy smiled to herself as she walked with her dad on the way to the dairy. Clementine and Duck were playing a little tagging game as they walked, Katjaa watching them as they did. Lilly and Larry were quietly talking, looking pretty serious.

Suddenly her vision blurred a bit. Lucy groaned, putting a hand on her forehead. She lost the feelings in her legs momentarily and nearly fell over if it wasn't for her dad who caught her quickly. "Holy hell! Lu, you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine!" Lucy said, regaining her composure quickly. She shrugged off her dad's hands and his anxious questions. His moustache bristled in anger.

"I told you to take the damn food from Lee this morning! Why do you have to be so stubborn and refuse it! You need to keep your strength up too! What if I wasn't here to pick ya up and a walker came over? Fucking hell Lu, you could die! Don't you see that?!"

"Yeah, I know, I know." She muttered, not really wanting a lecture.

Kenny seemed annoyed. "I'm dead serious here young lady."

"I know you are, I just wish you'd stop worrying too much! I'm fine! See?" She did a little twirl to prove her point. She felt a little dizzy afterwards, but she tried her best to look sturdy. She hated it when her dad worried too much about her, it made her feel helpless. Her dad shook his head.

"I'm your father, it's my job to worry about you."

So as you can see, the OC's Lucy, daughter of Kenny and Katjaa, and I have spared Travis from his stupid death, because honestly, Travis, you don't die like that in a zombie apocalypse, that's bad. :|

So... Why Kenny and Kat's daughter? Well, I was just thinking one day, how one can see Kenny and Ben's good side without being Lee, and... Bam! Idea struck! Plus, one more kid might affect the story right?

And I was actually interested with Travis, he seemed like a cool guy until... You know, he died. No, I shall let him live. But for how long? :p

Those are the 2 major changes so far, Travis alive and a daughter for Ken and Kat. This will change the story, although I will say not immediately. Consequences take time. :p

Next chapter: 'The Shed'.