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(Ally's POV)

The sun was shining through the french doors, waking me up. Looking around the room I see my son in his bassinet but I can't remember putting him in there in the first place. I look at my phone on the bed side table and press the side of the phone, causing the phone to light up. 7 in the morning. I drop my head back down and let the warmth of both the sunlight and Austin's bare chest heat me up. I look over at my boyfriend and the memories of the previous night flood back to me, causing a giggle to slip from my throat.

"What's so funny?" Austin asks, snuggling me closer and leaving a trail of lingering kisses from my neck to my cheek and back. His groggy morning voice makes me shiver with delight.

"Oh nothing, just remembering last night." I put simply.

"Oh yeah? Remembering something a little like this?" He shifts his hand under the covers, making me gasp and shift away.

"Austin!" I swat him lightly on the chest.

"Shh! You're gonna wake up Avan and Amelia." He giggles, pulling me back in and kissing my hair.

"How is Avan in here by the way? I don't remember bringing him in." I draw circles on his bare chest and he closes his eyes, seeming to enjoy the feeling.

"I brought him in. He was starting to fuss and I didn't wanna wake you up." He informs me, his eyes still closed.

"Mommy!" The door bursts open and Austins eyes shoot open and we both quickly sit up as I pull the sheets over my chest before she notices. Austin shifts uncomfortably and tightens his grip on the covers when she climbs up on the bed.

"It's time for brekky daddy!" She grabs his upper arm and tries to pull him up.

"Alright princess, we'll make breakfast in a second, daddy needs to change into his everyday clothes." He tries to convince her.

"No daddy! You can just cook in your jammies, silly!" She giggles jumping around on the bed.

"Mommy c'mon! Daddy's gotta make brekky!" She jumps and lands on me.

"Okay little butterfly, we need some time to get ready, okay? ..Oh, I know! Have you cleaned the toys that were left out around your room?" I come up with a plan. Amelia shakes her head.

"Well how about you clean up your toys and we'll be ready to make breakfast by the time you are done." She nods and climbs of the beds and rushes for the door, closing it on her way out. We both jump out of bed and rush to get our clothes on. I glance over at Austin to find staring at me with his boxers now on.

"Stop staring and get ready!" I start laughing and clasp my bra on.

"It's nothing I have't seen before!" He calls out while heading to our closet.

"Shut Up!"

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"So I was thinking we could watch some movies today and bake cookies?" I suggest to the two blondes while I feed Avan.

"Can we?!" I hear Mia gasp.

"Yes!" Austin and Amelia both shout after my nod of approval.

"I'm thinking chocolate chip and M&M cookies.." Austin goes off on a tangent, picking Mia up and taking her with him.

"I'm glad you're still normal." I coo at Avan, giggling lightly at his gurgle of a response.


"Okay, so this game is a game that daddy and I played when we were younger, it's called 'The Lava Game'. The point of the game is that the floor is lava and the couches, tables, and even cushions are safe but if you touch the floor then you're out of the game. Got it?" We set up the living room so it's a jungle gym of pillows and the couches were spread apart. The afternoon was full of giggles and jumping everywhere.

"Alright babe, I'm gonna head out for a little bit. I shouldn't be too long, I just need to help Dez pack, he's moving out." Austin pauses to give me a quck kiss and kissing Avan, who just woke up from a nap, on the forehead.

"Mia, daddy's gotta go, I'll be back." He kisses Amelia on the cheek and she returns it. He then picks up his keys and headed out the door.


(Austin's POV)



"No, yeah I'm heading out now.."

"Yeah, meet me there."

"Yes I need your help! Why else would I be calling you it this time?"

"Okay, we'll talk more there.."


"Bye.." I hang up and get in my car. I need to get these done soon or it'll take longer than it should.


"Hey Dez, when's Ratiff getting here?" He's our family friend, why don't I just call him myself?

"I called him, he's gonna be here in 5." Dez reassures me as I wring out my hands.

"Okay, lets get started then, I need a good outfit for this occasion." We start to look down the isles of clothes.


"Okay, so almost everything is ready?" Ratliff questions, handing me the bags we collected after finding what probably was the best outfit.

"Yeah, I've just gotta finish a few things and practice a few more time and I think in a week It'll all be ready. But I've gotta go, I have to do one more thing before heading home." I explain while fishing the keys out of my pocket.


I tapped on the door waiting a while, hearing some ruckus throughout the house and finally the door opened.

"Hey Austin, Come in! Lester just got here a few minutes ago. We got your text, what did you want to talk to us about?" I received a welcomed hug from Penny and she lead me to her living room where Mr. Dawson was already sitting down.

"Is everything alright with ally and the kids?" Penny and Lester faces grow concerned and they now scoot to the edge of their seats.

"Oh! No! Nothing's wrong with them they are all perfectly fine!" I quickly reassure them realizing I had given no explanation as to why I wanted to talk to them before I came here.

"Okay, goodness, you had us worried." They relax back into the couch opposite to me.

"So what's this about then dear?" Penny takes a sip from the coffee that was on the coffee table when I had arrived.

"Mr. Dawson, Mrs. Dawson, I want to ask you for your blessings to marry your daughter."


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