After everything that had happened, they needed to unwind so they headed back to Joe's for a nightcap.

"I still can't believe that it's finally over," Matthew said as they clinked glasses.

"So now what are you going to do?" Duncan asked.

"Likely go back to D.C.," Matthew replied. "There's probably a desk full of cases waiting for me back in the office."

"Boy scout," Methos smirked and took a sip of beer.

Matthew watched as Dawn sat at another table while Richie brought her a club soda. "She sure is resilient."

"That she is," Duncan agreed. "You sure she's okay?"

"She's fine," Methos said. Dawn refused to go to the hospital but had allowed him to perform a cursory exam. "Whatever disorientation she has is likely due to the powder Bainbridge blew in her face. Stuff has to work its way through her system. Still, it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on her."

"I don't think that will be a problem," Duncan replied. "I doubt Richie's going to let her out of his sight."

"Just remind him that tying her to a chair could be considered unlawful confinement," Matthew said.

Dawn smiled as Richie returned to the table with their drinks. "Thanks."

He placed her club soda in front of her. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"You were there when Adam examined me and said I was fine. I think he may have been a doctor in a past life," she said and sipped her drink. "I've got a bump on the head and a bruise on my cheek. Believe me, I've had worse."

"Not. Helping."

Contrite, Dawn apologized. "I'm sorry. I'm not really used to people worrying about me."

"Well, get used to it," he said.

"Yes, Richie."

"Maybe next time you'll listen when I say to wait," he lectured.

"Yes, Richie," she said and kissed his neck.

"We only do this because we care," he continued.

"Yes, Richie," she said and kissed him again.

"Are you trying to distract me?" he asked.

"Yes, Richie," she replied and kissed him again. "Is it working?"

"Yes, Dawnie," he said and, lifting her chin, kissed her on the lips.

~ The End~