But the next morning as Curry came into his hotel room a couple of hours before the train east was due to leave, Heyes was uncertain again. Something was bothering him and he was having a hard time communicating it to the Kid. He pointed to himself and down the street at something and to where Leutze's room was. He couldn't get across what he wanted to say. He was going red with fury at his inability.

The Kid thought and thought and then it came to him. The place down the street that Heyes was pointing at was the Sherriff's office. "You want to tell Dr. Leutze your real name?" Heyes nodded tensely. "Are you losing your grip?" Curry asked, way too loud. Leutze's room was right next door – Heyes shushed his partner quickly.

Curry went on in a furious whisper, "When did you go and get all honorable about telling the truth? That's rich, that is. Did you ever think that if you tell him who you are, you're also telling him who I am? In case you hadn't noticed, I'm in love with Cat Christy. I don't want to move too fast, but I am starting to think about things. With the Sheriff looking the other way, maybe I could even stay here with Cat for good. If the word about us doesn't get out and spoil everything. When you're all healed up, you could come back and do the books and manage the saloon floor for us, if you want to." Heyes looked his gratitude at the Kid, but his partner had more to say.

"I looked into Sheriff Wilde. I'm sure he knows who we are. I remember him from someplace. I think he might have been part of the posse that chased us out of Denver after we robbed the Merchants Bank. I saved his life a couple of weeks ago and I know damn well he recognized me.

But there's this, too. He's courting the Widow Stuart, who was married to the man who made the biggest strike around here. He made a fortune on that gold and now she has it. If the Sheriff marries that lady, $20,000 would be nothing to him. He could just leave me and you be, and never miss the cash. Unless somebody goes around causing trouble and pointing out that he's looking the other way. That could get him thrown in jail himself! So no, you ain't gonna tell Dr. Leutze who you really are and I sure ain't gonna tell him! You might trust him not to turn us in, but it hasn't always turned out that great when you've trusted a man's character. Just think what $20,000 could do for Leutze's clinic! You may be a genius at math, but sometimes you've ain't got the sense that God gave geese!"

Heyes shrugged in resignation and went back to packing his saddle bags. He would be going to New York City as Joshua Smith after all. Honesty wasn't a possible policy for a man who couldn't write a single letter or say more than two words, neither one of which was Hannibal or Heyes.

The End – for the Moment

The next story in the sequence is, you guessed it: "Hannibal Heyes Goes to New York."