Cinderpelt lay down in a small hollow far from Thunderclan camp near the sunning rocks, she gazed down at her 4 tiny kits. "Firestar, Firestar are you there?" she meowed lifting her head. Firestar's head appeared at the gap into the hollow, "Cinderpelt! Why didn't you yowl for me?" he asked crawling into the hollow. "Oh they are beautiful" he meowed running his cheek on hers. Cinderpelt smiled, "What should we call them?" she asked, Firestar smiled and looked at the kitts, 3 of them where ginger like Firestar but the other one was pure white, Firestar looked at the kitts, "You can name those three I'll name the white one" he meowed.

"Mummy!" meowed Whitekitt running at Ferncloud, Foxkitt, Redkit and Butterflykit blinked softly from their nest in the nursery. Ferncloud smiled softly "Yes Whitekit?" she asked sitting up, "Can I go see "Daddy, please!" he wailed, Ferncloud smiled softly, "Of corse but only if you take your sister's", Whitekit frowned "Fine" he huffed waiting for his sisters to catch up. Foxkit, Redkit and Butterflykit ran after Whitekit quickly while making a lot of noise. They didn't notice Cinderpelt as she walked through the entrance of the nursery.

"You kitts should watch where your going!" scolded Cinderpelt softly gazing at the kitts as they raced under her legs "Off you go" she purred walking towards Ferncloud. Whitekit smiled and stopped suddenly outside the nursery, "You guys go on without me I'll be there in a moment. Foxkit, Butterflykit and Redkit gave a quick nod before racing off to find Dustpelt. Whitekit pressed his ear up to the wall of the nursery, "I can't thank you enough for doing this, Firestar and I really appreciate it" said Cinderpelt, Whitekit listened harder what did Cinderpelt mean, "Oh it's Dustpelts and my pleasure Cinderpelt we do love kitts" she purred, Whitekit held his breath in shock what was going on? "I no I could never be a mother to them" Sighed Cinderpelt, Ferncloud smiled "Well nobody will no that you and Firestar are the real parents of Whitekit, Butterflykit, Redkit and Foxkit" she said. Whitekit gasped and turned around wishing he would forget what he had heard, no it can't be real Cinderpelt his mother and Firestar his father?

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