Hello. Before you begin to read I created this story in a world where Kagome does not go back in time or meet the other. She does not know she is a miko. I found myself thinking what would happen if she never knew she had those abilities. The Avengers comes right after the movie. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

Precious gift

Disclaimer: I do not own Avengers or Inuyasha

Prologue: Mistake

Kagome woke up and felt like somebody took her for football and had a great time playing with her. Her body was sore all over the place. She cleared her eyes to look around and was still when she realized that she was not in her apartment. When she tried to move she bump into something she freak out.

When she jumped out of bed and saw herself naked Kagome heart thundered in her chest. There was blood crust between her thighs. She lost her virginity last night! Kagome was shocked and scared. She tried to remember what happen last night and she could not. In fact, she does not know who the handsome man lay on the bed is. She quickly found her clothing and began to dress herself. Once she was done she moved quietly and left whoever's apartment that was before he woke up.

As she walked down the street she tried once again to remember what happen last night. Her mind was hurting a lot but what worried her more is that she does not remember what happen that night. Her last thought was talking to 'Steve', the guy back in the apartment, drinking and then it all goes blank. Kagome mind came up with many scenarios of what happen but she stopped before she went crazy.

Last night Kagome went to a bar to celebrate her new job at Stark's company. Pepper Potts hired her as her new assistant, which in her job stated she was to assist Mr. Stark. Kagome wondered if Mr. Stark was obnoxious, stubborn, with complexes as they painted him to be at the news. She also wondered if she was going to meet the other Avengers.

Then she sat there at the bar contemplating her new job until some jerk face tried to get attention. Kagome ignored him and left to sit down away from him. Kagome groaned. Her grandfather had thrown a fit when she told him she was coming to live in America. He wanted her to continue her miko inheritance but she refused. Her mother was the only who supported her goals and now Kagome feels like she let her down.

Kagome felt the weight of what happen for next few days. Then after feeling sorry for herself she took a deep breath and then released it. She felt bad but she realized something from what happen. Her mistakes are that, her mistakes. She was going to learn to deal with her own mistakes and then move on by not repeating them. She was an adult and adults deal with these things all the time.

Given herself some pep talk she strode forward. She will not let this episode ruin her plans. She had a new job, finally living in a reasonable apartment, and nothing was going to stop her from reaching to top. The night was gone and never to be remembered again.