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Precious Gift

Chapter 33: What was that….

Steve and Tony waited with Kagome's mother as Jarvis announced that Kagome was on her way to them and was brining with her someone. Steve, in his part, was glad to see Kagome. Being away from her is tearing at him, but Tony was not. Well, he was glad to see his daughter but not an unknown guy with her. Steve felt a little weary but kept in reign in for her sake.

The doors of the private elevator opened and a furious Kagome stepped out. Her mother was the first to get to her but she dismissed her with a sharp look. Turning towards Stark she said, "I can tolerate that my life is turned upside down. In fact, I might even tolerate that you turned out to be my father." She moved threating toward Tony with anger. "I do not tolerate my life being shown to the world. If fact, I feel like, this should not happen, had I done what I usually do."

Tony stood semi-frozen. Kagome was very angry, and her state aggravating her would be bad for her. "What?"

"Gone home", she replied quietly but sternly. "Back to Japan, where my life was before", she waved her hand around, "all this happened."

Kagome's mother walked near her and said, "Kagome, going back home would not make everything go away. You know this to be true." Inuyasha winced at her meaning too but kept silent and in the background.

Twisting her head she answered her mother, "Right, but I would have make me feel better and at home, well, that was before." Her mother winced at her last part. Kagome continued. "I feel so not in control of my life. I don't know who I am anymore. The one person I trusted lied to me and now my friend is keeping secrets."

"Kagome, please calm down", said Steve while trying to calm down.

She growled at him. "Stop treating me like a child or china doll. I am neither. I haven't for a long time." Turning back to her mother and Tony. "Secret out, well, I want it fixed."

Tony cleared his throat. "I have Pepper working on that right now. Soon, it will all go away."

Kagome laughed at him. "Yeah, right, like I will believe that. They might not believe that Tony Stark is the father but when they find out Captain America is the father of my child then what?"

"We are working on that, Kagome", replied Steve quickly. "I know this is hard but if you are patient will can get through this, going home will solve nothing."

Kagome knew this, she did, but it was hard to accept that her life was indeed changed. All of her dreams, hopes, even aspirations have evaporated and now she was put in a situation in which she needed to mound up and accept it. "Fine, have it your way. Tell the world, tell them of the true then."

Tony, who was drinking a scotch, spilled out through his mouth. "What!"

Kagome nodded. "Tell them, I am your daughter and having Captain America's child."

"Kagome that will solve nothing but make you bigger target", explained Steve. He immediately knew what kind of problems this could cause for everyone. He did want the world to know but like any superhero, they got enemies. She needed to understand that fact.

"Like I am not already?" Kagome crossed her arms in exasperation or more like helplessness.

Inuyasha intervene before Tony spoke. "That is completely covered. No one on our side will trouble you."

She only hissed. "Then why do I feel like someone put a spell on me." Inuyasha mouth dropped and looked at her surprised. "I feel kitsune magic on me and I don't know why? At first, I thought that it was my imagination but recently it changed."

Inuyasha weary moved toward her and grabbed on her shoulder and asked, "Since when do you feel this? How long and how strong is it? Are you certain is kitsune magic?"

Kagome pushed his hands away and grabbed her tummy rubbing it. Her mother also came to her side. "Kagome, honey you are okay?" Her mother was nervous because both Tony and Steve looked worry some. They talking about a certain subject would cause a lot of questions.

She said nothing but she began to sway, in fact, had Inuyasha not moved quickly she would have dropped face forward. Steve came to her side as did Tony. They began to check on her and Kagome quickly recovered and said, "What was that?"

Inuyasha said, "You said that a kitsune put a spell on you? How did you figure that one up?"

"Meditation, and my senses", she replied quickly.

"What is a kitsune? And who the hell is using magic on her", asked Tony madly. He had first experience with spells with Loki was around. He caused such a havoc and even though he still had hard time grasping that 'magic' existed, he would hated it affected his daughter. "And who the hell are you?"

Inuyasha ignored Tony's question and swept Kagome into his arms only to deposit her onto the couch. Steve moved beside him. "Kagome said you were her best friend." Taking her in his arms, Kagome was taking deep breaths, Steve never steer his eyes of the new guy.

"I am", was all he said. He stood up and let her mother and Steve take care of Kagome. "This information is important".

He kneel in front of Kagome and whispered in ancient Japanese. "Kagome, I think this will help us."

She looked up to him with hopeful eyes. "It will, how?"

"Now we know it's a spell, so any spell", he continued.

"Can be broken", she finished for him. He nodded. "Good, call me when you find a way to break it or tell me how to break it myself".

"Yes", he accepted. Standing up, Inuyasha bowed towards the rest of them and said, "I must leave immediately. I need to find someone that will help her". Not waiting for a reply, he turned and made his way towards the exit.

Tony was about to go after him, but Steve quickly grasped his hand. "No, Tony, let him go." Tony was reluctant but when he saw how Kagome pleaded him, he let it go.

Steve never moved from Kagome as she kept taking deep center breaths while her mom held her hand. Tony stood by contemplating on the words his daughter and that guy shared. Magic and Kagome together sounded dangerous. Tony was not someone who would quit to finding the answers. Since they that guy left, his daughter could answer for him.

"So what is kitsune magic and why do you think you have a spell", he said dryly. "Or are you going to keep avoiding the question?"

Kagome's breathing stopped at his answer.

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