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Chapter Two

An Enemy Hidden In Shadows


Laying his son on the infirmary bed Vegeta wondered what had caused the gravity to go up that high. He knew that his son wasn't stupid enough to go that high. But then there was that message.

"East City remembers…" muttered Vegeta to himself as he crossed his arms in thought. "Remembers what, exactly?" He looked once more at his son, looking so calm even though he had suffered about a thousand times gravity, able to kill a small child of thirteen; even if he was a Saiyan, or half Saiyan. Vegeta uncrossed his arms and, still questioning the incident in the training room, decided to inform the others. As he prepared to leave he heard a small voice.


Vegeta turned around to see Trunks slowly trying to sit up, his face wincing now and then with pain from the intense gravity. He smiled at his father who walked nearer the bed again.

"What happened in the room Trunks?" said Vegeta as calmly as he could; he hated weakness but he couldn't bear his son being hurt, especially if it was someone else playing dirty.

Trunks looked confused "I don't know… all I remember is the gravity getting really heavy and I couldn't move. I passed out…" Vegeta thought that if the gravity was changed how did the stranger leave the message there, he decided not to bother about this anymore; he'd find out sooner or later.

"Get some rest, Son," he said simply as he left the room. As he walked towards the living room his mind was cast back to what happened earlier; with those men who attacked him and Bra. An attempt on his family's life would not go unpunished. He clenched his fists. "If I cross paths with whoever has done this they had better start praying…"


Vegeta took a deep breath and entered the spacious living room, and the sounds of Bra's excited chatter stopped. She hadn't grasped the danger her brother was in yet, her big baby-blue eyes locked onto his and she squealed, "Papa!"

"Bra," he ordered, "go check on your brother. He's feeling lonely".

She smiled, a perfect innocent smile, and ran off; he didn't like it. He had expected a bigger protest… but he had bigger fish to fry. The Saiyan Prince ran his right hand through his flame-like locks and sighed. and his wife Bunny were looking at him expectantly. They wanted answers, and he had no solid ones to give.

"You know," Vegeta began, "that something happened to the Gravity Room, and that it was done with malicious intent. I've checked the file on the assistant who rigged it and he doesn't exist."

His statement was greeted by a gasp from Bunny - who's eyes were open wide for once - and a shake of denial from Dr. Brief. "It's true," Vegeta sighed. "Somehow this man breached through our defenses hidden as an assistant, an assistant that was trusted enough to be allowed to work on the Gravity Room."

His words hung in the air, ominous like storm clouds, and his eyes darkened in remembrance. "And that's not all," he finished, "an attempt was made on Bra's life today in the park; she doesn't know it happened."

A cry of anger from the inventor of the DynoCaps and the sound of sobbing from his wife rang out simultaneously. Vegeta took a final breath, trying to think of a way to deliver his next statement with tact. "It's obvious that someone is targeting this family and they're unlikely to stop here."

Dr. Brief's wizened old hands shook with anger and he abruptly stood up. "I'm going to tighten our defenses," he announced, he strode out the door with purpose in his step.

Bunny looked lost and Vegeta felt some pity for the woman; she had nothing to do. "Trunks will be hungry," he suggested, "you should cook him some lunch for when he's up and about."

The bubbly woman smiled and went for the door, pinching Vegeta's cheek as she passed. He growled but she was already gone. He sat down on the leather couch and realised Bulma would be back soon. "I hope she sees me before she sees the Gravity Room," he thought anxiously.


Bulma had been feeling stressed after the meeting.

'What's more important than lives? Geez...' She strutted home, angrily cursing the chairman with every breath. As she walked up to the door, she noticed the training room was a little different than usual. Curiously, she walked in and was greeted by a giant pile of ruins.

She clenched her fists and stomped her foot on the ground.

"VEGETA! When I get my hands on that good for nothing prince of jerks..." she yelled as she turned in a hurry back to her house. She threw the door open and slammed it shut behind her, storming down the corridor. Cursing up a storm, she went to find her annoying husband.

"Vegeta! Get here now!" she called angrily; this wasn't what she needed right now. Although she thought that perhaps shouting at someone would get a lot of her chest. As she strolled into the living room, Vegeta was there, alone. His face went pale as he saw his wife's angry face.

"WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THE ROOM!?" she yelled at the top of her voice, causing Vegeta to cover his ears.

"Woman, listen, I…"


"Woman, seriously…"



This sudden outburst made Bulma quiet, edging away nervously. Vegeta glared, his eyes piercing right through her.

"Trunks is in the infirmary," he said quietly. "He was injured because someone rigged the gravity to turn up by a thousand. I checked to see who rigged it but I found out he doesn't exist."

"Oh, God…" was all that Bulma could say. Without a moment's hesitation, and without letting Vegeta finish, she dashed out the room and headed towards Trunks, desperately hoping he was safe.

She sprinted down the hallways, praying he was okay. She could hear her husband cursing behind her as she ran.

Thankfully she soon reached the infirmary door and pushed it open. Her eyes snapped to the lavender hair of her unconscious son. She strided over to him and checked his vitals by hand, she wasn't going to trust a damn machine with her sons life.

"He's fine" she breathed out a sigh of relief.

"I did try to tell you that before you ran from the room," Vegeta growled from behind her, "but we have a bigger problem."

Oh?" she questioned, still focusing on Trunks.

"Yes," he said after a lengthy pause. "Bra was supposed to be here with him."


He steepled his fingers as he mulled over the days events and their failure with killing Bra Brief, he was glad. His instructions were for her to be captured alive, but those useless peons went for the kill, a mistake they wouldn't make again.

Trunks Brief, on the other hand… The boy was strong, very strong. He would have been better off dead, as they had planned. But they had backup plans and backup plans for the backup plans, and so on.

The sound of his office door opening brought him out of his musings and he looked up, though he already knew who it was.

He caught a glimpse of black leather Italian dress shoes and dress pants of the same colour before the man moved into the shadows. The outline of the man looked casual, he was leaning against the wall, but to the trained eye he was ready for anything,

"The weak links are her and her daughter," the mysterious man spoke, his voice had a musical quality to it but also was measured and controlled... He nearly sounded bored.

The chairman nodded, agreeing with his associate, "And we have planned for that."

"Do you need me to step in?"

"Not yet," the chairman smirked, "you're the ace up my sleeve."

"I'll leave it to you," the other man murmured, heading for the door.

The chairman leaned back in his leather swivel chair, further contemplating their plans. He reached into his pocket to retrieve his phone, he quickly dialled the number of one of his lackeys.

"Send in the vans," were his only words before he hung up.

He leaned back in his chair and chuckled. He stood up and paced over to his window. He stared out at the skyline of East City.

"Your move," he smirked, "brainless ape."

He turned around and spoke to himself "You should have accepted our offer Miss Brief, your family's survival depended on it after all."


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