O-kay, I'm stuck on SCARY, so I wrote this Mika one-shot. Here we go!

A quiet day at the Chariton Household. The only sounds were the sounds of silence and serenity. In the living room of the home, Mikaela Chariton was lying on the couch, a smile on her face as she was fast asleep, with one foot dangling over the floor. Her husband, Rainier was currently putting on his jacket and grabbing his car keys when he asked, "Hey, Mika, I'm going to the store, you want I should get any…?" Rainier cut off his own sentence when his wife didn't seem to be paying attention. She was peacefully asleep on the couch.

Rainier bent down and looked more closely. "Um… Mika?" he snapped his fingers. "You awake?" He shook her by the shoulder, but her head only rolled the other way. "Huh…"

In her mind, Mika was having a wonderful dream.

In her dream, Mika wore a blue and white dress, long white socks, and black Mary-Janes as she stood in a meadow of strangely colored grass, trees, and an odd colored sky. She held a blue potion in her hand and drank it, and shrank down to 3 inches high. She danced and twirled happily as she shook hands with the many flowers, which strangely had mouths and could move. She danced her way to a large mushroom with a big, blue caterpillar, who appeared to be inhaling smoke from a cigar and blowing it out in various shapes, such as one of Mew, Terriermon and Lopmon, a dragon, a jack-o-lantern, and a KND logo. The symbols drifted around her head, and their presence seemed to calm her mind.

She reached and picked out a piece of the mushroom and ate it, quickly growing back to normal size. She was suddenly seated at a table, where a rabbit and a crazy guy with a hat were dancing around and drinking tea. The rabbit tossed a teacup at Mika, who ducked and watched the cup fly overhead. The cup was suddenly caught in midair, and a fat, pink striped cat with a large grin and bushy tail appeared out of nowhere, sipping the tea. Mika only giggled at the strange cat.

"Mika?... Oh, Mika?" The cat's echoey voice called to her, and the atmosphere around her started to turn and fade into whiteness.

"Mika? Mika?" Rainier kept trying to shake his sleeping wife.

"Oh?" Mika gasped, her eyes popping open.

"I was… just asking what you wanted from the store?"

"Uhh… perhaps some tea…" She said with a goofy chuckle.

"Uhh, Mom?" Sunni approached her mother and held up the same cat from her dream, only it was holding its head in one hand. "Were you dreaming about Wonderland again?"

"…Yush." She grinned and blushed sheepishly.

Ahh… dreams are peaceful. :) I just wanna stay in them forever! Alright, next time, I'll try to do SCARY. Later.