It's seven in the morning, her alarm's just gone off and the only thing stopping Topanga from getting out of bed was the arm thrown across her waist.

"Cory, let go. I have to get to the shower," she mumbles, but he only tightens his hold.

"No you don't," he says. "You gotta stay in bed with me. All mornin'."

"Honey, I have to go to work."

"I don't believe in work." Just like he didn't believe in Pittsburgh that time they were in high school, though this time she wonders if he's just kidding. She hopes he is. Cory's outgrown a bit of the crazy he had back in college, but he's still Cory.

"I do, and you have to go to school," she insists. Cory's New Year's resolution was to go for his teaching degree. Now that Topanga thinks about it, she's not surprised he's so clingy this morning...between her job and his studies, they don't have as much time together anymore.

Sometimes, she does want to just say "screw it" and lie in bed with him all morning. Forget work, forget school, forget everything else. Just stay in bed all day...doing things. Cory seems to share her sentiment, as his hand's traveling up towards her chest...damn it, she wants to give in. But the firm needs her too badly for that.

"Cory, let go."

"Stay home."

"We can't. You know we can't."

"It's just one day. They can do without us for just one day." He's kissing her neck, and she's doing everything she can not to moan. She tugs at his arm, trying to disengage from his hold.

"I'm going to take a shower, and you should too. I promise, we'll do something really romantic tonight," she says. That seems to do the trick; Cory's always easy to win over with promises. But just as she's about to get out of bed, the phone rings. It's her boss, the office is closed due to a power issue. Then Cory's school calls and they're closed.

"Well." He smirks. "Looks like the weather doesn't believe in work either."

And as he pulls her back down under the covers with him, Topanga is secretly glad.