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Another Project [K] randomness~! Enjoy!

[K] New Year's Resolutions!

Chapter 1: Silver Wishes- Isana Yashiro

Hi, I'm Isana Yashiro. It's New Year's Day today, and well, since Kuroh is forcing me to change my ways and make new year's resolutions, I guess I have no choice but to comply!

It's 10:35 in the morning and I'm all alone here with Neko, who's also writing her New Year's resolution.



My list:

1. Be a badass King and make sure everyone follows my rules.

2. Top the other Kings (in terms of popularity)- blue, gold and especially that Red! Just because he has fire, doesn't mean that he's already HOT. I mean, I'm WAAAAAAAAYYYYY better than him! I'm immortal for god's sake!

3. Get more clan members. I currently only have Neko and Kuroh-and I'm not saying that they're not good, but I WANT more! My clan has to be many too! *sob* Maybe I could get the entire Ashinaka Gakuen under my clan. Hehehe

4. Make sure that I am supermegafoxyawesome MOE so Kuroh will stay with me even more. I have to top off Neko's natural cuteness- so Kuroh would pay attention to me more!

5. Teach Neko about LIFE. Her mommy cat left her to fend for herself, knowing that she's too much of a klutz! Gawds…Now we have to teach her manners and how girls dress up—which will be weird for me cuz I have absolutely no idea about those, but I guess Kuroh knows these kinds of stuffs. ^^

6. Get a pet fox. Have it be taken over by that Colorless King. Teach it tricks besides take over people's bodies. Now I can show it off to our school's pet day…

7. Try not to blush when talking to Kuroh and he starts saying stuffs about pledging allegiance to you.

8. Think of awesome lines that would soon be my main quote for the next season of this series. I have to have cooler lines like—"You met the wrong King!" Or: "It's time to get rid of annoying carbon dioxide releasers!"



Okay, so that wasn't the kind of list that I was thinking, but thanks to Neko's constant rambling, I can't even think of more stuffs to write down!

Author's note:

I have no idea how to act as Yashiro, so I'll stop it there! Next up is the one with the constant rambling beside Yashiro! NEKO!

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