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[K] New Year's Resolutions!

Chapter 2: Feline Dreams- Neko!

Nya! Neko here! I'm with Shiro right now, and he told me to write down my New Year's Resolution too since Kuroh got him to! I don't know what this really is about, but Shiro said that it's about what you want to change for next year about yourself.

Nya…I have to change something about myself? But that's….weird!

"Not it doesn't mean that you have to change your appearance, Neko," I hear Shiro say as he patted me with a reassuring feel, "Just the bad attitudes that makes people hate you."

I nodded and looked back at my paper. I started writing down my list.



Nya! My list!

1. I have to eat properly. Meanie Kuroh told me that I have to act like a lady when eating and not mess a lot of stuffs around.

2. Learn all the names of ALL the fish in the world and then eat them! Kuroh already made dishes with Mackerel, Jew Fish, Cobia, Silver Belly, Tongue Fish, Milkfish, Pomfret, Salmon, Cat fish, Sardines, Kite fish, Amago, Moonfish, Emperor, Eucla cod, flagblenny, flier, bandfish, snoek and 23 others that I forgot the names.

3. Be the best clan member of Shiro~! I'll give him nice dreams with my illusions and I'll do missions for him! Nya! I'm Shiro's best cat!

4. Wear clothes. Shiro told me to put this in because it has to be done. But I'll only wear the nice fluffy ones! He has to make sure that Kuroh makes me those kinds of clothes or I'll never put them on!...But Shiro…! O-okay…I will...since it's Shiro who told me nicely…

5. I'll make the best technique ever that will cover the whole Japan! I'll make it a cat paradise! And then everyone will deem me as the Silver Kitty Queen! NYAAHAHHAHA

6. Do something more worthwhile besides stand in the sidelines watching Shiro and Meanie Kuroh fight. Maybe I should start being a cheerleader…

7. Learn how to fight. I hear that the red clan is having those taijutsu sessions. I'll drop by sometime and show them my nyan-moves! Then I'll learn more so I can beat Meanie Kuroh next time!

8. Ahhaha!Learn to cook like Meanie Kuroh—except even better! Then I'll make meals that will make Shiro praise me instead of Kuroh!



I'm HUNGRY! I won't be able to think like this! I'm getting impatient from waiting for Kuroh to come back! He's such a meanie! I wonder what's taking him so long…I'm really HUUUUUUUNNNNGGGGRRRRYYYYY….

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Okay. I don't know what to do with Neko too… -.-'' Thinking up of their New Year's Resolutions are haaaaard…. MOU!

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