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New Beginning

Chapter 1: No Hope

As far as Olivia could see, the streets of Atlanta, Georgia were barren. Nothing passed through her sights, living or dead, as she walked through the alleyways surrounded by tall skyscrapers. She could hear nothing but the soft echo of her footfalls as she continued on her way, heading towards the large refugee camp she had heard was nestled deep in Atlanta. She had no idea where to go, but she would find it. She was determined like that.

Seeing nothing that would worry her as she continued walking, Olivia nestled into her thoughts. She was lonely.

It had been a while since she had travelled with anyone else. The last person she had travelled with had been her older sister, Heidi. They were both from Texas. Heidi had had work to do in Georgia, and having never been to another state before, Olivia tagged along with her. But when they arrived in Atlanta, it only took about a week for everything to go to hell.

The "disease" started to spread all over the Unites States, and the government started to shut down all forms of public travel, which meant that Olivia and Heidi were stuck in Georgia. Believing that the pandemic would pass soon, the sisters holed up in the hotel that was provided and paid for by Heidi's company. But to their great dismay, things got worse.

People began to pack their things and flee, leaving all traces of their previous lives behind. Olivia and Heidi stayed in the hotel, eager to wait things out. The news kept them informed. They watched on news broadcasts as reportedly "dead" people started to rise and attack the living. They were warned to not get bitten or scratched by these "walkers" or they would be infected. Being a registered nurse, Olivia had never heard of a disease like that before.

Eventually, the news broadcasts stopped, and they were left in the dark. A couple of weeks had passed, and the sisters had decided to move on. They were going stir crazy by staying holed up in that hotel. But nothing could prepare Olivia for what she saw as she stepped out of the front door of the hotel.

There was nobody in sight. Cars were abandoned in the parking lot and the side of the road, some of the doors hanging open. Olivia painted a picture in her head of families and children abandoning their vehicles to get away from their fate. There were dead bodies all over the place. Olivia remembered how she had keeled over and vomited in the parking lot of the hotel after viewing her surroundings. She had wiped her mouth, and glanced at her older sister with watery eyes.

Mustering as much of a smile as she could, Heidi placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "We have to make the best of what we've got, no matter the situation." Olivia hesitated, and softly nodded, following her older sister's lead as they migrated from place to place within the confines of Atlanta.

Olivia was a good shot, having grown up hunting with Heidi and her dad. As the time passed, Olivia and Heidi quickly learned that to "kill" the walkers, they had to destroy the brain.

Olivia thought back to how she had lost her sister, and felt guilt flood through every vein in her body. They had been going on a supply run to pick up more food and medical supplies. They walked into an old department store that looked like it had been raided before, but there were still plenty of supplies to take. They split up and did a sweep of the whole store, Olivia taking right, and Heidi taking left.

Olivia, having finished her half of the sweep, went back to the truck they had picked up on the side of the road, and pulled a large duffel bag out of the bed. She wrapped the duffel bag strap around her neck and started to head back to the store. Before she walked in, though, she heard a blood curdling scream.

It was Heidi.

Olivia dropped the duffel bag to the floor, and quickly raised her weapon as she ran into the store towards her sister.

"Heidi! Heidi, where are you?!"

She scanned the isles of the department store before she found her sister sitting on the hard floor of isle 14, a dead walker beside her. Olivia shouldered her rifle, and ran to her sister, her hands immediately flying to her cheeks. As Olivia's hands cradled her sisters face, she realized that she had a slight temperature, and that she was crying.

"Heidi, are you okay?"

Olivia started to panic when Heidi didn't respond. "Heidi, talk to me. What happened?"

Heidi willed her rapid breathing to slow down, before she slowly started talking. "He came out of nowhere. He was on top of me before I saw him."

"He didn't hurt you, did he?"

When Heidi went silent at the question and quickly turned away from Olivia, the younger sister couldn't help but break down. "Heidi, where? Where did he get you? Maybe I can do something about it. Stop the infection from spreading."

Olivia muttered obscenities between her sobs as she picked up Heidi's arms, looking for bite marks. When Olivia looked over Olivia's stomach, she halted, seeing blood soaking though her thin shirt.

"No. No, no, no. God dammit, no!" Olivia growled in frustration as she ripped the bottom of Heidi's shirt off of her body, revealing the fresh bite to her. Olivia covered her mouth with her hand and cried harder, as she fell backwards into the shelf behind her. Heidi looked towards her younger sister, with a calm expression, even though she knew she was going to become a monster.

Heidi beckoned her hysteric sister back to her. Olivia obeyed, and kneeled at her sister's side, taking one hand in both of hers. "We have to make the best of what we've got, no matter the situation." Heidi wiped her sister's tears away, before reaching down to the holster on her hip. She pulled the pistol out of the holster, before holding it out towards Olivia.

Olivia's eyes widened, as the tears started to flow harder. "No. No, Heidi. Don't ask me to do this, please." Olivia was shaking her head, still holding her sister's hand in her vice grip.

"Please, sister. Don't let me walk around as one of those things. I could hurt someone." Olivia sniffled, and released her grip on her sister to take the pistol that was being offered to her. Olivia's lip trembled as she moved her mouth to her sister's forehead, softly kissing it. The fever was high. Olivia moved back to sit against the shelves across from Heidi, as she silently cried and watched the breath leave her older sister.

An hour had passed before anything could be heard from across her. There was a deep throaty noise. Olivia slowly moved her watery eyes back to her sister, and watched as Heidi's arm twitched. With tears still coating her checks, Olivia checked the chamber of the pistol, making sure it was loaded. Olivia quivered when Heidi's eyes opened, studying the blank stare. When Heidi saw Olivia, she started to stir with more frequency. Olivia raised the gun to Heidi's head. She took a deep breath, and sniffled. "I love you, sister." Olivia pulled the trigger, then, hearing her sister's body slump to the floor. She was then left to listen to nothing but her own cries.

Coming back to the present, Olivia noticed that tears coated her cheeks, and that she was softly playing with the necklace that dangled around her neck. It had been a birthday gift from Heidi when she was 16. She was 21, now.

As Olivia neared the end of the alleyway, she heard a soft clopping sound. It sounded like horse hooves hitting the pavement. Olivia was confused. How would a horse just wander this deep into Atlanta?

Olivia pressed her back against the wall, and inched over to the edge of the building to peek around. When she did, she saw that it was a horse, like she believed, but that somebody was riding it. She could see that he was heavily armed, but he looked slightly confused and shocked. She studied him for a moment, before she heard a pulsing from the air.

She maneuvered herself to see a helicopter in the sky. Her eyes widened, and she broke into a huge grin.

Momentarily forgetting about the man on the horse, she ran out from the alleyway towards the helicopter waving her arms over her head, trying to flag it. Behind her, she could her the pace of the horse speed up, but she didn't care. She wanted out of this hell.

She sprinted faster, determined to catch the attention of the helicopter. The man and the horse were practically beside her, now. But her joy and excitement quickly diminished when she saw the hundreds of walkers on the street that she had almost turned into.

Olivia's eyes widened, as she stumbled backwards. The man must have noticed the walkers, too. For the horse seemed to have stopped. She started to run back the way she came, before she could hear the man behind her yelling.

"Get on!"

She didn't need to be told twice. She ran to the man with the horse, and grabbed his hand, hoisting herself up onto the back of the horse. "Hyah!" The man kicked the horse, and it started to run back the way Olivia had came. She looked back to see the pack of walkers heading towards them.

"Shit!" The man halted the horse as more walkers started flooding the streets before them. Olivia clung to the man as he steered the horse down another road that contained tanks and other military equipment. Unfortunately, there were walkers on this street as well.

"Fuck!" Olivia cursed as the horse quickly got surrounded. The horse collapsed, and the two of them fell onto the hard pavement of the street. The man dropped his bag of guns and started to crawl towards one of the army tanks. "Come on!" He beckoned to Olivia as she started after him.

Olivia could feel her elbows and knees getting scraped, as she crawled. When it started to get hot outside, she had scavenged a clothing store and stocked up on shorts and tank tops. Right now, she was regretting her choice of clothing. She felt a held enclose her ankle as her and the mystery man crawled under the tank. She drew her pistol and send a bullet through the walker's brain. She could hear the man sending off rounds, as well. She looked back towards him to see him crawling up into an opening in the tank. "Come on! Hurry!" She crawled faster towards the opening, and accepted the hand he held out towards her, before climbing through the opening herself and shutting the small hatch.

She leaned her back against one side of the tank, and took a deep breath. "Holy shit." Olivia cursed, as she tried to process what had just happened to her. "You said it." The man leaned up against the opposite side of the tank. It was then that she noticed there was a dead man in occupying the tank, as well. When the man crawled over to the body to see if he had any weapons on him, Olivia could see the dead man's head turn to the side. Olivia quickly raised her pistol and sent a round towards the dead man's head, causing a ringing echo in the confines of the tank.

She dropped her pistol, and covered her ears. It caused a pain in her head that she had never experienced before in her life. She saw the other man cover his ears and clench his eyes shut tightly.

When she could no longer hear the ringing, she uncovered her ears and placed them on the walls of the tank to keep her stable. She shook her head from side to side to clear the light feeling. The man took a deep breath and uncovered his ears, shaking his head, as well. Olivia quickly apologized.

"Sorry. He was a walker."

The man nodded, and sent a small smile in her direction. After gathering all the supplies he needed from the dead man, he glanced toward Olivia and held a hand out toward her. "The name's Rick Grimes." She held her hand out to meet his, and smirked at him. "Nice to meet you, deputy." She finally noticed the sheriff's-deputy uniform he was wearing. "I'm Olivia Harper." He nodded in greeting, retracting his hand from her and looking up to see a hatch at the top of the vehicle.

Olivia watched as Rick climbed to the top of the tank, and opened the hatch to survey their surroundings. About 50 walkers were already feeding on the horse that had fallen, and more seemed to be coming out of nowhere. Some of the walkers noticed him, though, and started to make their way towards him. Walkers climbed the tank to reach him, so he closed the hatch quickly before they could get him.

He sat back down on the floor of the tank and sent a worried glance toward Olivia. He shook his head toward her, conveying that they probably wouldn't get out of this mess anytime soon. She pulled her legs to her chest, and laid her forehead on her scraped knees. The two sat in silence, before they heard a static noise from the inside of the tank.

Olivia's head shot up towards the sound. She could see Rick's stunned expression, looking for the noise, as well.

"Hey, you!"

Rick and Olivia looked towards the tank's communication devise with unbelieving eyes, before looking at each other.

"Hey, dumbasses! In the tank! Cozy in there?"

Olivia's stunned expression slowly changed to a grin as she eyed the communication devise.