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Chapter 6: Change Of Plans

"Be safe. Okay?" Olivia stood over by the RV, saying goodbye to Andrea, Dale, and Amy. She smirked when she heard Andrea's request.

"Who do you think you're taking to?" Olivia sent a wink to the three of them before spinning around and heading towards the fire pit. She could hear their laugher from behind her.

"Cocky much?" Olivia turned back around at Amy's question to see them looking at her with amused expressions on their face. Olivia smiled and nodded towards them, before heading over to stand next to Glenn. He had been asked to go, much to his dismay. He had a hard time refusing any requests made to him. Poor Glenn.

"You ready?" Olivia smiled at him before crossing her arms over her chest. He sighed deeply before meeting her gaze.

"I guess. I don't really have a choice but to be ready."

Olivia placed a reassuring hand on Glenn's shoulder. "You know Rick wouldn't ask if he didn't think you were important to the mission's success."

He nodded towards her and adjusted his bag that he had slung over his shoulder. "Yeah. I guess you're right."

"I'm always right."

Glenn laughed and shook his head, before a commotion sounding from the truck caused both him and Olivia to turn their heads.

Daryl was using his foot to honk the horn of the truck several times before yelling out to the people in camp. "Come on, people! I ain't got all day!"

Olivia sighed and shook her head before walking over to the back of the truck and stepping inside. She laid her backpack down beside her before leaning the back of her head against the wall of the truck, shutting her eyes momentarily. She hoped that her lack of sleep from the night before wouldn't take a toll on her.

Rick, after saying goodbye to Lori, Carl, and Shane, had hopped into the driver's seat. Glenn and T-Dog hopped into the back of the truck and sat across from Olivia. As soon as everyone was inside, Daryl slammed the back door of the truck shut, and moved to the passenger's side seat.

Olivia watched out the window as the group left the safety of the camp to return to Atlanta.


Pulling up beside a rail line, Rick turned off the engine and glanced to everyone. "You ready?"

Each of them agreed before Olivia stood up to open the back door of the truck, allowing everyone outside.

It was hotter than usual that day, and Olivia found herself taking off the plaid long sleeved shirt that she had put on earlier, leaving her in just a tank top. She took a big gulp of water before shouldering her pack, and following Rick as he stopped in front of a fence. They slipped through, and Rick came to a stop, turning to face Glenn.

"Glenn, you know the area better than anyone. Should we go after Merle first, or the bag of guns I dropped?"

Daryl stepped forward, an aggravated look on his face. "We go after Merle first! There's no need to even ask!"

Rick held a hand up to Daryl, and once again looked towards Glenn. Olivia and T-Dog stood off to the side, silently watching the exchange. Glenn looked like he was under pressure as he swallowed and blinked. "We go after Merle first. Getting the guns first would mean doubling back."

Rick nodded and retracted his hand, before leading the way back to the building they had been at the previous day.


Rick held up a hand behind him to the other's signaling them to stop. Rick pointed across the room to a stray walker that was shuffling beside the back wall. He turned around, and signaled Daryl to come forward.

Daryl raised how crossbow, and stepped to the side a bit to put the walker in his sights. He shot a bolt off, and it caught its target right between the eyes.

Lowering his weapon, he stepped forward to pull the arrow from the dead walker, and wiped it off on a piece of cloth hanging nearby.

Rick nodded to the others and he led the way to the steps leading to the roof.

Daryl sped in front of Rick, eager to see if his brother was all right. T-Dog pulled out the bolt cutters he had borrowed from Dale, and cut the chain on the door. Daryl kicked the door open with one leg, and ran through. He called Merle's name over and over, until coming to view the location his brother had been.

"No!" Daryl paced back and forth on the roof his hands on his forehead. "No! No!"

She looked against the pipe were Merle Dixon once laid, to see a single hand in his place, and a bloody saw lying next to it. The group tensed.

"No!" Daryl looked up to the group, wiping his eyes. She looked to the ground to allow him some privacy. No one said a word as Daryl did what he needed to do to grieve.


Daryl was staring down at the hand on the ground, his breathing deep and heavy. Olivia gasped when Daryl unexpectedly turned around, aiming his crossbow at T-Dog. Rick drew his revolver, pointing it to Daryl's head in turn.

Olivia and Glenn stared wide-eyed at what was happening before them.

"I won't hesitate. I don't care if every walker in the city hears it."

Everyone went silent following Rick's comment, but they continued holding their weapons in place. Olivia quickly grew angry. She stepped forward to place each of her hands on Rick and Daryl's chests, pushing them back.

"Can we not go one damn hour without us pointing our guns at each other?"

The group eyed her as she sighed loudly, and crossed her arms. "I don't have much experience on the matter, but I thought groups like this were supposed to work together, not kill each other!"

Rick sighed and nodded, lowering his gun. Daryl did the same, lowering his weapon, as he watched Olivia walk over to the tools that T-Dog had dropped and left behind. She packed them up and walked back over, handing the bag to T-Dog.

"She's right. We need to stop with this. It's only causing problems. If we have an issue with one of the other people in the group, we need to think and speak before we act. Deal?"

Olivia watched as Glenn and T-Dog nodded their heads. Daryl nodded, too, after a moments hesitancy.

Daryl quickly sniffed and looked to T-Dog. "Ya gotta do rag or somethin'?"

T-Dog reached into his back pocket, to pull out a blue bandana that he kept on him. Daryl shouldered his crossbow and grabbed the bandana, walking over to where the hand lay on the ground.

Daryl laid the bandana on the ground, and picked up the hand by the index finger. "Guess the saw blade was too dull to cut through the chain on the handcuffs." He shook his head, placing the hand in the bandana. "Ain't that a bitch."

He stood up from his place on the ground, and glanced around to eye Glenn and the backpack he had with him. Daryl motioned for Glenn to turn around. Glenn's face went blank when he realized what Daryl was going to do.

He opened up the backpack and placed the hand inside. When he shut it back up, Glenn turned around. Olivia couldn't help herself from laughing aloud at the look on Glenn's face.

Glenn glared at her and shook his head as Olivia covered her mouth to hide her laugher.

Daryl looked to the ground to see the blood trail his brother had left behind. He started to follow it to another door that led down into the building. He nodded towards the others, who started following him.

Olivia smiled and shoved Glenn playfully before coming to stand next to T-Dog. From the corner of her eyes she could see him smile back at her.


"He must of had enough in him to take out these two poor bastards."

Daryl pointed to the two dead walkers on the floor with his crossbow. Olivia saw that the blood trail led into a kitchen of sorts, and started to make her way towards the doorway. She followed the blood trail on the floor before coming into the kitchen. She was knocked off of her feet, though, as a walker fell on top of her. Olivia yelled, and tried with all of her might to reach the knife that she kept on her thigh.

The walker was a woman. Used to be a woman. But she had the strength of a fully grown man. The walkers didn't get fatigued, but she did. She was getting tired. The walker's face was getting closer to her, when an arrow shot straight through the brain of the walker, causing it fall on her.

With shaky breath, she pushed the walker off of her, and got on her hands and knees.

"What happened?" Rick rushed into the room to see Olivia on the ground, with a walker next to her.

"Damn thing almost got me."

Glenn and T-Dog rushed forward, with shocked expressions, to help Olivia stand up off of the floor. She shook her head. She looked up, and her face went blank when she noticed that Daryl was still training his crossbow on her.

"Ya get bit? Scratched?"

Olivia shook her head as she turned around in a circle, allowing them to look her over. Daryl lowered his crossbow when he was convinced.

He gave her an aggravated look as he walked further into the kitchen, resuming his lead on the blood trail. Olivia let out a deep breath and followed after him and the others, Glenn shooting her a sympathetic look.

"Hey, look."

Daryl pointed in the direction of the sink. Beside it sat an iron with something burned on it. The smell in the air turned foul.

T-Dog narrowed his eyes at the iron. "Is that...?"

"Burnt flesh."

The others turned to look at Olivia in question. She shrugged. "Being a nurse, I've felt with burn victims before. I know what burned flesh smells and looks like. He cauterized the wound on the iron." She gestured back to the iron.

Rick nodded. "He might have stopped the blood flow, but he could still be weak." Daryl seemed to ignore him as he walked farther into the kitchen, coming to a broken window. There was more blood on the sill.

Daryl sighed and shouldered his crossbow, before glancing to Rick. "I'm going after him."

Daryl was about to crawl through the window when Rick grabbed his arm. "No. We can't split up. It's a death sentence."

Daryl placed his right foot back on the floor. "But he's my brother."

Rick sighed and looked to the ground. When Daryl glanced at Olivia, she looked to the floor. Rick continued talking, his voice soft.

"We can help you check a few blocks around, but only if we keep a level head."

Daryl looked back to the window and nodded before glancing back over to Rick. "I can do that."

Rick looked to T-Dog. He sighed. "Only if we get those guns first. I'm not traveling the streets of Atlanta with just my good intentions, okay?"


Back at camp, both Lori and Carol sat down at the quarry washing the laundry. Carol's lip was still swollen from when Ed had hit her earlier.

Lori paused in her actions, rasing one hand over her eyes to shield the sun. She glanced towards Carol. "The new girl, Olivia. What do you think about her?"

Carol, who was scrubbing a pair of Ed's jeans, shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know anything about her besides her name."


Lori returned to washing the clothes she had in her bin. Carol looked in her direction.

"Why? Is something bothering you?"

Lori sighed deeply before scratching the back of her head and shrugging. "I don't know. I just get the feeling she's hiding something. I could be wrong, but..."

Carol nodded and reached over to pat Lori gently on the shoulder. "I understand. If you need anything, let me know."

Lori gave Carol a grateful smile before returning to the laundry.

But what Lori and Carol didn't know, was that Carl and Sophia stood nearby, having been listening to every word they said.


Olivia sat on top of one of the desks in the conference room, closely examining her pistol. It had been scuffed up when she had gotten knocked over by the walker in the kitchen. She pouted, rubbing the scratches. That weapon was special to her in so many ways. It was a remnant of her past.

"You're not doing this alone," Rick stated sternly to Glenn, pointing to the ground in authority.

"I think it's a bad idea, and I don't even like ya much." Daryl stood a couple of yards away, bending down to view the diagram Glenn had drawn on the tile floor.

Olivia rolled her eyes and stood, crossing her arms over her chest. "Glenn can do it. I've seen what he's capable of first hand."

Rick still seemed hesitant as he sighed and looked to Glenn.

"It's a good idea! If we go out in a group we draw more attention to ourselves. If I'm alone, I can move fast! Look." Glenn picked up a clip and placed it on the diagram. "There's the tank, five blocks from where we are now." He placed a crumpled up piece of paper next to the clip. "There's the bag of guns." He pointed to another place on the diagram. "Here's the alley that I dragged you and Liv into when we first met. That's where me, Daryl, and Liv will go."

Olivia nodded in approval. "Sounds good to me."

"Why me?" Glenn looked up to Daryl.

"Your crossbow is quieter than his gun." Glenn gestured to Rick. "And Liv has a knife." He pointed to the knife strapped to Olivia's thigh.

"While Daryl and Liv wait here in the alley, I'll run up the street and grab the bag. Rick, you and T-Dog will wait in a alley a couple of blocks in the other direction." Glenn placed an eraser on the diagram, indicating where Rick and T-Dog would wait. Rick nodded. "If walkers cut me off, I won't go back to Daryl and Liv. I'll go forward instead, to the alley where you guys are." The group nodded, accepting the plan. "Afterwards, we'll all meet up here."

"Hey, kid? What'd ya do before all this?" Olivia leaned forward towards Glenn a bit, after hearing Daryl's question. She was wondering this, herself.

"Delivered pizzas. Why?" The group was silent, staring at Glenn in wonder before Olivia laughed aloud and gently shoved Glenn. Everyone in the group joined in on her laughter, except for Daryl.


Olivia climbed down the alleyway ladder behind Glenn and Daryl. Reaching the bottom, they ran towards the gate that her and Rick had come through when they had first met Glenn. Seeing walkers shuffling in the road, the three survivors came to stand behind a dumpster. Daryl loaded his crossbow, as Olivia pulled out her knife from its sheath. Glenn removed his topmost shirt, leaving him in a black t-shirt.

"Ya got some balls for a Chinaman."

Glenn scoffed as he threw his shirt to the ground and moved closer to the gate. "I'm Korean."


Olivia had to cover her mouth with her hand to stifle her laughter.

Glenn moved to the gate, and peeked around the edge before moving silently into the street. Olivia crouched against the wall, her knife in her hand. Daryl held his crossbow close to his face, and lowered himself beside the dumpster.

It was awkward as Daryl and Olivia sat across from each other in silence. Olivia sent a few glances his way, but he never once returned them.

After a few moments, Olivia heard something coming up behind them in the alley. She peeked around the trash can she was hiding behind to see a young Hispanic kid, probably around 18, trying to sneak up on them. Olivia growled in frustration before standing up, her knife held towards him.

"Woah! Don't hurt me! What do you want?'"

Daryl stood up from his place on the ground to point his crossbow at the kid. He advanced on the young man when he started to step back. "I'm looking for my brother, he's hurt real bad. Ya seen him?"


Olivia walked towards the young man with increasing speed. "Shut the hell up! You're going to bring the walkers in on us!"

Daryl moved the crossbow closer to his face. "Answer!"

"Auydame! Auydame!"

Daryl grew frustrated, and swung his crossbow at the young man's face, knocking him to the ground. He attempted to quiet him by holding a hand to his mouth. Olivia turned around when she heard someone coming, and saw two other Hispanic men run into the alley. She narrowed her eyes as they ran down the alley towards them. She wasn't going down without a fight.

She walked out to stand in the middle of the alley, blocking one of the men from reaching the kid. He swung a punch at her, but he missed as she dodged and kneed him in the groin. He groaned in pain, and fell to his knees. Olivia smirked in triumph, before she heard Daryl groan behind her. She turned to see the other man hitting Daryl in the back with a pipe. She ran to help him before hearing a gasp behind her. Glenn had come back into the alley, and was shocked by what was happening.

"That's the bag, Vato!" The man who was hitting Daryl had stopped, and was pointing at the bag of guns in Glenn's hand.

"Get it!" She saw as the man she had kneed in the groin and knocked to the ground, stood and started to run towards Glenn. Before she could run to stop the man again, the other man shoved her against the wall and out of his way as he, too, ran to catch up with Glenn. Olivia groaned as she rubbed the back of her head. She had cracked it on the brick.

She watched with blurry vision, as the two men tackled Glenn, hit him with a pipe, and snatched the bag out of his hands. Daryl stood up on his knees, and took aim with his crossbow at one of the men. Despite herself, when the bolt hit the man, she couldn't help but chuckle a bit. Daryl had gotten him right in the ass cheek.

The man yelled in agony, before a screeching of tires was heard and and old car stopped next to the alleyway gate. Olivia stood up, regaining her strength, and took off towards the gate to the alley with Daryl behind her. She yelled in fury when she realized the men were going to take Glenn with them. They had loaded Glenn into the car and hopped in, speeding away before the two could reach the gate.

Olivia sighed and shook her head in defeat, glancing to the ground. She was going to get Glenn back, if it was the last thing she did.

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