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The tall blond sat in class irritatedly tapping his fingers on the desktop. 'When will this class end?' He thought to himself 'what good will charms be if my family and I all die when I fail this mission.' He inwardly cringed at his own negative thought, 'No Draco' he reprimanded himself 'not when, if, If I fail, and I won't, can't, if I do...' Draco's thought promptly ended as the short-midget-like professor ended class. He quickly gathered his belongings and headed out the door and down the hall. As he passed other students it became painfully obvious of just how alone he was. Nobody paid him any mind, as if he were one of the transparent ghosts that float through the halls. He was just there, like a broken quill under the library table, nobody really cared. Not even his old 'friends' would talk to him anymore, they had a feeling of what was going on, but, like him, they wanted no part of it. They didn't want to know anything about it, nobody did, well except for that pair of green eyes that had followed his movements, and that, honestly, were far too curious for their own good.

That pair of green eyes was just wondering where he was going when Hermionie asked him where he was going.

"Oh" he responded nonchalantly "I was just going to visit Neville in the hospital wing." Harry inwardly smirked at his perfectly believable excuse, Ron and Hermionie had visited him earlier that morning, as he had opted for sleeping in. It's not that he didn't care about his housemate and close friend, it's just that he visited Neville just about every time he ended up in the hospital wing. Which was a lot. More than he himself had, which was again, a lot. His two best friends accepted his excuse and left to go to their common room while Harry headed toward the hospital wing. Once he had a few corridors between them he abruptly turned on his heel and walked in the direction he had seen Malfoy go in. Fortunately for him it wasn't far, he was just rounding a corner and pulling out the Marauders map when he glanced up and saw a blond head disappear into Moaning Myrtles bathroom. A quick check on the map proved him to be correct, though he hadn't really doubted himself anyways, he'd recognize that platinum hair anywhere. He didn't let himself ponder what that really meant as he had already thought about similar things regarding the blond and hadn't really liked where those thoughts led.

Draco continued to walk down the halls and corridors heading towards the room of requirement and trying not to let his depressing thoughts discourage him. Suddenly he was blindsided by a memory.

"Do you understand your task?" The sneering wizard with red slits for eyes asked.

"Yes." Was all Draco could reply as the curse was lifted from his writhing body.

"And do you understand what shall befall your family if you should fail?" the Dark Lord questioned.

"Yes." Was again all he could rasp out before another crucio was set upon him as an extra warning, as if he needed one. The next day Draco was held down and branded with the dark mark. He hadn't wanted it, not then, not now, not ever. Thankfully his punishment for not taking the dark mark willingly had been brief, he had passed out long before his aunt Bella had gotten to him. He was horrified to know that his mother had also been crucioed for raising a child that did not meet the Dark Lords standards. His mother had been jumpy and twitchy for days after that and he feared for her sanity. If only he could save them without killing him, if only he could spare them, even if he himself died. 'Oh god' he thought desperately to himself 'I'm going to be a murderer.' And with that stunning reality crashing in on him he ducked into the nearest bathroom as bile rose in his throat. He probably would have vomited had he actually eaten anything that day, but instead he simply dry heaved for a moment before rinsing his mouth and splashing cold water on his face. Draco looked up and stared into the mirror, his eyes were dim with defeat and had heavy dark shadows under them. His face was sunken and his skin an even more sickly pail than usual, his lips were cracked and raw, and his nails were chewed. And his hair, oh god, his hair was stringy and sticking up almost as worse as Potters, 'only Potter could probably pull it off' jeez did he really just think that? He was going insane, 'I'm thinking Potter looks good, I can't figure out how to fix that damn box, I can't kill the headmaster, and I can't save my parents! I can't do anything, I've refused my godfathers help, and I just can't do this anymore.' Draco leaned his head against the cool glass mirror and closed his eyes as tears leaked out. 'I'm going to die.' He admitted to himself, as if that wasn't the Dark Lords plan in the first place. Draco couldn't stop the tears from coming nor could he help the stupid whimpering sounds from escaping his throat, 'I just want this all to end, why can't it all just end' he asked himself. It was then that he looked up and found Potter staring at him in the mirror. Draco gasped and whirled around, trying to disentangle his wand from his robes as he did so.

Harry hesitated before entering the bathroom 'what if he really is just going to the bathroom? I'll look like an idiot following him in there.' Draco had never shown up here on the map as far as Harry knew.' But still he had to know. Harry held his breath and quietly pushed the door open. If he hadn't already taken a lung full of air he would have gasped at the sight in front of him, Draco Malfoy, the slytherin ice prince, was crying. He looked awful and ill and all Harry could really do was stand there in utter shock. He'd never seen Malfoy like this before, it was... weird, to say the least. The prat had always looked so confident and sure of him self, and now he just looked broken. Harry wasn't even sure this was the same person, he felt a weird flipping sensation in his stomach and he truly did not like what he saw. He wanted to help, but Malfoy would probably hate him for seeing him so vulnerable, maybe he should leave and confront him later. Harry was still trying to decide if he should leave or not when Malfoy suddenly looked up and saw him. He saw Malfoy's eyes widen in the mirror and a look of horror cross his face before he whirled around and tried to point his wand at Harry. Harry was quicker and already had his wand pointed and had called out an 'Expelliarmus!' by the time Malfoy had untangled his wand from his cloak. Harry caught Malfoy's wand while he looked terrified and Harry just stared, unsure of what to do.

"Well," Draco yelled angrily "go ahead already, have your laugh, hex me, but leave me alone when your through!" But Potter just stood there with both their wands gripped in his hand. "Do something already stupid fucking golden boy!" Again, nothing. Harry was once again trying to decide what to do. Malfoy clearly wasn't thinking straight, still Harry was positive he was behind the necklace and that mead so he should do something, shouldn't he? But this didn't feel right, of course he wasn't just going to hex an unarmed wizard, who did Malfoy think he was, Voldimort? He looked at Malfoy and saw guilt and desperation and he just wanted to help and to remove that look on Malfoys face. It didn't look like he wanted this, it didn't look like he wanted anything to do with any of it. Harry made up his mind and looked straight at Malfoy.

"Malfoy, what's going on, what's wrong?" Harry asked, but not with hostility. Draco stared as Potter asked the question, he hadn't sounded angry, but sort of almost like he cared. Not the caring that meant he only wanted to know to get him into trouble, but caring like he actually wanted to help. Somebody from the light actually wanted to help, Draco had wanted to accept his godfathers help but he hadn't known if he could fully trust it, he was in the Dark Lords inner circle after all. If he admitted that he didn't want to do this, to even be a part of this, he was risking the immediate murder of himself and his parents. No matter how badly he had wanted to, and now someone else was asking and acting like they cared and he wanted to tell him, but that was the key word now wasn't it? acting, acting like he actually cared, this was Potter for Merlin's sake, why the hell would he care? Especially when no one else did. Draco was just so confused and that one question had held more caring and concern in it than anyone had ever directed towards him before. He didn't know how to respond as every insult and sneer and jibe he could think of died before even fully forming in his mind. Instead of saying anything Draco sank to his knees on the dirty old bathroom floor and started crying until sobs began to rack his body.

Once again Harry was stunned and had no idea what to do, but he felt an urge to go to Malfoy and try to talk to him or something. Well, he'd usually done well when he went with his gut, so he'd give it a try.

Draco felt a hand suddenly touch his shoulder, well... he hadn't expected Potter to do that. Draco went stiff for a moment before relaxing his shoulders again and they continued to shake with his sobs.

Harry felt a bit awkward and hesitated but then slid his arm around Malfoy's shoulders. He felt him stiffen again and was positive he was about to have his arm thrown off but Malfoy just relaxed his shoulders again and let Harry sit there. After another moment of hesitation he decided to wrap his other arm around Malfoy and sort of held him. Harry was even further shocked when Malfoy buried his face into his chest, he was encouraged by this and held Malfoy a bit tighter and started rubbing soothing circles on his back. When a minute or two went by with no change in Malfoy Harry decided to try to say things like 'Shhh it's ok.' and 'Just try to calm down Mal-er-Draco.' all the while still rubbing his back the way he'd seen his aunt do when his cousin would wake up from nightmares when they were younger, the way he'd always wanted someone to do for him, but he knew no one ever would. Harry banished these thoughts immediately, he was focusing on Malfoy's problems right now, not his own.

Draco could hear Potter murmuring things and could feel him rubbing his back. It felt good to be honest and he could feel himself start to calm down. As the sobs turned to slight hiccups Draco could feel Potter rocking slowly and wondered if he knew he was doing it.

"Tell me." Potter said quietly. It wasn't exactly a command and Draco desperately wanted to answer, but he knew he couldn't.

"Potter, I can't, please understand, if I don't do what he says he'll kill them." Harry was sure that the 'them' Malfoy spoke of were his parents and what Voldemort wanted was Dumbledore dead.

"Then don't tell me, just listen, I know that Voldemort wants you to kill Dumbledore and I know that he'll kill your parents if you don't." Draco looked up in shock at Potter.

Draco sniffed, "How did you know?" he asked.

"The mead was addressed to Dumbledore. You had no idea Slughorn wouldn't give it to him and you had no idea I would almost drink it. It was meant for the headmaster, no one else. I also know that you don't want to do this-"

"Potter I have to-"

"Listen," Harry said urgently, "I have an idea, a plan to get you out of this, but you have to do what I say. Do you trust me?" Draco looked up at the person he was least likely to trust, then again his only other option was a maniac that had tortured him the last time he saw him.

Malfoy nodded, "Yes, I do." he replied. Harry released a breath he was unaware he had been holding. To be truthful Harry's plan was still being formed and relied a lot on certain people, but he was positive he could pull it off.


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