Chapter 10

Now that Voldemort was gone for good everyone began celebrating and their break was extended by another week to give them all time with their families. The Malfoy's, Nott's, and Zabini's trials were all held during this week and thanks to the entire order plus Harry testifying for them, they were cleared of all charges. Harry and Draco barely spent a minute out of each others company and it was the same for Ron and Hermione, who wouldn't stop snogging, Ginny and Theo, who were far more subtle because of her six brothers, and Blaze and Neville, who blushed whenever Blaze put an arm around him and someone gave him a knowing smile. There were also a few casualties to be mourned Mundungus and Tonks along with some other arurors and order members. There were far more deaths on the other side and most of those that hadn't died were sentenced to azkaban or to receive the kiss. After all the trials they went back to Hogwarts to finish their sixth year. They all spent most of their time together studying in large groups and trying to rid the school of the hatred between the houses now that the war was over. Fred and George continued to work on their joke shop and offered Ron and, to a bit of surprise, Blaze jobs over the summer, they both eagerly accepted. When the year finally ended they were all happy to return home and Draco stayed with Harry at Grimmuald place while he and his parents completely remodeled the manor. Harry often went to help and dragged Sirius and Remus along with him. Severus was there helping quite a bit too, seeing as he was emensly bored now that Kingsley was off being the minister and what not. What none of them were expecting was to one day find a baby on the manors door step with a note attached. The note explained that the young girl that Draco had been forced to reproduce with had gotten pregnant and had died giving birth. The parents were haunted by their daughters death and could not take care of the baby. They hadn't named him yet and Draco would have to take the baby to St. Mungoes and explain everything, but Harry was there for him. Draco decided on a name before the medawitch even asked him to think of one. When she asked he was fully prepared.

"Scorpius James Malfoy." Draco said confidently.

Harry looked surprised, "Draco are you sure?"

"Absolutely." He said happily, Harry had already informed Draco that he would be helping him no matter what and he was grateful and wanted this baby to be theirs. He also felt the need to give his son four godparents, Severus, Kingsley, Sirius, and Remus all agreed when he asked them.

They took Scorpeous to Diagon ally before they did anything else so they could get everything that would be needed. Narcissa was thrilled and began working on turning one of the rooms that would be remodeled near Draco's room into a baby room. Harry practically bought the entire baby isle wanting to make sure Scorpious had everything that he never did, he even got some new toys for Teddy too. After all Remus had made him the godfather and it was unofficially his job to spoil them both. Draco was enjoying everything about his son, even waking up at night to take care of him, though it was mostly because Harry would help him. They soon realized, however, that they would not be able to take him with them when they returned to Hogwarts for their final year and Draco was contemplating dropping out. That's when Mcgonagall showed up and informed them that on Dumbledore's orders, because of the special circumstances, if they could take care of him and keep up with their lessons, then a special room would be set up and they could bring Scorpious with them. Draco had surprised everyone by jumping up and hugging her, but she laughed and lightly hugged back. For the rest of the summer things went well and everyone was happy, the Malfoy's even threw a surprise party for Harry's birthday and they all had an incredible time talking and dancing and enjoying being together. When it was finally time to return to Hogwarts they all boarded the train for the second to last time and talked about how the last year would be. Harry held Draco's hand and gave it a squeez as they sat together. Sirius and Remus had taken Scorpius ahead with them sense they were this years DADA teachers and Harry and Draco enjoyed every minute of their semi- alone time together.

Draco pecked Harry's lips, "I love you." He said happily.

Harry smiled back, "I love you too." He replied before kissing him again. This year would be perfect.

Sorry it's short, but that's it, my first fanfic is officially over. Yayyy! Hope you all enjoyed it, it was definatly fun to write. Thanks for all the support, and I still love all your faces! :)