Two Halves of the Same Sword

Chapter II: Progress

Naruto had spent the last two days getting to know Zabuza and Haku. They tried becoming friends, but it hard and awkward between Naruto and Zabuza, seeing how the older shinobi recently tried to kill the blond Genin. But he and Haku had gotten quite close during the small time span. She told him that she had a kekkei genkai known as Hyouton (Ice release). Zabuza explained that he was a missing-nin on the run with Haku; his partner was Kubikiribōchō the same sword that saved Naruto's life two days ago. He was also an impressive ANBU ranked shinobi and he was also part of a very powerful assassination group from Kirigakure known as the seven swordsmen of the mist.

"So, Naruto…" Zabuza spoke, "What do you think of being trained by me and Haku?" He asked.

Naruto was taken aback by the older man's words. He had to take quite a long time to think about it. A man that recently tried to kill him was offering to train him, "But, why me?" He asked.

Zabuza was expecting the blond to ask that, "Because Kubikiribōchō sees amazing potential in you as a swordsman," Zabuza replied, "I can train you to easily become one of the best kenjutsu masters of the entire shinobi world." He added.

Naruto thought about it for a moment, before speaking, "You're offer seems very tempting and all, but what's the catch?"

"No catch at all," Zabuza replied with a smirk, "The only small thing is that you have to travel with us, and that doesn't seem to be a problem after you told us everything that happened to you and how badly Konoha treated you." He added.

"Who said I didn't want to go back to Konoha?" Naruto asked, glaring at Zabuza's harsh words.

The older man was about, but Haku butted in, "I'm sure that Naruto doesn't hate Konoha, but the people in it, am I right Naruto-san?" She said, Naruto replied with a simple nod. He was happy that someone finally understood him.

"Fine, fine, fine, but that won't change the fact that we will be going to Konoha with you," Zabuza stated, "If we train you, it will be where we want." Zabuza added.

"Then where do you have any mind?" Naruto asked.

Zabuza thought for a moment before answer, "We will train you around the Wave country for a year or so and then we can head over to Kumogakure." He replied, mentally patting himself on the back for thinking of such a plan in such a small amount of time.

Naruto rose an eyebrow, he was mentally questioning Zabuza's plan, "Aren't you wanted in all the hidden villages?"

"Yes, I am, but Kumo owes me a favor, actually to be precise, Killer Bee owes me." He replied.

Naruto rose his eyebrow again, "Killer Bee?" He questioned.

"Yeah, he's the adoptive little brother of the Yondaime Raikage." Zabuza explained, causing Naruto to gasp. "He's also a Jinchuriki, and a master of dual wielding. He can teach you the art of wielding dual swords." He explained.

"Woah! I really want to meet this Bee guy now!" Naruto exclaimed, fist pumping the air in excitement.

Zabuza had to cock his head slightly to dodge Naruto's right hook that wasn't meant for him, "Hey, watch where you're swinging that thing, Gaki!" Zabuza yelled, "But before we go to Kumo, Haku and I have to train you as much as we can in a year.

"Hai, Zabuza-sensei!" Naruto exclaimed. Zabuza smirked under his mask when he heard the suffix that Naruto added to his name, "I'll work harder than ever! Believe it!" He had a very determined look planted on his face that Haku was very envy of.

Zabuza sweat dropped, Damn, that catch phrase he added at the end really killed it, He thought flatly, "Yeah, yeah, sure thing kid, just never say that little catch phrase you got there. It'll make you look like a fool in the future, trust me kid."

"Hai, Zabuza-sensei, I promise I'll never say it again!" Naruto said with the same envious look he sported before.

Zabuza dug into his pocket looking for a certain object, "But before we do anything, let's find something out, shall we?" Zabuza said, pulling a piece of paper from his pocket, "Ah, perfect, I still have one left!"

"What is that, sensei?" Naruto asked, eyeing the small piece of paper.

Haku noticed what the paper was and questioned him, "Are you sure he's ready for that kind of advanced form of chakra control?"

"Look at his eyes, Haku," Zabuza replied. Haku did as she was told and look at the blonde's big beautiful cerulean eyes that were still look at the paper, trying to analyze it, "The determination in his eyes tell me that he's ready to maneuver around any obstacle that ends up in his path to the top. Say, Gaki, what kind of chakra control techniques of you learned from your previous sensei?" He asked.

"Well, Kakashi-sensei, taught of the tree climbing and water walking techniques. That's about it. We're fresh out of the academy after all." Naruto replied.

Zabuza's eyes widened, "You're sensei from Konoha was Kakashi of the Sharingan?" Zabuza asked eager to earn an answer.

Naruto raised an eyebrow again, "Sharingan? What's that? He's name was Kakashi Hatake and he always had one eye covered by his headband and he had long spikey gray hair." Naruto explained.

"Yep, that's him for sure," Zabuza said, showing Naruto a certain page in the latest version of the Kiri bingo book. Naruto took it and saw a picture of Kakashi and his profile.

Name: Kakashi Hatake

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Rank: Jounin A-Rank

Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan(Three totems)


Gender: Male

DOB: September 15

Height 181 cm

Weight 67.5kg

Kakashi Hatake is a retired ANBU and currently a Jounin from Konohagakure. He impressively graduated from the academy at the age of five and acquired the rank of Chunnin at the age of six. He obtained his nickname "The Copycat Ninja" by becoming the man known to have copied a thousand jutsu with his Sharingan. He is has a "Flee on Sight" status.

Naruto finished reading the profile before replying, "Yeah, that's Kakashi-sensei for sure. I never thought he could be such a famous shinobi. He always acted so lazy and he was late to every team meeting."

"Okay, so back to the main subject," Zabuza said, offering the paper to Naruto, "This is special chakra paper that will tell us what your chakra affinity is. If the paper turn to ash you're affinity is fire. If the paper splits in two, you're affinity will be water. If the paper wrinkles, you're affinity is Lightning. If it turns to dirt and crumbles away, you're affinity will be Earth. And finally, if it becomes damp, you're affinity will be Water. Simple enough right?" Zabuza explained.

Naruto simple nodded before taking the paper in his hand. "Just focused some chakra into the paper and watch the magic." Zabuza explained. Naruto nodded before focusing a small amount of chakra into the paper he held. There was a moment of pin drop silence in Zabuza's bedroom before the piece of paper…split in two, "So it seem as you're chakra affinity is wind." Zabuza said as Naruto caught the two separate pieces in his hand.

"Woah!" Naruto said in awe as he analyzed the two pieces of paper. He tried focusing chakra into again, wanting to see the paper split in two again. But it never happened. Zabuza and Haku stared in shocked at what happened to the paper next.

Back in Konoha, Kakashi was sneezing none stop a few minutes ago, but it suddenly stopped. "I'm either catching a bad cold or someone can't stop talking about me." He said as he continued his walk around the village. He slouched over before pulling his favorite orange book from his ninja pouch. Icha Icha paradise was his favorite series of all time. And what made it ten times better was that it was written by someone in this very village, Jiraiya of the Sennin. "Hm, I wonder where Jiraiya-sama is, he hasn't been in the village for a while." Kakashi was snapped out of his line of out loud thoughts by someone sneezing not too far from him.

Kakashi walked around the corner to encounter, the said Sennin, "Bless you, Jiraiya-sama." Kakashi said, shocking the old toad sage a little.

"Ah, Kakashi, what a pleasure, I haven't see you in a while!" Jiraiya said. "I heard that little Naruto was put in your Genin team, but what's more of a surprise is that I heard you passed your team this year, don't tell you showed pity to your old sensei's kid!" Jiraiya added.

"Not a chance, Jiraiya-sama, you know I was never the type to play favorite." Kakashi replied.

Jiraiya nodded and released a little chuckle, "So where is he?" He asked.

Kakashi frowned behind his masked. "Not in the village." He replied before explained to Jiraiya what happened in the Wave country and how Naruto is either dead or still there trying to complete the mission. He also explained how it wasn't his fault and how Naruto had every right to complete the mission.

"I don't blame you, Kakashi, I was once leader a team myself and I understand that you did what you had to in order to protect your Genin." Jiraiya said, "Don't worry about Naruto." He added before he began to walk away.

Kakashi was about to run after the old toad sage, but instead he spoke, "Jiraiya-sama, where are you going?!"

"To the Wave Country of course." He replied, turn to look at Kakashi with a smile full of promise. "But after I finish a previous assignment I had assigned to me in the Rice Field country. I should be in the Wave country in a month or two, depending on how long this assignment takes. Tell the old man not to send any hunter-nin or squad after Naruto, I'll take care of it myself." He added

Kakashi was about to retort something but he was stopped by more words from Jiraiya, "Believe in me, Kakashi." He finally said before walking off.

Back in Zabuza's bed room, he and Haku couldn't take their eyes off the paper and their minds off of what just happened, "Is this possible for such a young age, Zabuza-sama?" Haku asked, not being able to peel her eyes of the paper that the blond held.

It took a few seconds for the Kiri-nin to snap out of his trail of thought and reply to her, "I'm not sure, Haku, but this is certainly a surprise." He replied.

"Damn it," Naruto said, dropping the heavier piece of paper, "It didn't cut again!" He whined a little.

Zabuza looked at him in shocked, "What are you talking about, Gaki!? This is amazing!" Zabuza said, "You've acquired two elemental affinities." He explained.

"Really?!" Naruto asked eagerly, "Is that why the paper is all wet instead of cutting in half again? What element is it when it gets wet, oh yeah, water."

"That mean you might be able to use a third element, Ice release, Hyouton, like me." Haku stated.

"That's awesome, now I can be just like you, Haku-sensei!" Naruto almost yelled in excitement. She simply nodded; still in a quite a bit of shock about what just happened.

He may have the same kekkei genkai as me, she thought.

A month passed since they found out about Naruto having two elemental affinities, wind and water. Therefore he should be able to access a third affinity which is also a blood limit, ice release, Hyouton. Over the months Zabuza has trained him about the basics of kenjutsu. Naruto was working with a plain katana that was a much wider than just an ordinary one. Zabuza taught him the basic blocks and slashes. He also taught him how to be agile and fast while holding his katana. They worked on speed, agility and strength work outs to boost Naruto's nature stats.

Zabuza was very impressed by Naruto's chakra reserve; it was much larger than he ever thought. It was around three times of his own. Despite his large reserve with Haku's help, he had earned very good chakra control, helping him add many jutsu to his arsenal. Zabuza was easily able to teach him and help him master hiding in the mist jutsu. Also, he master the water clone jutsu that used a lot less chakra than shadow clones and he also had a very good range with them, with his chakra reserve he can make double the amount of them then he could with his shadow clones. He also mastered Water Style: Great Waterfall Technique. And he was currently still trying to master Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet Technique.

Haku taught him about pressure point in the human body which would help him easily disable any enemy and make many of their main muscles useless for a certain amount of time. It also helped him master the silent killing technique that he had yet to actually try on a living organism. But from what Zabuza could see he could easily sneak up on a high Chunnin or low Jounin level shinobi and kill them with the technique. Naruto wasn't very fond of killing but he understood well that if the time came that he had to take a life, he would to protect one of his precious people.

Naruto was standing in the middle of a clearing with Zabuza standing five feet away from him. He started gathering chakra, "Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu!" He said before mist started to roll in, covering the entire clearing and more.

Zabuza had to admit that he was very impressed with Naruto's progress. He had just completely mastered the hidden mist jutsu. The only way to do so was to use the jutsu without an identifiable water source around, which Naruto had just achieved, "Very well done, Naruto." Zabuza praised. Even thought he was only five feet away from his student he couldn't see him through the mist. Even though Zabuza had used the jutsu so much that his eyes were mostly immune to the jutsu.

"Who are you talking to?" Naruto asked. Zabuza's eyes were wide, feeling the cold blade against his neck. He tensed up and looked, only using his eyes to see Naruto with his katana placed against Zabuza's neck.

"Very well done, Gaki." Zabuza came into the clearing clapping. The mist started to roll away as Naruto released the jutsu.

"Damn it, sensei." Naruto said. He had no problem slice his blade through the throat of the water clone that Zabuza placed after Naruto used the hidden mist jutsu. When the blade cut through its next the clone fell to the ground with a splash.

"You have truly mastered the silent killing technique as well as the hidden mist jutsu." Zabuza praised.

Naruto returned his katana to its rightful place at his side, "But you're always one step ahead, aren't you, sensei?" Naruto said with a smirk.

Zabuza chuckled and nodded, "Let's see how much better you've gotten, Gaki." He taunted before grabbing the blade of Kubikiribōchō and getting in one of his best kenjutsu stances.

Naruto drew his katana and readied himself in the stance that Zabuza taught him. It was a basic kenjutsu stance but was still very affective. Naruto learned that when he unarmed a group of bandits that were causing ruckus in a small village in the Wave country, where they still currently were.

The stand was basic, where he drew his blade and had is ready, holding upwards in his right hand. He had his left arm in front of him, ready to block. If the enemy was really dangerous then he would dual wield a kunai in that hand. He had his right foot, which was the stronger one, behind the left one and all his weight was on his right foot as he leaned back.

There was a pin drop silence before Naruto rushed at his sensei with the killer intent of a mid-level Jounin. His speed at certain increased a lot over the two months he had trained. He covered the twenty feet between them in an instant. When he arrive in front of Zabuza, he already had Kubikiribōchō drown and was up, ready to intercept his blow. Naruto jumped in mid-air, ready to collide, but when the blade drew centimetres away from each other Naruto vanished in a blur.

Zabuza had wide eyes at the incredible speed of his student. He had never seen him move like that. Zabuza felt him coming up behind him and turned to intercept the blow. He was just in time to block his student's katana. The strike had such a force to it that it almost pushed Zabuza back

I'm really underestimating this Gaki, He thought as he fought back Naruto's strike, Wait, what? He thought turn to look back at another Naruto rushing at him from the opposite direction, Damn it! He used all of his power to push the Naruto he was clashing sword with to stumble back a little, giving him room to jump. He was able to avoid the second Naruto, but his worries were far from over as felt another Naruto coming from above.

Zabuza rose Kubikiribōchō up to meet with the third Naruto. But he pushed his luck, seeing how he was on the bottom. The third Naruto used his strength to push Zabuza back to the group, where he met up with the two others. When he hit the ground, he rolled to the side, causing the Naruto from above to hit the group hard. The two others double teamed him but now that he had room, he had no problem taking care of them. They came in to strike with their katanas but Zabuza ducked, dodging them both in unison with such grace. With a single horizontal swing, he took them both out, causing them to poof into clouds of smoke.

I knew it, shadow clones, Zabuza thought, so the real one must be…, He thought but it was too late as the third and final Naruto came from behind him. Zabuza used his speed to meet up Naruto's katana, but he never came. Zabuza felt Naruto behind him and swerved around to block him but he never came again. Zabuza eyes widened as he turned to see Naruto coming at him, his katana raised and ready for a downward strike. But somehow Zabuza was able to match his speed and block the strike.

"You've been on the defense the entire time, sensei, you're getting too old for this." Naruto taunted with a smile.

"You're getting too cocky for this, cocky." Zabuza replied flatly.

Naruto puffed his cheeks, before replying, "I'm not getting too cocky or arrogant, I'm just teasing you, sensei!" They held their blades in an endless struggle to push passed the defense of the other but neither of them was budging. They both jumped back in unison before return their blades to their rightful places. They both bowed in unison.

"You've gotten stronger, Gaki." Zabuza praised.

Naruto smile, "Meh, maybe, or maybe you just got a whole lot weaker!" Naruto teased.

"So you're saying you didn't get stronger?" Zabuza asked, cocking his eyebrow (I know he doesn't have any but you know what I mean!)

"No, I'm just saying that you're getting slower." Naruto retorted.

"Well that's what it feels like to improve your skill to such a degree that you have." Zabuza praised, "You are no longer a force to be reckoned with. You are at least at a low Jounin level, Gaki." He explained.

Naruto smiled but clutched his fist, "But I need to get stronger if I want to protect my precious people."

"You've got a good reason to get stronger, Naruto." Zabuza said. "Don't let go of that reason or you will fall to the darkness. If you let go of that reason then you will stop growing stronger, everyone needs a reason."

Naruto thought about his sensei's deep words before asking, "What's your reason to get stronger?"

Zabuza had to think for a while, which he was ashamed of because of the wise words he had just said, "Well I guess I want to get the bloodline war so Haku can live happily." Zabuza said with a smile.

Naruto smile, "I think that's a good reason, sensei," He said, "I'll help you with that one for sure. Once I get strong enough."

Zabuza couldn't help but smile behind him mask at his student's statement, "Don't worry, Gaki, we'll make you a true shinobi. Once we find you a wind style teacher Haku will be able to teach her Hyouton, and then you'll see, you'll really be kicking some ass." Zabuza replied, "I bet that ice release could really add a few upgrades to your kenjutsu!"

There sensei-student bonding moment was interrupted by a manly house that came from the edge of the clearing, "Naruto-kun…" It was a manly voice so it couldn't have been Haku. Immediately, their hands flew to the handles of their rightful swords and they instantly flew into their kenjutsu stances. They scanned the area to find their hidden foe.

It didn't take long for their eyes to come upon their unhidden foe. An old man with long spikey gray hair that went down to his waist stood at the edge of the clearing where the voice came. He had a large scroll attached the back of his waist, it was probably used for sealing. He wore red wooden sandals and a red and gray sage battle gown. He had an add headband that Naruto had never seen before. But the man was oddly familiar to Naruto, he just couldn't put his finger on it.

Zabuza's eyes grew wide when he released who their visitor was,

"Jiraiya of the Sannin."

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