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"No, you will not give Itachi such an order."

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, looked at his council members defiantly.

In front of the Hokage and the council, Itachi Uchiha mentally heaved a sigh of relief. Thank you, Hokage-sama.

"You don't understand, Hiruzen," the voice of Danzo Shimura spoke up. The Third glared at his self-proclaimed rival. "If we don't kill the Uchiha, they will launch their stupid coup d'├ętat idea on us."

"I'm sure Itachi here can reason with the Uchihas."

"Do you think the Uchiha will listen?"

"I can talk to my father, Hokage-sama," Itachi bowed respectfully. "There... is no need to kill. I'm sure I can convince him."

Sarutobi smiled at Danzo, who had a look of displeasure on his face.

"Fine. But if they do not listen to reason, you will follow the original plan."

"It's today, isn't it?"

12-year-old Sasuke Uchiha looked up at his older brother. Itachi smiled down at him.


"I'm sure you'll pass this time, Sasuke."

"Heck yeah I will!"

Itachi laughed at his little brother. "You don't seem to think that way, though."

Sasuke looked down. "It's just that... I'm Rookie of the Year and all... it would be stupid if my classmates pass and the Rookie of the Year doesn't. Father also puts a lot of pressure into me passing. He says I would be a disgrace to the Uchiha name if I'm still in the academy next year."

"Now, now, you know he doesn't mean that," Itachi said soothingly.

The Uchiha brothers neared the academy. Crowds of students were streaming in through the doors, all excited for their Genin Exam.

"It looks like we're here, little brother."

Sasuke looked up, seeing the academy. He regarded it with a nervous expression.

"Have faith in yourself, Sasuke. I'm sure you're going to pass this and go on to become a great ninja!" Itachi said cheerfully.

Hearing his brother's words, Sasuke smiled. "I'm going in now, big brother. See you!"


Sasuke sighed as all his fan girls came up to him as he walked into the class. He had told his mother about it, and Mikoto Uchiha simply replied, "You should be honored that you have fangirls, Sasuke."

Well, obviously, it should be great, but the amount of fangirls he had was insane. Literally every girl, save for one or two, in the class was a devoted Sasuke Uchiha fangirl.

Sasuke sighed, and forced a smile at his fangirls. Mikoto had taught him how rude it was to ignore them.

"Settle down, class."

Their teacher, Iruka, had entered the classroom, and everyone went back to their seats.

"Today, we are going to conduct the Genin Exam. Passing of this test will lead to you becoming a recognized ninja, and you will be assigned to four-man teams..." Sasuke zoned out on Iruka's long-drawn explanation. Itachi had already told him everything he needed to know.

"First, we are going to have - the Transformation Jutsu."

A few students in the class groaned.

Sasuke smirked. His Transformation Jutsu had been a success, and so had his Substitution Jutsu. Now the only part left was the Clone Jutsu.

The young Uchiha closed his eyes and focused. When he opened his eyes, he saw that he'd created three perfect clones.

"That's very good, Sasuke," Iruka smiled, before taking one of the many forehead protectors and handing it over. "Congratulations. You are now an official ninja of the Hidden Leaf."

Mentally, Sasuke was cheering. He couldn't wait to show his new forehead protector to his family and older brother. But on the outside, he just smiled and nodded.

Waiting at the academy gates, Sasuke waited patiently for Itachi to show up. When he did, Sasuke ran up to him, showing off his new forehead protector.

"Look what I've got, big brother!"

"I take it that the test was a success then?" Itachi grinned broadly. He rarely grinned like that, but he was willing to make an exception for his younger brother.

"Of course!" Sasuke replied proudly.

"You're going to be assigned to your teams tomorrow, right?"

"Yep! I hope I don't get put in with one of my fangirls, but then again, the entire class is literally full of Uchiha fangirls," Sasuke sighed.

"I know what you mean, Sasuke," Itachi chuckled.

"The worst out of them are these two girls called Sakura and Ino," the younger of the two shook his head. "They're always trying to kiss my ass and all that."

"Sasuke! No unpleasant words," Itachi frowned. Sasuke looked up at his big brother with a sheepish grin.

"I'm a ninja now! Not a kid anymore!"

"Yes, yes, but still. I'm sure Father won't appreciate that sort of language in the house."

"Hehe. Anyway, you said you were treating me to rice balls if I passed, right?"

Itachi sighed. "Yes."

"Let's go, then!"


Itachi knew how much Sasuke could eat if it was rice balls, and the older Uchiha brother peered into his weasel-style wallet. Letting off another sigh, Itachi zipped up the wallet and hurried along with his younger brother.

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