AN: So sorry this was late! I had a headache all weekend and couldn't write a thing! I was planning two chapters, but I think this ends it on the perfect note. Thanks to everyone who's stuck with me. Enjoy!

Lucius was sore when he woke in his lovers' bed. His face was buried in Hermione's hair, her pert bum flush against his morning erection. He removed her hair from his mouth and sat up so he could see.

Severus was sleeping with the witch's head tucked under his chin. One long arm was resting on the dip of her waist; the other had been under both her and Lucius, holding the two of them close.

All of them carried scars from the war, but Hermione's skin was largely untouched, while Severus was covered in old wounds of every kind. Life had been hard for him…but he looked peaceful as he slept, a tiny smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

Hermione seemed to sense his gaze. She rolled over, exposing her lovely breasts. He took a deep breath. He'd meant to talk with her but he didn't say a word. He simply lowered his head and began to feast on her. Her low moans woke Severus.

"It's too early…"

He didn't let his grumbled complaint stop him from pulling the witch's bum flush against him.

Lucius grinned.

"Never too early." He pulled one of Hermione's legs over his hip and entered her. His thrust pushed her against Severus. The witch moaned as he brought her to a quick orgasm. Severus didn't look in the least bit sleepy. He watched smugly as Lucius emptied himself into their witch. He moved his hands to her breasts and started kneading slowly. Lucius didn't want to pull out so he didn't, even when Severus slipped one hand down to work her little pearl.

"Stay in her while I bring her."

Both Lucius and Hermione obeyed.

She came again and Lucius felt the force of her orgasm push him out. Severus entered her. It wasn't a good angle, he couldn't get as much power in his thrusts, but Severus didn't change. Lucius busied himself with kissing the witch, running his hands over both of their bodies, and feasting on her breasts.

The chorus of deep moans from Severus and little mewling cries from Hermione filled the room.

Lucius cast the cleansing charms as they rested, satisfied (for the moment) and languid.

Hermione rolled to her back and pulled their heads down to snuggle at her breasts. She kissed them both and closed her eyes, looking utterly content.

"Severus, you wore the witch out!"

Severus chuckled. Their noses were nearly touching as Hermione held them.

"She should be worn out…last night was…"

"Amazing." She groaned the word. Lucius blushed.

Severus smirked at him, but didn't comment. He'd save that for later.

Lucius ran his hand over the witch's flat stomach. He turned his head slightly and kissed her breast. "I'm assuming that you are on a potion?"

Hermione nodded. "I take the six month potion. Severus will have to make me another batch next month."

Severus slid up and tucked the witch back under his chin. He caressed her face and wrapped his hand around Lucius' head, holding them tight.

"I will if you want me to…but that all depends on where we go from here." He kissed the top of Hermione's head and ran his hand through Lucius' short locks.

"The only thing holding me back was worry for Lucius…I've wanted to make you mine…legally mine…" He cleared his throat, fighting to hold back some emotion. Lucius gripped his arm. Severus smiled down at both of them. "The urge was there before we'd even made love. I'm open to any arrangement the two of you need…but for me…I'd rather be legally married under one of those archaic laws and let Hermione have the children she wants."

Lucius felt his throat close. "Why Severus, I never thought you'd propose."

The dark wizard shrugged with a slight smirk.

Hermione kissed Severus and caught Lucius' face. "Say yes."

What else could he do? "Yes." She laughed and kissed him too.


Lucius paced nervously and gazed longingly at the firewhiskey decanter on the sideboard.

"How the hell are you so calm Severus?"

The dark wizard smirked lightly. "I was a spy Lucius. When stressed, my instinct is to look absolutely at ease."

He grumbled "You are doing an admirable job of it."

Severus barked a nervous laugh. "Glad you think so. Merlin, what's taking so long?"

Lucius sighed. "The healer said we could come back in an hour. I was so sloshed when Draco was born that I didn't see him until the next day."

The gray haired midwife opened the door. "We're getting close. You may return if" she flashed a gimlet stare at both of them "you behave. If either of you threaten to hex me, her, or each other you won't come back."

They nodded.

Severus muttered "I can't believe she put us in time out."

The old witch called back "Believe it."

Hermione was in the middle of another contraction.

When it was over she panted "I missed you."

Severus leaned in and whispered "Blame that dragon of a midwife you chose."

Their wife smirked through the discomfort "You have to have a certain presence to take on both of you…and I have a feeling that twins are going to be a bit of a…." She stopped as another contraction gripped her body. "Circe, that was close!"

The midwife smiled up at them. "I can see the head…one more big push now."

With a loud cry (in spite of being on the most potent pain potion her husband could brew) Hermione pushed her first child into the world. The midwife hastily cleaned the child with her wand and handed the little girl to Severus.

Severus stared into her dark, dark blue eyes. They'd turn black within days. Hermione looked at her daughter as another contraction passed. "She's so beautiful!" She was pale and had a head full of dark curls.

Lucius leaned down and kissed her tiny brow.

The midwife barked at them "Focus Hermione. I need you to push hard on the next one dear."

She gripped Lucius' hand. He leaned down to kiss her brow. "Tired love?"

She smiled up at him. "Yes." She pushed again, and then again. This baby came out crying lustily. The midwife cleaned him.

While his half sister was alabaster skin and dark curls, this child was rosy, with large, light blue eyes. The witch cleaned and healed Hermione as the fathers admired their children, waiting to hand them to their mother, whose impatience was clear on her face.

She sighed happily as the children were placed in her arms. Both had their mother's heart-shaped face, her nose, and the shape of her eyes; both were long for newborns.

Her eyes shined. "Hello little ones, I'm your mum." She kissed her daughter's silk-soft curls. "You are going to be Eileen Granger-Malfoy-Snape." Lucius rolled his eyes at saddling the children will all three surnames. She kissed her blond son. "You are going to be Marcus Granger Snape-Malfoy." She sighed as they began to nuzzle.

"Alright daddies, I'm going to need some help feeding them."

The men grinned as they bent to help with the task…it was chaos, but like everything else in their lives, it seemed that it was better handled together.