"What if I kill Brightheart?" meowed Daisy to herself as she sat alone in the nursery. "He might love me then… no wait not might he will love me then!" she meowed flicking her tail back and fourth. "What was that Daisy?" came the meow of Leafpool as she poked her spotted head through the entrance of the nursery, "Oh nothing, but why are you here?" said Daisy he meow turning friendly. Jaypaw walked in after Leafpool, he spat some herbs on the ground, "Why else would we be here! Your sick!" he spat, Leafpool shot Jaypaw a glare before looking back at Daisy, "Cloudtail told me you had a cough" meowed Leafpool before picking up the herbs. Daisy's eye's softened as she heard Cloudtails name, "Oh yes I do have a bit of a cough" she said, "Could you tell Cloudtail to get me a piece of freshkill please" she meowed wanting to hear Cloudtail's soft voice again. Leafpool put the herbs down and sat beside Daisy, "Jaypaw can do that for you" she meowed, "Jaypaw go get a fresh mouse please from the pile" she meowed, Jaypaw turned around in anger cursing under his breath as he walked out of the entrance. Daisy's eye's shone in anger as Jaypaw walked out of the den, one way or another Cloudtail would be hers.

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