"Cloudtail!" meowed Daisy sweetly as she padded towards the white warrior, Cloudtail was sharing tongues with Brackenfur had the moment. Daisy settled down beside Cloudtail so their pelts touched, Cloudtail shifted in unease. "Yes Daisy?" he asked, Brackenfur was soon distracted when Sorreltail padded out of the warriors den and towards him, "I was wondering if you could come hunting with me" she purred her tail twitching in anticipation, Cloudtail smiled "Yes ok then I'll ask Brightheart to join us" he meowed standing up. Daisy growled lowly to herself as Cloudtail padded over towards where Brightheat and Sandstorm where talking.

Things had just gotten worse well worse for Daisy, Dustpelt and Brackenfur had decided to join the hunting patrol as well. It was bad enough having Brightheart come with Cloudtail and herself but now she had two annoying toms tagging along. Daisy sighed but her ears pricked as she heard Dustpelt and Brackenfurs conversation, "I remember when Bluestar wanted Brighthearts name to be Lostface" meowed Dustpelt, Brackenfur nodded his head slowly "Yes, poor thing she had to live with being called Lostface for moons" his eye's caught Daisy's "Yes?" he asked, Daisy looked away "Nothing" she meowed before trotting faster to catch up to Cloudtail. "Lostface, lostface, lostface" Daisy said under her breath as she trotted past Brightheart, Brightheart pricked her ears but didn't do anything other then that as they padded onwards but Daisy could see a hint of depression in her eyes as she padded away.

"Oh goodie, this war has only begun" murmured Daisy under her breath, "Believe me it's only just started"