"Perseus Jackson! I'm going to kill you!"

For Percy, this was a pretty normal thing for him to hear. Someone almost always wanted to kill him, Annabeth especially. This was why it was no surprise that Annabeth had a knife in her hand as she stomped up the porch steps of the Big House towards him.

The look on Annabeth's face would make any normal person run for cover. But Percy wasn't exactly normal. Being the son of a sea god seemed to classify him as quite abnormal.

"How could you leave the new campers with Travis and Conner?" she exclaimed angrily.

There had been a significant increase in the new campers that were arriving at camp. The gods had been busy.

Percy leaned back on the porch rail, looking into Annabeth's stormy grey eyes with pleasure. She was fuming with rage, she might as well have had. Her blonde, curly hair fell around her shoulders. Gods, she's beautiful, Percy thought.

"Nice to see you too Wise Girl," Percy said, cracking a wide, easy going smile. Annabeth rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"The Stoll's almost traumatized those poor kids! Two of them were trying to escape on pegasi, and I found another one on a cell phone trying to call her mom," Annabeth said.

"So?" Percy asked. Sure, cell phones were like a sign to monsters saying "KILLL ME! KILL ME!", but Camp Half Blood was the safest place on earth.

"Her father is the mortal one, Percy," Annabeth replied, shaking her head as if this should be common knowledge.

"Okay, I'm sorry, I messed up, I get it," Percy relented, holding up his hands in defeat. Throughout the many years he had known Annabeth, Percy learnt that it was better to accept the fact that she was always right, and move on.

"Why would you think for one second that was a good idea to leave those kids with Connor and Travis?" Annabeth sighed.

"I never said I thought it was a good idea, but Grover told me he was down here, so I-"

"Grover? Grover's here?" Annabeth interrupted him.

"Well, he contacted me through our empathy link and told me to come to the Big House," Percy explained. "So, here I am and there's no sign of him anywhere," Percy let out a sigh. He turned to look out over the camp, resting his elbows on the railing.

Annabeth's expression softened and she leaned over the railing beside Percy, exhaling deeply as she did so.

"I haven't seen him since my birthday," Percy said.

"Oh, come on. You've been apart from him longer than this. And really, you're never actually 'apart' with that empathy link of yours," Annabeth said, nudging Percy slightly. She always knew the right thing to say. Percy smiled and wrapped an arm around her waist. She smiled back and kissed him softly.

"You said this weren't going to make this easy," Percy said once they separated. Annabeth rolled her eyes and punched him lightly in the stomach.

"You're such a Seaweed Brain," she said. Percy just smiled. Ever since the Percy had helped to defeat Kronos a week ago, things were really starting to look up.

Percy had to be honest with himself; he past week might as well have been the best week of his life. Though he hadn't seen Grover in a while, he had had lots of free time to spend with Annabeth. He was dating Annabeth, the most amazing girl in the world, for crying out loud. They had been through so much together already, he just hoped they could make it through dating.

Percy kissed Annabeth again, holding her close. Annabeth ran a hand through his messy hair. Annabeth put her head on Percy's chest and he held her tightly. They stood there for a minute, looking out over the camp. In the distance, they could see Katie Gardener scolding the Stoll brothers and comforting the newer campers.

"Did you tell Katie to-?"

"Yep," Annabeth replied before Percy could even finish his question. "I wasn't going to leave them alone again,"

"Hey guys!" a familiar voice yelled. Grover ran towards the couple, waving excitedly. He wore no hat or fake legs, just let his horns and fuzzy legs be free. He sped up the steps of the Big House and tackled the two into a ginormous hug.

"Grover, where'd you disappear to last week?" Percy asked, clapping his old friend on the back.

"I had some clean up to do in Central Park. There were a couple of nymphs who were kind of angry about the whole destruction thing with Kronos and his army... burnt trees, destroyed land, it's horrible... usual 'Lord of the Wild' stuff," he shrugged. A goofy smile stretched across his face. "Sorry I interrupted, eh Perce?"

"Har dee har har," Percy laughed dryly. "Why'd you tell me to come here anyways?"

"Chiron IM-ed me earlier and told me to get down to the Big House fast as I could. He said he wanted to see you two also," Grover explained. Percy frowned slightly and looked around for their centaur friend.

"Grover, hello," Chiron said, trotting up to the reunited trio from behind. "Ah, perfect, Percy and Annabeth, you're here as well. I have some important things to discuss with you. Please, come join me inside,"

Annabeth, Percy, and Grover followed Chiron into the Big House and took a seat around the table. Chiron placed his hands on the table, his tail swishing behind him.

"I assume you understand the importance of this meeting," Chiron said. Annabeth nodded, but Percy just frowned in confusion.

"Well, what makes it so different from the last billion and two?" he asked. Annabeth looked at him as if wondering how he could be so thick-headed all the time.

"Percy, Grover is Lord of the Wild now. Chiron wouldn't ask him to come unless it was really urgent," she explained. Percy nodded in comprehension and sunk down into his seat, slightly embarrassed that Annabeth had to explain this to him.

"Like I was saying, there is a very important matter at hand. Lately, there have been some strange occurrences in... well... in Britain," Chiron said.

"But the gods moved into the Western Civilization," Annabeth interjected pointedly. "Why would the problems in Britain involve us?"

"I've been asked by a good friend to send a few capable demigods to a boarding school in Britain. There are some select students that need protection from Dark forces. A threat that could possibly do as much damage as Kronos,"

"Dark forces? Um... Chiron, I'm not exactly a demigod, I'm a satyr," Grover interrupted, pointing to his horns.

"I'm well aware, Mr. Underwood, but I was hoping you would accompany Percy and Annabeth. I know you're very busy with damage control, but this will only be for a month or two, and I'm sure the rest of the Council of Cloven Elders would be willing to take over for the time being. You're an expert protector, and I'm sure these two may need a kick to stay focused. You're the first satyr I would think of to turn to," Chiron said. Percy could tell Chiron was buttering Grover up a bit to convince him to join us, and it seemed to be working.

"I guess I could use a break... It'll be just like old times! The three amigos, back together for another quest," Grover smiled, warming up to the idea.

"And Annabeth, you can take Daeldus's laptop and continue working on your designs for the new cabins and Mount Olympus. This way, your work schedule won't have to be compromised," Chiron continued. Annabeth nodded slowly.

Chiron now turned to Percy "Well, Percy?"

"So, I just fought a war, defeated Kronos, and completed a prophecy. And now that I finally have some peace, you want me to go to some preppy British boarding school to protect a few fancy British kids from a British bad guy?" Percy asked. Chiron paused for a moment then nodded.

"That just about sums it up... Oh! But you can't reveal to anyone you're demigods," Chiron said. Grover opened his mouth to speak. "My apologies. You can't reveal that you are two demigods, and a satyr," Chiron added. "One last thing... This school is no ordinary school. It is for children who have special powers,"

"Like demigods?" Annabeth questioned. Chiron pursed his lips.

"No, not exactly. Some people believe that they were blessed by Hecate long ago. Essentially, this is a school for young witches and wizards. The school is called Hogwarts,"