Sara's POV:

Yay! Another successful day of learning at school. Time to see who is online! I hope that my new friend from that boarding school in France is on! I threw my school bag down on my bed. I grabbed my laptop as I glance at my appearance at the mirror on my dresser. I pushed my blonde hair out of the way of my blue eyes that lay behind my glasses. Sitting down on the bed, I waited for the computer to start.

Who knew I would meet a friend who loves the same things as me. We both love techno music, and we both love computers. She is very sweet and strangely curious all of the time. When we first meet on the forum of the website, we were both posting in a topic about how funny different idioms are. After a few replies back and forth, we began to message each other back and forth. After a while, I found out about her. Her name was Aleta Stones, an orphan at a small junior high boarding school in France. She loves seeing the difference between me going to public school here in USA, to living in France. She had a few friends there that have become her family since she lost hers. I always wanted to know what happen to them, but she never wanted to talk about. I respectfully never brought it up with her ever again.

While I waited for the internet to load, I turned on the television. Tuning to the Cartoon Network, I hoped my new favorite show was on. I clicked the keys on the computer as I directed the internet to the instant messanger. I glazed up to the TV as the theme song began to play, "Here we are, going far…" YAY! It's on! Time for some Code Lyoko! I smiled as I saw my friend was on. I clicked her name and began to talk with her.

Sara: Hi! How was ur school day?

Aleta: Great! How did ur art history test go?

S: Great! I was able to recall the names of all of the impressionist era artist. BTW, thanks 4 helping me study for it. ^_^

A: no prob! Glad I was able 2 help.

I looked up to the television as I saw it was the episode called Holiday in the fog. Wait, Code Lyoko is a French anime, I wonder if..

S: Hey A, do u ever get anytime to watch cartoons?

A: Not really y?

S: Well there is a really good French cartoon they just imported to the US and I figured u would know it.

A: What is it called? My friend is a huge TV guy, he may know it.

S: It's called: Code Lyoko.

I waited for her respond as I watched Jeremie get in trouble for spray painting Jim's face as a dork on TV. I laugh so hard at the cutie face he makes at Jim, as I saw her finally respond to me.

A: what is it about? I think I heard about that one, but I do not know…

S: it is about a group of kids who discovered a supercomputer that contained a virtual world called Lyoko. Living on Lyoko is two AIs. One is an evil one. His name is XANA and he wants to take over the world (Typical bad guy…) the other AI is a girl called Aelita. She is the only one who can stop XANA so the gang helps her get to a halfway point, a tower of some kind, between the real world and Lyoko. She then stops the attack, and the smart guy of the group, Jeremie, sends the world backwards a day to cover up whatever XANA did.

She must be asking one of her friends about the show I wondered after a few minutes she did not respond back to me. Looking up at the TV, I could see Odd trying to get poor Kiwi thru security at the airport. TEHE! I can't believe he tried to do that! Leave it to Odd to try a stunt like that. I mean, why not leave Kiwi with Jeremie at the school?

A: Ah! That 1. Naw, I don't have time to watch that one since I am usually in class when it is on. What episode is playing on ur side of the Atlantic?

S: it is an old one, but it is "Holiday in the Fog" it is when Jeremie purposely gets in trouble to stay at school during a vacation. XANA then takes over some toxic chemicals and tries to suffocate him and the others to death. But as usual, Aelita enters in the Lyoko code and saves the day. ^0^

A: Yeah, that is a good one. By any chance do u know the most recent episode? I want to know where u r in the series.

S: Sure it was called "Mister Puck" it is about how XANA was messing around with his ghosts and tried to take over Odd and Ulrich but failed. But sadly, XANA got a hold of Jeremie. T_T

Once again, she took her time answering me back. Looking up, I watched as Aelita entered the Lyoko code and saved the world again.

A: Yeah, I felt so bad for him. I really wanted to see his Lyoko form there at the end! Too bad they never showed it. T^T

S: Yeah, considering Odd calls it Ridiculous, then it must be really be funny! ^0^

A: He he! Oh no! I g2g! Dinner is calling me. I better go before Rob eats everything.

S: K, gn girl!

A: gn!

We both logged off as I saw the show go to the ending credits. I watched a bit of commercials as my dad called from down stairs, "Dinner!"

"So, how is your cyber friend? Did you get a chance to talk to her?" My dad asked as I filled up a bowl with some mac and cheese he made from the box that was sitting on the stove. "Yep! She is doing good. I am worried they overwork her at that school of hers." I told him as I sat down and began to eat with gusto. "What makes you think of that?" He asked as he got up to get a second helping. "Well, I asked if she seen that new cartoon I like, Code Lyoko, and she said she never has time for TV since she has a lot of school work." I said as I scrapped the bottom of my bowl. "Poor thing. You know, I have been thinking, if maybe for your birthday, do you want to see if either we can go see her, or she can spend some time here with us?" My dad asked as he put his dishes in the dish washer. "Really! Oh you are the greatest Dad ever! I will ask her later after she is done with her dinner." I partially screamed as I finished eating. I ran over and gave him a kiss. "I'll go see if she is on. Thanks for dinner! Love you and good night! I got to do some homework before I turn in. You don't mind that I skip watching Law and Order with you?" I asked as I cleaned up my dishes. "Nah, go on! Good night sweetheart!" He said as I ran back to my room.

I can't wait to ask her! She really needs a break from all of her schoolwork. It seems she rarely gets any free time. I clicked on the bookmark for the chat website as I waited for her to come back on. I decided to check my email as I waited. Junk, junk, spam, and more junk. I deleted the emails when one caught my eyes. It was the sender's name that grabbed me right away. Huh? Admin at ? I don't know that site. I wonder what they want…I opened the email as I gave a big yawn. It was one big picture of some strange symbol. I looked at the symbol as it dawn on me, it was the eye of XANA. What is this? A prank? Everyone knows that Code Lyoko is just a show. There is no way XANA could be real… the eye began to glow an eerie shade of red as it began to hurt my eyes. I rubbed them as a weird sensation began to overtake me. All of a sudden, I felt really tired and began to lose the battle with staying awake. I heard the ping of an Aleta's IM on the chat website.

A: Sara? U there? Is something wrong?

Before I let my body began to fall asleep, I typed as fast as I could to her. I did not know what was happening to me, and I knew there was nothing she could do, but I could sense that she had to know about the email and how I am about to pass out.

S: I got an email from some site called and it had the symbol of XANA in it. I feel really sleepily all of a sudden, like I am passing out. For some reason, I felt I had to tell u. I can't hold on for long.

I barely hit the "Send" button as the world began to fade to black. As my eyelids grew heavy, something flash onto the screen that got my attention.

A: Sara, stay strong. I will help you but you must trust me! I will save you just have faith!

I barely saw her respond as the darkness took over. I began to sleep as I felt something lift me up and pull me away from my chair. What's going on around here!

(What could XANA want with this poor girl? Who is this mysterious messenger, and why does she know? How will she save poor Sara? Find out next time I update!)