Odd's POV

"You got an exit plan there Einstein? It's turning into the walking dead around here!" Odd yelled out to the sky as he clocked his arm. He looked around as the spectre army of Sara's classmates and teachers were coming closer and closer to them. Odd glanced over at the shaking girl next to him. She looked like she could collapse at any second at seeing her friends like this. But she looked towards Odd and seemed to calm down a bit. Odd knew he had to be the strong one for both of them.

"I'm just about….Yeah! Odd! I'm sending you the overboard now!" Jeremie's voice called out from the air. Sara flinched a bit at hearing it, but she did not freak out. Odd could only guess that since they were a cartoon show to her, she would know Jeremie's voice.

"Great! Perfect timing as usual!" Odd chuckled as the large purple cat-themed board appeared and floated a bit above the ground. He hopped on and looked over at Sara once more. He smiled and offered her his hand.

"C'mon! It's time to bring you to your online friend…"Odd tried to joke at her. Sara looked around, worried. Odd could only imagine what was going through her mind as she looked around.

"It's me or them. And I just want to help you become free of all of this. I'm the blue pill here Sara. .. THERE the red one." Odd said as he pointed to the approaching mob. Sara looked at him and then the crowd. She sighed and took his hand. Odd gave it a reassuring squeeze as he lifted her up onto the board. She held onto his midsection tight as Odd flew off. He fired at some of the spectres as they reached up to stop them.

"I'm making an opening in the sphere for you to use. Get out of there, and make it fast!" Jeremie's voice cried out as a strange blue cloud appeared into the sky. It soon opened up a hole to a vast grey sky. Odd flew out and smiled as he could tell that they were in the middle of a Mountain sector. There was a bright light behind him as Odd turned to see Sara shining like a bright star. Odd quickly landed the overboard and looked over at the lit girl.

The light soon faded as Sara began to look at herself. She was wearing a black and grey colored full body suit. On her chest were white lines that looked like to one's on Aelita's Mr. Puck doll. A purple slash belt rested nicely onto her hip. She had a whip resting on her hip and a small blade on the other one. She had on some purple lines on her face, right under her eyes. An earring of a blue and green orb was attached to her right elf-like ears. Her blonde hair was held back off of her face like Yumi's was when she is on Lyoko.

"Wow…" Sara softly said. Her voice to Odd was very kind and sweet, something he liked. He could not help himself but give her a big smile as she looked over at him. "Yeah! That's one sharp looking Lyoko-outfit you're sporting. And once again, I remain to be the one who looks like a nitwit on Lyoko…" Odd said to her, but softly at the end.

"Well… if it means anything to you, I personally love cats." Sara told him gently. Odd smiled once more. He was about to say something else when a laser flew over his head. He growled as he turned around and aimed towards the offending Kankrelat. But he never got a shot off as an electrical crackle flew out of a nearby whip and smacked right into the little monster. Odd watched as Sara rolled up her whip and put it back onto her belt.

"I think I'll keep this…" She softly said. Odd rolled her eyes a bit at her for showing off. He looked around for other monsters before looking up into the sky.

"Now what Einstein? We can't stay here!" Odd asked the air. Sara walked over to him, glancing around.

"Get Sara into a nearby waytower. I can use Aelita's CODE: EARTH program to bring her into our earth. So head east, bearing 20 degrees to reach it. Just don't let her lose her life points! There is no telling what might happen to her." Jeremie's voice called out, worried. Odd had a feeling he did know what will happen, but did not want to scare the poor girl. Odd jumped right back onto his board and held out his hand once more towards Sara.

"Ready to meet the gang?" Odd asked her with a small smile on his face. Sara smiled and instantly grabbed it. IT looks like any trust issues she had about him saving her life is gone. She gently held onto his hip as he zoomed away, heading towards the tower that will bring the girl to his earth.

Odd flew on for a few minutes before he knew he needed to break the silence.

"So, Aelita told us she found the chat website you guys used so she could work on silly human sayings… why were you using it?" Odd asked, curious. Sara sighed into his back before she spoke.

"I wanted to make some new friends. Back at school, well…my real school, I'm a big loner. I have maybe one tentative friend there, and it's only because she mention, er, your show in class. That friendship is still new to us both so we're not close. So I found the site while googling penpals sites. Aleta, or Aelita I should be correcting myself now, was what the computer paired me with. We've been talking ever since. " Sara explained as Odd zoomed around the rocks.

"When I was outside of your fake house, I heard you mention Tai Chi practice. I take it you like martial arts?" Odd asked, keeping her talking as he looked for the tower.

"Yeah, after seeing Ulrich and Yumi practice on the show, I wanted to try. There is no Penkai silate around me, so I had to choose Tai Chi. It's really relaxing and fun to do." Sara told him. She peeked over his shoulder to watch Lyoko fly pass them.

"Wow… I can't believe I'm here… on freaking Lyoko! I've been dreaming of being here ever since I first saw the show. It's amazing! That Franz Hopper guy did a great job at making this place." Sara said with glee as she rested her head onto Odd's shoulder.

"Huh? Franz made Lyoko? Are you sure about that?" Jeremie's voice rang out from the air.

"Well… like Odd here said, there is a tunnel from his house to the sewers and he was a teacher at Kadic… It's one theory the Code Lyoko Forum boards thought up." Sara said to the sky. Odd could not help but enjoy how more and more relax Sara was getting.

"Do you…er, know what else they might have thought up? It could-ODD! There is a Tarantula ahead!" Jeremie yelled from the air. Odd swerved at the right moment as rapid fired laser came their way. Odd glanced down at the beast and took aim.

"Laser Arrow!" Odd cried out as he fired. He managed to get a few laser to hit, but not the right mark. HE was about to fly away into hiding when the board jiggled a bit under him. He gasped as he turned around, watching Sara jump off it. She drew her blade and hurled herself to the beast.

"SARA! What are you doing!?" Aelita and Odd both said at the same time. Sara slammed into its head and stabbed it in the eye. AS she jumped off of it, the wounded monster shot a laser at her, hitting her back. Sara gasped in pain as she fell into a ball. Odd jumped off his board and ran to her as the monster exploded. He gently rolled her onto her back as she gasped in pain.

"I…I never knew… those things hurt!" Sara said, sitting up with Odd's help. She rubbed where the laser hit her. Odd had to fight back a smile since he remembered the first time he was hit by a laser.

"Well considering you lose 40 points by it then it's understandable it would hurt. So just get into the tower so I can bring you here." Jeremie told them as Sara got up. Sara followed Odd as they walked over to the tower. Odd jokingly walked next to the tower and bowed to her.

"Your tower fair princess of another earth." Odd said with a chuckle. He was expecting Sara to giggle his way, but one quick glance at her worried filled face and he knew that was out.

"Just stay calm and it will be alright. Close your eyes and think of it as you're stepping through a waterfall. Here, hold onto my shoulder and I'll lead you in." Odd told the worried girl. She bit her lip a bit before she nodded towards him.

"Yeah, I guess I'm worried the tower might reject me or something…." She said as she took a hold of his shoulders.

"Nah, it's only the activated ones that will do that." Odd said with a smile. He walked up to it and rested his hand onto the tower. He looked back as Sara nodded her head for him to go on. Odd relaxed himself and stepped inside, pulling Sara with him. He smiled as the wall let them pass and onto the lit platform below.

"See? Nothing to it!" Odd told her as she looked around the blue tower. She gasped in awe, taking it all in.

"It's…It's wow…. This is just so awesome! I can't believe I'm inside of a tower! I can't wait to tell my dad tha-" Sara started to say, but then fell silent. Her dad… Odd knew she must be missing him.

"We'll get you back home soon Sara. I'm positive Einstein and Aelita can find a way… but first we need to protect you from XANA by bringing you to our earth." Odd told her, resting his hands onto her shoulders. Sara tried to smile at him, mouthing thanks as well.

"Alright… Odd, you need to leave the tower so I can launch this. I'll bring you in then Sara. The others are already waiting in the scanner room for you guys." Jeremie told them both. Odd nodded and walked over to the exit.

"See you in the real world!" Odd joked as he exited the tower. He smiled as his body turned to white squares and sent him back to Earth.

Odd leaned against the side of the scanner as it opened. Being sent to that ghost channel and fighting on Lyoko really wore him out. He looked up at his friends and smiled. Ulrich offered him a hand as he stepped out. Odd took a hold as he stepped out.

"Man…that was fun. Let's not do something like that again, okay?" Odd joked as they walked over to the waiting girls. They all stood around a closed scanner as they waited. The seconds seemed to be going slow as Jeremie must be entering in the needed codes. After what felt like forever, the scanners started up and began to whirl. Jeremie ran down the trap door and stood next to Aelita. Suddenly, the doors opened up and emitted out a thick yellow smoke. The gang all smiled as the smoke cleared.

"Welcome to my home Sara!" Aelita said with a smile to the scanner.

(Now that Sara is safely with the gang, can they find a way to send her back home? Or will Sara be stranded inside her favorite cartoon for the rest of her life? Find out next time I update!)