Okay… I have decided that I am going to do a 100 word challenge using my OC's from three stories: Celestia from 'Two sets of Twins' and 'TSOT: Afterwords', Chi from 'Lullaby', and Chi from 'Living with the Twins: The Guideline' and 'Guardians of Danger'.

Chi from Lullaby is going to be referred to as Chikara though… so that everybody can tell her and Chi from 'Guardians of Danger' apart. That and Chi from 'Lullaby' is going to inherit the nickname Chikara… which also means 'power' in another language.

Anywho, here it goes, my 100 word challenge, based in the Transformers fandom.

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1. Introduction.

Chikara's introduction to the Autobots was not what she had ever thought it would be… no, it was much, much more complicated.

2. Love

Celestia watched as Sideswipe played with their younglings and her spark filled with the love she had for them.

3. Light

Sideswipe watched as Chikara joked with the other soldiers, and he couldn't help but think of how her smile was the light he had been searching for his entire existence.

4. Dark

Though her loved ones always told her differently, Celestia couldn't help but feel as if her spark was as dark as a black hole.

5. Seeking Solace

Whenever Chi sat above the door to the base, the others knew that she was only seeking solace from the horrors she had seen.

6. Break Away

Chikara had always wanted to break away from the government, so she got out as soon as the chance came.

7. Heaven

Sunstreaker only had to look at Chikara to understand why so many humans wanted to go to Heaven.

8. Innocence

The day that Chi lost her innocence was the day the rest of the world had entitled 'Bloodbath'.

9. Drive

When Chikara had a rough day, she would climb into Sideswipe and tell him to just drive.

10. Breathe Again

The moment the golden twin's optics lit up, Chi felt as if she could breathe again.

11. Memory

Chikara held on to each and every memory she could, for they were the only links to the past she had.

12. Insanity

Celestia had tasted insanity in the Decepticon's gladiatorial pits.

13. Misfortune

Chi wondered why she was always the one that misfortune followed.

14. Smile

Celestia would always smile with a touch of sadness.

15. Silence

Chikara couldn't stand silence; it always reminded her of death.

16. Questioning

Chikara's methods of questioning were borderline torture.

17. Blood

The sight of blood would always bring Chi painful memories.

18. Rainbow

Celestia was entranced by the sight before her; the sight of a rainbow peeking through the clouds.

19. Gray

Sometimes the only shade Chikara could see in the world was a dull gray.

20. Fortitude

Pain crossed her features as Celestia remained standing, showing great fortitude in the face of certain death.

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That wasn't so bad… but there was quite a bit of fluff in it… Oh well, at least I got the first twenty done! XD

Hope you guys liked it, Review please!

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