21. Vacation

Chikara stared at the ensuing battle and couldn't help but think that she needed a vacation… a very long one.

22. Mother Nature

Celestia sighed as the rain began to fall; Mother Nature seemed to really like messing with the young Prime.

23. Cat

Chikara decided that she didn't like the feline species… especially a certain cat that had all but thrown her down two flights of stairs.

24. No Time

Chi watched in horror as Sunstreaker was taken down by the seeker trine… and she had no time to scream before they came for her.

25. Trouble Lurking

Celestia knew that there was bound to be trouble lurking around every corner when she and her band of Autobots finally arrived on Cybertron.

26. Tears

What Chikara missed the most about being organic… was the tears she could no longer cry.

27. Foreign

Chi couldn't help but be irritated at the foreign ambassadors… she had already explained why she lived with the Autobots… twice… in as many hours.

28. Sorrow

Chikara couldn't help but feel sorrow every time she remembered how many had died just because she had been a successful experiment.

29. Happiness

The happiness of the small girl made Chi remember how the smallest of things, could bring the most joy.

30. Under the Rain

Celestia especially loved these nights… these nights when she could wash away all of her sorrow by flying under the rain.

31. Flowers

Chikara was surprised to find the scarlet flowers on her pillow… how had they known she loved that specific color of lily?

32. Night

Chi loved the night; it was in the darkness… that she could truly see the light.

33. Expectations

Chikara was not sure she could live up to the expectations of those around her, but she was determined to try.

34. Stars

Chikara was always watching the stars because they had been her only companions for so very long.

35. Hold my hand

"Hold my hand…" Chi whispered to the frightened child. "I will get us out of this alive… I promise."

36. Precious Treasure

Chikara was what the twins would refer to as their precious treasure… but not within her hearing range.

37. Eyes

Chi's eyes softened as she watched Sunstreaker sleep slumped against his twins medical berth, her heart would always belong to them… wither they realized it or not.

38. Abandoned

Celestia had never listened to what the Decepticons would say while she was their prisoner… she knew better than to believe she had been abandoned by her family and friends.

39. Dreams

Chikara had always thought her dreams meant nothing to anyone… at least until Sunstreaker had listened to her thoughts and hopes and then painted them for her.

40. Rated

Chikara glared out at those she had been charged with training… none of those now under her command had been rated very high in her mind.