Chapter 18: Eighteenth Mission

Written by: Ren Tamiya

Synopsis: Yoh Oyamada/ Yoh is your typical book writer who loves to play the piano. Hao on the other hand is a very rich CEO who wants to conquer Japan. Many wanted to bring Hao Asakura down. Hao is never interested in sexual relationships or romantic relationships not until he met Yoh, the one who changed his life forever. What if Yoh doesn't want to be with Hao. Well, he will definitely live up with his saying "What an Asakura wants, what an Asakura gets."

Warning:M - Yaoi, Mpreg, cursing

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Yoh expertly moved inside the air vents. He already memorized all the air vents and its accesses around the building. First, he is going to the area where he can use the normal elevator.

His other teammates updated that they've done their job already. Some are in motion while others are waiting for their turn.

"Traps are deactivated." A voice said.

"Noted." Yoh answered.

Yoh looked at the deactivated laser beam in front of him and went to his ways. He moved to the right side then to the left. He went up another air vent before opening the one he was looking for. He silently went down and looked around masking his presence. He saw 3 guards around the elevator which he gladly thanked since he thought it was going to be more than 10 around a certain floor. Guess this floor is not as important as it is than the rest of the floor.

He concluded that each floors would get dangerous. Meaning more guards, spies, traps, cameras and as the floor gets higher, more important stuffs are being held inside and secrets are well kept by those floors.

He stealthily walked around them and knocked each of them unconscious. He was fast like the wind. He can proudly say that in just a few mere seconds he can knock out more than 10 people unless if they are, of course, skilled enough especially being a spy or a ninja for that matter.

He pressed the up button and the elevator opened up. Thank God again that no one is inside the elevator. He hurriedly pressed number 2 and 9 so that he'll go directly to number 29.

Well, luck isn't on his side as always.

"Hey, any updates regarding Yoh's location?" One of their allies asked.

"Yes I'm right here, no need to worry." Yoh hesitantly answered, he can feel something's wrong or rather something's going to happen.

"We were worried, you haven't responded for some time. Where are you right now, Yoh-sama?" He asked once again.

"Yes I am sorry; I was caught up with something. In a few seconds I'll be on the 29th floor so everyone get ready. I-" Yoh said but I guess it was really too soon to say that. Right after he said those words, the elevator suddenly stopped.

"Yoh-sama? Yoh? What's wrong?" The man asked worriedly. Yoh was concentrating on balancing himself. What's wrong? Were they found out? That's impossible.

"Can anyone check the elevator? It suddenly stopped." Yoh said after the elevator stopped shaking. But all he can hear are bits and pieces of what the others are saying which means that there is also something wrong with their communication device. He also looked at his cell phone just in case but the signal is also dead.

"Yoh-sama? We can't understand what's happening?" Another guy asked.

"I'll be the temporary leader in our plan B. There must be something wrong with Yoh. Block C-3 near Yoh's location please check if he's okay. Last time we check he is in level 23. Horohoro, go to the elevator control panel area, I'll send a map in a moment. Joco, leave your place and check if the other elevators are working. The other non-physical groups will be looking for the possible reasons of this accident. Everyone be on guard." Anna, who was currently busy typing on her laptop and being overly worried towards Yoh, started to command.

It was in one of their plans that in any case that their mission leader, who is Yoh, won't be active due to some miscommunication, out of signal ranges, accidents or anything that might happen to Yoh someone must take his place. One from the physical group who is on the event and someone who is hiding, mainly on his/her computer.

Anna might be in the event but being trained through her job, she hurriedly found a place and a way to connect to the system in order to oversee everything.

Block C-3 members, who were on the air vents waiting for command, after hearing the command hurriedly went to the nearest exit on the 23rd floor. They expected a very quiet floor, what they didn't expect are assassins who are tasked to kill them.

Who are these assassins?

"Anna-sama, danger in 23rd level. We are running out of people, there are assassins-"

But the man didn't even finished his report to Anna when he was killed by a knife in his neck.

"DAMN IT! Back-up needed on the 23rd floor right now! We must save Yoh-kun." Anna commanded aggressively.

"Stop." A familiar voice.

Different shouts of "Yoh" or "Yoh-sama" or "Yoh-kun" were heard in the communication devices of everyone.

Back at the elevator where Yoh is stucked, he managed to fix and reconnect his device through another artificial signal using another item made by the team. He was glad that he could talk to them.

"I'll back them up." Yoh said with his natural serious voice.

"Copy that." Anna heaved a sigh happy that Yoh is unharmed.

He is the main factor of this "game" and without him, everything will hightail away. He is the main character of this infiltration and their leader. It was his game plan and there are always Plan B. (Well not all of the time)

Yoh used the vent above the elevator, after getting the screw using his gear. He quickly went out of the elevator and went to the 23rd floor. What he saw wasn't good.

Bodies were loitering around the halls.

And it was the bodies of his comrade.

He immediately looked at the suspect and saw a person who was wearing all black. He was smiling evilly. Yoh heard someone clapping, slowly. But Yoh can feel the intense of evilness of the person's being.

"Who are you?" Yoh bravely asked. He hurriedly observed. Are there other exits? What fighting technique could he use? There are a lot on his mind right now. This was no ordinary enemy. His comrades are good. Not as good as him but they are stronger than regular bodyguards and there are 5 of them sprawled in the floor.

What the hell is going on?

"I am tasked to kill anyone who is the enemy of Mr. Diethel. That means I have to kill you." The man, as Yoh noticed, has large muscles. He associated him as one of those heavy weight lifter and on the other note, a mass murderer.

"Do you know who I am?" The man asked evilly laughing at Yoh.

"No, all I know is you are a killer and I have to defeat you." Our main character said. He already devised a plan, now all he needs to do is to act on it and defeat the man.

"Well you are correct. I am the famous Jack the ripper. I kill my victims by either ripping or stabbing their hearts. I have killed over 100 people and most of them are kids, some are women and of course some of them are young men like you. I will enjoy doing the same to you." The man happily stated. At that instant he ran towards Yoh who readied himself.

When Jack attacked, Yoh jumped above his head making some weird movements with his hand. Jack was unhappy as he attacked him again. Yoh once again evaded his attack as he made another weird hand movement.

"Are you a fucking pussy? Stop dodging me and fight me like a man." Jack angrily shouted at him. Yoh only blinked his eye when he moved his hands up and Jack stopped.

The man did not notice but he was trapped. Yoh was trapping him with his "invisible" wire in order to defeat him. He made it twice in order to ensure that Jack cannot escape.

"What the fuck did you do to me?" Jack spat angrily as he tried moving but the wire squeezed into his body parts leaving blood spluttered on the floor.

"Stop moving or you are going to die." Yoh eyed Jack.

"Me? Dying with this stupid trick? No fucking way. I am going to get out of here, pull your heart out and burn it." The mass murderer once again tried moving. An angry and painful shout could be heard afterwards. More blood cam spluttering out of his wounds.

"How many people did you say you killed?" Yoh asked.

"Exactly 199 and you are going to be my next victim making it a wonderful 200." Jack laughed.

"You said you killed kids' right? Even women." Yoh looked so deadly. Handsome at the same time.

Anger filled him. His veins, his mind, his heart and his soul. How could this cruel man kill innocent people? Was it for fun? To prove something? Was it because he has to? No. It doesn't matter. The bigger point is how he killed INNOCENT people. Yoh was sure the mass murderer was having fun killing people while their families cried looking for them. While they cried right after seeing the bloody body of their loved once.

Yoh was going to avenge them. He wasn't the avenger type of course but this was just taking it to the next level. Killing just because it was fun is not a sin you can ever forgive in his book. You can never escape your faith.

Yoh locked the wires as he proceeded to attack Jack.

Instantly killing him.

It wasn't a good site. Blood were everywhere. He then checked his comrades. All of them are dead.

Yoh never really liked hurting anyone. Let alone killing someone but he knows that these type of people needs to be killed or else they will kill and kill and kill again and again.

"Anna, bring in a new support at the 23rd level. Tell them to bring out the bodies of our friends. Inform their families." Yoh said, heart pounding and clenched. This is not the time to think about this. For now, he must finish the mission. This is for her family and friends. He must do this.

"I understand. Good luck Yoh." Anna seriously said. She knows after the 23rd level there is a big chance that the signal will get worse. She was ready at that time.

She hurriedly called in for new back up sadly informing them of their new mission.

Yoh memorized the area already so he went and opened the door to the stairs because he can't use the elevator.

His mission is to go to Floor 29.

Where everything will start to get…

Downright challenging.


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