The Otherworld: 2011

"I'd be damned, she went and fetched herself another one."

His eyes, once brown, are now a glowing red and shine from the shadows. Edgar Poe's slim figure steps out to meet the newcomer. "I never expected such...a young boy, though." He takes a few more steps forward and meets the boy. He's not exactly a young boy, but young enough to be deemed a scandal. Even for her. "But nobody is ever too young for eternal darkness."

Varen glares at the man he has studied so hard for so long from under his long hair. "That's where you are wrong, Mr. Poe. I will not be staying here. Isobel will save me."

"You are a fool," Poe hisses. "You will never leave. She will never allow you to."

A cold air whips around the bickering duo and they both straighten up immediately. "Tsk, Tsk." Her voice enters the room before her ethereal body does. "That miniscule girl cannot do a thing here. She's a mere mortal.

"Nobody can leave here without my permission. It's against my rules." Her fingers trail a pattern across Varen's cheek. "And pretty soon, you'll end up just like my Poe."

Edgar smiles but his eyes remain devoid of any real happiness. Varen shudders and tries to whip Lilith's hand away.

She laughs and digs a nail into his face, leaving a river of blood. She drops her hand.

"And you will end up killing the silly little girl in your life. Just like him.