Vanquished Ch.1

Baltimore Hospital: 2012

Isobel has been bedridden since she came back from the Otherworld. Her body has been destroyed in ways so many people would never deem possible. And it is all Pinfeathers, fault in the end, despite the fact he then proceeded to die for her. When Isobel finally opens her eyes, she is greeted with a dozen somber faces.

"W-where am I?" She croaks out, hoisting herself up with her still weak arms. Nobody answers. The blonde swings her legs over the bedside and looks at her family quizzically. "You guys, I'm fine." Still no answer.

She groans in frustration at the lack of response. The previous night's events left Isobel without a clue on what to do. Varen left her. For the devil herself, practically. She joins her parents and looks at her empty hospital bed. Or not.

A version of Isobel still lay in the white bed. Dozens of wires stick out from many different hidden spaces and a heart monitor sits next to the bed. Bruises cover her body. She tries to scream, and she does. But nobody looks her way.

Gwen comes running into the room, her eyes frantic. "Did she-" she trails off, looking at the bed. Her eyes watch Isobel's family with guilt. She could have sworn she heard a scream. Studying her friend's family, she spots a familiar face. Her lips form an 'oh' shape and she lets out a gasp. "Isobel," she whispers.

Without another word, Gwen escapes from the room running. Isobel watches her friend run and chases after her. One girl being chased by one nobody can see. They make it to the bathroom. Gwen slams the door behind Isobel and locks it.

"Isobel?" She asks, not trusting her voice.

The blonde smiles. "In the fl-yes. I'm here." Looking down, she notices she's still in clothes from the night before. But at this point, Isobel knows it could have been much more than a few hours,

Her friend purses her lips. "How?"

Knowing very well she will never be able to answer the question, she shrugs. Opening her mouth to answer, a figure appears in the bathroom.

His longer dark hair is slightly tousled from a non-existent wind. "I'm afraid Isobel's current condition is my fault."

"And you are?" Gwen challenges, wanting the answers. Even more than Isobel, at this point.

"Edgar Poe, pleased to make your acquaintance."

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