~ Deliverance ~

Summary: Portals always brought danger. A portal had brought Loki to Earth where destruction had reigned upon New York. A portal had also brought them the group Thirteen and nothing about these people screamed sanity.

Warning: Slash, violence, dimension travel, insanity, power struggles

Pairings: Loki/Harry, Voldemort/Harry (one-sided)

Disclaimer: As much as I would like, I do not own either Harry Potter or Avengers.


~ Parseltongue ~


~ Chapter One ~

Harry groaned as white light blinded him from above so much like the Hogwarts Infirmary he couldn't help the tear escaping from his eye. Yet this wasn't Hogwarts, this wasn't home. It wasn't even his world. No, everything had been left behind as they escaped. Nothing, however, helped with the lingering screams of agony in the back of his memory.

The stark white of the room he found himself in didn't compare to the Hospital Wing at all. There was no Madam Pomfrey/Pomphrey fussing over him, no friends to comfort him. The room was completely artificial. Four walls, a ceiling, and a floor kept him contained leading him to believe he was surrounded by muggles. Not that he truly cared. That only meant they'd been discovered before they could begin waking… before they could do any harm.

Sitting up he noted they'd been moved and set up to mirror their original position. Whoever had discovered the group had taken the time to make certain their movement wouldn't disturb their slumber.

"Seven's awake."

His eyes narrowed upon the drawling voice. From across their enclosure of glass he could see Lucius standing in his first position. Beside him, separated by another slide of glass was his son. Glass separated all seven of the waking members as well as those remaining asleep. They were together yet separated, creating a strategic barrier for when the group decided to eventually leave their prison.

Harry uttered no reply for Lucius, instead merely turning to see the other members who had awoken. Beside Draco stood Amycus Carrow, her brother Alecto beside her, and followed by Barty Crouch Junior. Not any of them were people he particularly felt the need to speak with.

Not that it mattered. Amycus and Alecto were lost in their own little world more than likely discussing weaponry in their rather insane tones. Barty wasn't much better, eyes darting around for a way to escape and cause trouble. Scratches upon the glass hinted at an escape attempt or several yet the glass remained unbroken. Only Lucius and Draco remained somewhat normal if not terribly aristocratic and inflexible.

Then there was the person standing beside him. Harry slide of the white slab he'd been resting on, legs shaking from lack of use. Severus stared at him, black eyes wrought with emotion. Relief was amongst the strongest. Harry turned away from the gaze only to face the outside of their clock pattern.

"So nice of you to join us amongst the living Seven perhaps now we'll get an explanation."

He didn't flinch as lights lit up from the other side of the glass. Opposite the glass circling their waking group one man watched as Harry took notice of his presence. The man's dark skin and direct nature reminded him of Kingsley yet his demeanour contrasted greatly with Kingsley's bright outlook. A patch covered his left eye and he wore nothing but black. It matched his disposition. Nothing about this man urged Harry to speak with him.

Harry glanced curiously at the rest of the woken group and only saw contempt for the outsider. No doubt they'd already gone through this questionnaire with very little speaking done on their part. Harry twitched. The likelihood any of The Circle would speak to strangers without their Master was doubtful. This man before him shouldn't have bothered.

Turning towards Severus, the man's look instructed him to keep his silence in regards to the outsider's questions. Harry sent Severus a look of disbelief. He wouldn't be speaking at all to any of them at this rate. For Severus to believe he needed to be told not to speak to this stranger was rather insulting. The man should know better than to offer such an instruction.

"Seven's angry, better watch it Six." Lucius drawled.

Harry sat down on the uncomfortable pedestal he'd been resting on. He didn't know how long he would have to wait until the Dark Lord woke but he had a feeling it would be a while yet. Lucius and Draco, though calm, held several ticks belying their discomfort at the situation. They would normally display these ticks so the time must have been trying on their composure. Harry eyed the remaining members of their group and sighed. It would be a while yet before everyone was awake and being surrounded with these people alone left Harry feeling like he was sitting in a cell in Azkaban.

"If you are willing I can move you away from these people."

The man's offer was awfully tempting however Harry knew his new cell would not be much better than his last. At least here he had strength in numbers. No one would be able to harm him with other witnesses around. He wouldn't mysteriously disappear in this new cell. The fact this outsider believed he could buy Harry with this offer only proved how desperate he was becoming at their silence towards his questions.

"All you have to do is speak with me."

Lucius sniffed at the man. "The muggle shouldn't bother Seven. He isn't worthy to even approach us or the Noble Line."

"Muggles shouldn't bother they could never understand the power of the Noble Line." Draco echoed.

Harry kept his eyes focused on the Dark Lord as he listened to the insane three continue to rant about muggles and their disgusting immoral ways. There was no denying the Slytherin Line held Noble Status. The Line had been around for a long time even though they no longer carried the Slytherin surname. Harry didn't care much for details other than the Dark Lord had made sure his line would never end.

"This Noble Line seems to be a huge deal. We don't have many of them here. What is the Noble Line? I'd like to offer my respect in a way which respects your culture." the man questioned.

Harry scowled. He didn't bother to turn and even address the man behind the glass. None of them would bother speaking with this man. It was obvious he held importance in this world but seeing as they hadn't actually witnessed what this world looked like it didn't matter. They planned on being the rulers of this new world. This man didn't matter.

"What is your name?"

Did this man ever cease? He was trying endless avenues and it seemed to only be ruining any further attempt he made. Had this man never interrogated a group of people before? It seemed like such a rooky move that Harry was tempted to laugh but watching him through vague reflections he seemed smarter than he was allowing them to view.

The questions continued for another few moments. They ranged from asking about Harry's background to whether he would be willing to allow a medical team to draw blood. The man was careful not to speak about himself or bring up any information the group could latch onto. Smaller bits of information began to show through these cracks.

Harry could tell he was the boss at this particular institution. He knew next to nothing on where they were from but seemed to never question how the managed to appear so he knew about magic. The man couldn't wield magic and many of the people who worked for him couldn't either. Magic wasn't as overwhelmingly present in humans in this world. There was a large advantage for them that Harry would have to look further into.

"Very well, if you won't answer the questions I shall leave you. You should know however that I won't be offering you this deal again. In fact, I plan on taking my offer to the next person in your team. Perhaps he will offer me what I desire?"

Harry smiled still not bothering to face the stranger. He would like to see this outsider attempt to speak with the next man to wake. It certainly would offer an amount of entertainment for a time he wasn't prepared to pass up. He would take anything at the moment if it meant the others would cease their caterwauling.

"We shall see." Harry offered the man as a door slid shut.

The smile didn't fall from Harry's face even as a camera in the corner of his cell hummed into life. Things were about to get very interesting.


The door closed upon the group and Fury snarled. It had been several hours since the group had begun to awake and yet he still held no answers. SHIELD had been lucky to appear first on the scene and move the group before anyone else could discover them and yet it hadn't worked in their favour one bit. They had no answers, no names, and magic clung to the group darker than what they could detect from Loki or Doctor Doom.

"Sir, what do you plan to do?" Maria questioned stepping back from the computers.

On the screens the cameras showed each individual in their cell. Separate they weren't particularly interesting. The fact that they had begun to awake every hour since the first didn't leave a great feeling within his stomach. They were a clock and the time was counting down.

"They seem to need to wait for the person in the centre to wake before they can move further with their plans. This grants us time."

Truly though they didn't have many options to what they could do with the time they had remaining. Soon enough the group would all be awake and they would undoubtedly unleash their magic upon the world. It wouldn't end well and they would have to live with the knowledge they did nothing to stop it. Irritation mounting, Fury gave the order he had been dreading.

"Agent Hill, call the Avengers." Fury instructed. "Tell them we have another world ending event incoming."

Maria nodded and left to contact the Avengers. They would need to once again prove to the world they would be able to stand before all threats even those where they had no idea. All the agents could do was hope they were prepared for the task.


Tony Stark was the last to arrive, a cup of coffee in his hand. They were in a super-secret SHIELD bunker which, though in America, they weren't permitted to know the exact coordinates. It seemed a little lack-lustre compared to the Helicarrier and the aliens of their first group gathering. New members had been added since then.

Captain America sat near the head of the table with Fury taking the head position. He had opted to wear his usual uniform as they had been called to assemble. The man was too tense for Tony's liking. They hadn't even been giving a brief and the man was already concerned with the nation's people and the threat posed to them.

Though, Clint and Natasha weren't much better in regards to their demeanour. Both looked tense and rigid. They were also prepared for a battle they had yet to fight. Yet their current position was more than likely due to one of the noticeable additions in the room which also had his science-bro uncomfortable.

Standing beside Thor, Loki didn't appear as menacing as he had when he'd been crazed about world domination. By the sneer, Loki hadn't gained any warm and fuzzy feelings towards any of his brother's shield mates. Fury had agreed when Thor had brought him back to Earth that if he followed all rules he would be quite useful. As soon as he overstepped his boundaries however he would be sent directly back to Asgard to wait whatever punishment he had originally avoided through this deal.

Then of course there was the new Agent. The man held the same calm Coulson had managed to make him seem defenceless. His black suit echoed every single agent on the base. However, his dark mangy hair managed to set everything off balance. It gave him a rather ragged appearance combined with the lines on his face which left one realizing he'd seen much in his life. Add to this his rather odd stormy eyes and Sirius Black wasn't someone to underestimate.

"So, what's the serious dilemma SHIELD have stumbled into this time?" Tony questioned eyeing Agent as he spoke.

The man barely twitched at the play on words leaving Tony feeling rather down heartened. Certainly it wasn't the best pun he'd ever pulled but he'd been hoping for some reaction. They would be working together for some time and it wouldn't be good if they couldn't even joke around to lighten the mood.

Fury motioned towards the screens. Thirteen screens lit up showing a group of people all dressed in dark robes which swirled about their forms. Seven of the Thirteen were awake and moving about, stretching their limbs and taking note of their surroundings whilst ignoring any attempts of opening a line of communication with SHIELD.

"Ten hours ago we received a call which directed us to a small field. Agents discovered this group sleeping in this formation in what seemed like a cult offering. Before the locals could investigate further we moved them careful to avoid disturbing any of them and risk their waking mid-transit. The area they arrived in was steeped in magic and radioactive materials."

"Was the area contaminated?" Bruce questioned, shuffling nervously.

The team all felt for Bruce. Mentioning radioactive materials brought forth many emotions for the man but he seemed to be handling it well and focused on the task at hand. Introducing a radioactive material to a new environment never created good results and only left the area struggling to survive.

"No, the area held on residual amounts, not enough to harm the environment." Maria confirmed. "A team will continue to monitor the area for any after effects we can't detect right now."

"Just over seven hours, at exactly midday current time, the first person within the clockwork pattern woke. He didn't bother to speak to any of us and only surveyed his surroundings. Much like clockwork, the next person in the design woke at one. I wasn't called in until four were awake and our science team still had no clue as to how they were waking and why. Believing they wanted a figurehead to speak with I approached and was systematically ignored." Fury growled.

It was hard to believe any of them could ignore the Director. Tony found it difficult to believe anyone could ignore the man when he took control. Though he didn't always agree, Tony knew Fury would always place the people first before anything else. He would keep as many people safe as possible even if that meant sacrificing a few. Those decisions were difficult and he didn't envy Fury.

"After the seventh failed, it became a necessity to bring you into the brief. There is no stopping their waking. Our scientists believe moving them to a secure location was probably the initial factor which allowed them a safe place to wake. Now that it has started all we can do is prepare to take the force they bring."

Agent Black stepped forward. "We'll need to build a good defence once they are awake. These people aren't to be messed with."

The group turned towards their Agent. He'd been fairly silent since the cameras had come online and allowed the Avengers their first look at the group. No one had bothered to pay much attention to him til then. Agent Black had become a part of their team over three weeks ago and yet he hadn't offered them information on his past. When they were bonding over pizza and movies everything was fine more than that wasn't up for discussion.

"Do you happen to have information on the group Thirteen?" Steve questioned taking the lead.

Stepping forward, Black manipulated the screens to show the man within the centre of the circle.

"The person-"

"I don't think that can be called a person." Tony interrupted.

The Avengers all turned to glare at Tony. They were desperate for any information at this point. Having their Agent know even a small amount of information at this stage would be an advantage they couldn't pass up. This interruption however didn't faze Sirius.

"As I was saying, the person in the centre calls himself Lord Voldemort."

The Avengers watched as every single person awake twitched, their right hand flicking towards their left before they could stop the reaction. The group scowled at the pain but otherwise didn't complain.

"His true name is Tom Marvolo Riddle and he's a Dark Wizard from the world I originally arrived from."

"You came from another world?" Thor asked.

There were many worlds connected because of Yggdrasil yet it was impossible to visit them all. Most didn't have the means to travel between worlds or into space. When they did however it usually meant there were types of magic which had spread into the world from the tree. Thor glanced at Loki who finally looked interested in their discussion. At least they had a sorcerer of their own to offer aid.

"Yes, I feel through a portal of some kind though it was one way so I could never return."

The group sat forward as their Agent shared moments which belonged to his past. They had never truly thought something like this could have belonged in the man's past. Everyone had lost someone in their line of work and that was why they believed Sirius Black desired to keep his separate from his work. Arriving from another world hadn't even crossed their minds.

"You are human, right?" Tony eyed Agent as if he would transform into another being.

Sirius gave a curt nod yet refused to answer the question any further.

"Could they have used the same portal?" Bruce questioned.

"It's not likely." Sirius frowned. "They wouldn't have been able to enter in such a manner and come out the same way. I sort of crashed into this world on nothing more than chance."

Natasha eyed the group Thirteen. She could tell they were unstable and lacked certain empathic abilities which would make interacting with them easy. None of them would be easily manipulated not even with her skill set. Yet should she make an attempt she would like to know who she was going to deal with.

"If you know who the person in the centre is; do you know who the other people are?" she questioned, taking in all of the screens and their movements.

Sirius eyed them all with distaste. From the images taking of their bodies before they were sealed within the glass containers all of them carried the mark which left a sour taste in his mouth. None of these people were worth saving.

"The group surrounding Riddle would be his fanatics. He is their Master and they are his Death Eaters. All of them are marked by a skull on their left forearm which reacts when he calls and ties them to their master. The group believes people without magic are worthless."

With a few motions, Sirius showed the seven followers on the screen whilst keeping the others somewhat minimized; they wouldn't be important for a while yet. The first two images took effort not to sneer at.

"Lucius Malfoy was the first to wake in the circle. Beside him is his son Draco. They are cunning and weave through social circles quite easily all the while keeping their allegiance to their master quiet. Normally they pay their way out trouble preferring the finer things in life. A dingy cell would probably be their worst nightmare."

Sirius pulled focus away from the two aristocratic blondes and towards two bickering hunched figures.

"The next two are siblings, Amycus and Alecto Carrow. You won't find two beings more unhinged. They enjoy torturing people in unusual ways and one of them would be with weaponry."

"Isn't that a bit too normal for them?"

There was nothing normal about what those two appeared to be discussing. From what Natasha could determine, they were currently discussing the best way to remove a person's heart whilst they were still alive. The pair desperately wanted to test their theories.

"All of their weapons are Goblin forged." Sirius admitted. "The weapons will all be imbued with magical properties that we won't understand any better than Thor's hammer."

Thor straightened at the mention of Mjolnir. Magical weaponry with such talents was difficult to make and even more difficult to achieve its allegiance. Not anyone could wield such weapons. If these two did indeed carry such items they were in a bit of trouble.

Sirius moved on.

"Barty Crouch is the one with the nervous tick. His talent seems to be impersonation. He enjoys taking on another person's persona and just living their lives as he slowly deteriorates the relationships around him. He'd be on par with Black Widow."

The comment certainly had everyone unsettled. No one should be on Natasha's level.

"Then there is Severus Snape. He created potions back in my world which all had a range of affects. I'm not sure what plants are available for him here to utilize or why he would be seen as important to the Dark Lord. I wasn't ever any good with potions so we'll have to wait and see what his job is amongst the group."

Sirius paused at the next image, staring at the teen the camera focused on before speaking.

"Harry Potter is the seventh person to wake. He is capable of amazing feats of magic in which most adults struggle. And they are just the people that are currently awake."

The cameras were all quickly minimized to focus on the entire group. Sirius looked away from the screens and turned to address the Avengers.

"In my world all of them were capable of doing magic." He warned.

Loki spoke for the first time since he'd arrived on Earth.

"You can't use your magic here?"

He was shocked there were other people who lived on a similar Midgard and yet carried huge amounts of magic. On this world there were a few noteworthy sorcerers but they skilled professionals could be located easily throughout the branches of Yggdrasil without stepping into this realm.

"It doesn't work the same. I can do one trick but I can't manage to do even half of what I was capable back on my world. It would be safe to assume they would be limited as well in what they can do." Sirius admitted.

Fury watched the Agent before him. He had revealed a lot of information to them which he hadn't previously mentioned. There was no reason to be concerned about Black's loyalty considering he didn't carry the same blasted mark on his forearm. However there was still something in the man's gestures which seemed to speak of something.

"You seem worried." Tony remarked.

Sirius sighed. "The Death Eaters here were powerful in my world more so than myself. I dread to think what they are currently capable but what worries me the most is the Dark Lord. He has connections to all of the Death Eaters I don't know if he would also be able to utilize their abilities."

This was a huge concern. If the Dark Lord could utilize several abilities at the same time through this connection it would be difficult to deal with him and the group.

"Will they share your ability?" Clint asked.

"I rather doubt it. Unfortunately, I believe all of them will have different abilities which will impact the world in different ways."

The team sagged upon hearing this news. This group was transforming into a dangerous threat before their eyes and it seemed nearly impossible to find a way to break their strength. They needed to form a plan and have it in place for when they were all finally awake. At this rate, everything looked dim.

"Is there a way to stop them?" Steve questioned, asking what everyone had been wondering.

"The only way to stop the Dark Lord would be to weak his forces as he tries to rely on them to fuel his body and magic. Once he's dead everything else should be relatively simple to take care of."

Together they formulated a plan which focused on splintering the group. If they could manage to even break the group's faith then they would have something to work with. Natasha would be sent in first to tempt any of them into taking a deal though it seemed unlikely. Natasha, on the other hand, had a better idea and it focused on utilizing the knowledge Sirius' contained.

"You didn't mention something you feel is important." Natasha mentioned, as she stepped towards their handler.

Sirius turned to the screen. Watching as Harry sat still upon his pedestal, Sirius sighed, touching the image on the screen and wondering what had happened to his world after he had been foolish.

"The seventh member of this group is my godson and wherever he goes trouble is sure to follow."

On screen, Harry turned to the camera lying on his back and smiled.

So, this is a re-write. I couldn't seem to get the piece to work the other way but now that I have it all planned this is going to get interesting. Hope you enjoy the new version.