Chapter 1

It was the beginning of Draco's 7th year at Hogwarts, and with the war they all knew was coming hanging over his head, his temper was getting shorter by the minute. He had been half Veela his whole life, and girls had always been in the corners, staring at him, but it was finally starting to get to him. He could not imagine how his father did this full Veela, and how his mother could stand to go out in public with all this going on in the background. None of the school knew of him being a Veela, of course, but that didn't stop the ignorant jerks from feeling the effects. Ugg.

He was walking down the halls to his first class, and already it was happening, the giggles and stares from girls he had never even met, even girls from other houses. He was extremely irritated with the whole universe, until the one girl he wished was smitten with him, yet one of the only people who weren't, walked by. Though he would rather die than admit it, he Draco, heir of Malfoy house, was hopelessly in love with the mudblood, Hermione Granger. She was walking by with her best friend, Ginny Weasley, the only other girl that he knew of in the school that was not subject to his 'powers'. That was a sign of true intelligence Although, as far as the Weasley girl went, he was glad that she didn't care. To have Weasley filth swooning over you would be just to much. He would have to get over that if him and Hermione were to be together... NO. He had to stop thinking like that. They WOULD NOT be together. He had to get over her. A death eater could never date a mudblood, never mind one of Harry Potter's closest friends.

He got to his first class of the day, History of Magic with Professor Binns. It was practically a free period, nobody paid attention in that class any way, except for Hermione, Which worked out great for him, because he could watch her without her knowing. Merlin, there he was, doing it again. He had to fix it. What if the Dark Lord saw this. He would be dead in a hour. Probably a very painful death. Lucius might even volunteer to do it, he would be so disappointed. He wondered if Hermione would miss him.

Oh My God. He had a problem.

Maybe just embrace it, love is love, right?

What was he saying? He had turned into some sort of hopeless romantic!?

I wonder if this was how dad felt when he fell in love with mom?

Of course not, his father wasn't capable of that kind of emotion. It was probably some kind of arranged marriage to join two ancient houses or something like that.

What was he saying! His family wasn't like that. They all loved each other, didn't they? They were a family.

He had never experienced this level of self-conflict before. His life had always been so sure, and planned out, his father would take care of him. He had every other time. Well, this time he would probably get booted out of the family. For the first time in his life, he would have to fix his own problem. Being as he was 17 years old, that was pretty sad.

Well, what would his dad do? He would find someone who knew the problem better then him, if that was necessary. Well, considering that he couldn't risk talking to someone in Slytherin, there was too much of a risk of someone telling his father. If he was someone else the best people would be Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione herself. He laughed at himself for those. Yeah right, that would be fun. 'Hey Ron, even though you hate my guts, could you help me move in on your friend?'

Actually, maybe he could talk to her, after all she was head girl, and he was head boy, that would be a good start, they could be friends, in the privacy of the head rooms, and no one would ever know. I was more than likely that it wouldn't work, but this felt better than doing nothin

"Mr. Malfoy" Professor Binns said loudly, "May I ask what daydream has prevented you from participating in my class?"

"Um...Sorry sir, what was the question?" He asked haistaly.

"What was the biggest turning point in the war between Wizarding France and Wizarding England in 1809, in your opinion?"

"Well, when the English began to train the dragons, and using them to fight in the war." He was so happy that his father had drilled into him the effect the Malfoy family had on the war when they presented the idea to train dragons. He would have looked like an idiot had he not known something, and he couldn't do that in front of Hermione. Maybe it was time to work a little harder.

Finally, the class was over. throughout the day, there wasn't much more going on, he had transfiguration, charms, double potions, which he was excited for, and double herbology, which he was not excited for. Then, classes where over for the day. Him and Hermione, being Head Girl and Boy, had to go to a special room, not unlike a common room, yet smaller. There, they worked on their homework, and the other students would come and go. As heads, i was their job to help the students with every problem imaginable, and they had heard some weird ones. As he packed up his stuff and headed over, he saw Hermione coming from a different direction...alone. Normally Harry and Ron came with her, to work on homework with her, a.k.a, find roundabout ways to get her to just give them the answers.

"Where are the idiots today?" He called to her. She looked up.

"I don't know what you are talking about" She said, with a somewhat sarcastic air.

"Potter and Weasley."

"Detention." she answered. "For stealing some Ravenclaw's paper to copy. Now they have to sit with Mcgonagall to do it for the next month to make sure they are not cheating so I'm home free"

Huh. It was weird how happy she was to be away from her friends.

"Wow, that's a lot of free time now that you don't have them to worry about, What are your plans?"

"Well, I figured that I could get in some extra research for OWLs, you know..." She cut herself off. Guess she remembered who she was talking too. She hated him.

"Why can't we just talk?"

"Why can't we? Because your the enemy. Every body knows that your a Death Eater. Your a Malfoy, and you just want me and my friends dead. Your people have almost killed us more times than I can count on my hands. We can't be friends."


"I'm not a death eater. My father is, and he had done all those things, and I know they were wrong. But you should know better than anyone that your parents do determine who you are. Otherwise you wouldn't be here" It was weird. He should have been furious, being blamed for all those things, just because the man who did them was his father, but the words came out strangely calm.

"You didn't call me a mudblood."

"All that and that's how you respond? And if you had been paying attention, I haven't called you a mudblood since 4th year."

"Why?" Wow, for once, she wasn't talking much.

"I make fun of people who suck and magic, and you don't. Plain and simple. I am NOT my father."

"Oh. Well, since we are the two heads, I guess that we should be friends."

"Ok" He could barely contain the happiness he felt. She didn't hate him! Well, maybe he could do this. "Then what are we waiting for, lets go in."