Chapter 1

Disclaimer – I own nothing of twilight. I also want to warn people because this story is a little dark in origins. It is another take on how Bella's life would have been like if Alice didn't go after her and Edward didn't try to kill himself. Victoria was around but that will all be explained in the first chapter. I hope that you enjoy this story. It starts 10 years from the time that Edward left.

Note – Since I don't know when the year was that Edward left her in New Moon I am going to assume that year is 2008. So it will be 2018.


It has been 10 years since Edward left Bella and since then danger has been around every corner for her. Charlie is dead, Jake is dead and now Bella is a vampire running things in the south and is going up against Maria for more territory. What happens when the Volturi get involved and call the Cullens for help with the new Warlord, Iz – War Goddess of the South


(Bella's Pov: 2018 – Southern Texas)

It has been 10 years since Edward Cullen left me in the middle of the forest. Since then I have fell in love with a wolf shifter then watched as a sadistic vampire tortured him and then killed him in front of me. Victoria had come back about 5 months after the Cullens left and took Charlie. I was heart broken but I still had Jake at the time. He was angry with me because I didn't tell him about the Cullens being vampires but Billy and Sam talked to him and he finally had forgiven me. We had been together for about two week when I found out that I was pregnant. Jacob was excited but he was also worried because he was the only one who had not imprinted. I told him that no matter what happened I would always be there.

Then a week later Victoria came with a newborn army. We were at the beach when she attacked. Sam had Emily there as well as Clair, Embry's imprintee. Clair was only about 4 and Embry would be there for her as long as she needed. I thought it weird at first but I soon found out that no matter what he would always look after her and he had no sexual interest in her yet because she was still to young. While the wolves were busy with the newborns Seth, Leah and Paul were trying to protect me and the others. However with Victoria and a newborn named Riley with the power of telekinesis she was able to take them out easily.

As soon as she had a hold of me she pulled her newborns back and withdrew from the fight. I had no idea what she wanted to do but I soon found out as soon as Jake found me. She had Riley hold onto me while she fought with Jake. However I was my normal clumsy self and tripped cutting myself. If I had thought Jasper was scary as he lunged for me, Riley was the epitome of a nightmare on legs. He was in front of me stiff as a board then he was behind me with my neck bared and my head forced back. He cracked my ribs because he was holding me to tight. Riley also tore my throat out as he feed however he pushed venom in me as he feed and when he was done dropped me like a stone.

I was aware that I was burning but that had nothing on the pain I saw in Jake's face when he saw me get bit. He howled as he lunged and took Riley down. Tearing his head first then moving to the other limbs. Of course with Jacob's back turned Victoria took advantage. She lunged and jumped onto his back as she latched onto his throat. I could tell that she was pushing venom into his blood stream because of his howling and whimpering in pain. I tried to move but I was not able. Victoria finally let go of him and turned to me. She told me that it was good enough for her that I watched not only my mate die but our unborn child in my womb and have to live with it for eternity.

She then left both Jake and I there. Jake had turned back into human by then and crawled over to me. I was only able to hold out my arms as he collapse beside me in tremors. It was if he was having a seizure the way he was thrashing around. I just held his hand as I burned into the one thing that he wished I could have been sparred from. The last words he spoke to me was that he would always love me and our son. I knew that he knew what our child would be because of the fact that the males could determine by the scent of their mate of what their pup's sex. I cried and screamed pass the time Sam and the others found us. One of the wolves always stayed with me but the others took him away because he was dead.

When I woke Sam was the one on guard duty. He told me that I had burned for 7 days and that I would only scream when someone thought of Jake's name. I didn't stay and chat but I ran. I didn't know where I was at until I stopped at the edge of the cliff in La Push. I had jumped off of it when I was still trying to hear Edward's voice. Jake had saved me but none of the Cullens showed up. Jake stayed with me and helped me through the darkness but I doubt that I would ever be the same after I woke and realized that not only Jake but Samuel, our baby, was gone. I jumped in the ocean and sunk to the bottom. I truly have no idea how long I stayed on the bottom of the ocean but when I did surface it was still day.

I swam south the only thing I could think of. I never drank the first week of my change because I was in a depression. I had no desire to feed even though I knew I needed to. I truly didn't want to take a human life but as soon as I crossed paths with a human boat out in the ocean I couldn't stop myself as I jumped on board and slaughtered the whole crew and passengers. Hell, I even killed the dog because it tried to bite me. I broke its neck then threw it over board.

After I was finished with my first meal in over a week I came to to a bloody ship and 6 bodies. Two female adults, one teenager that was male and three adult males. I threw them all over board and tore their remains into pieces. I then made the boat look like it was pirates. I had thought they still existed but I didn't truly know. Any way there was nothing there that could identify me because I was dead.

Sam had also told me they faked my death as well as Jake's. In fact we died together in a freak car accident. Since they had Jake's body they make it look like we went over a cliff and I was thrown into the ocean. Renee and I had a huge fight because I wouldn't leave Forks but I had told her that it was my home and I never wanted to leave in the first place. I was 18 and an adult so she had no say. After I had cleaned up my mess I dove back into the water and watched as she sharks scattered like little Minos. I chuckled as I kept going south until I finally went ashore on a small island off the main land. I had no idea where I was but I truly didn't care at that time.

I was brought out of my train of thought when I felt someone come up behind me. I knew the smell and would gladly kill him if I could. "Raoul to what do I owe the honor of your visit?" I turned slowly ready at any moment for a fight.

"You know why I am here!" He snarled at me his eyes darkening. "Maria is getting closer to us everyday and you are doing nothing about it!"

"Pft, don't worry your head about that bitch." I told him turning my back. "She is nothing but dirt under my shoe."

"You say that now but wait til you meet her." He argued. "She has a secret weapon in her arson along with a shield."

I turned my bored eyes to him. "So what." I shrugged. "I am a shield and have powers of the mind so don't tell me that Maria is to be feared." I could feel my anger getting the better of me.

Raoul bowed and backed away. "Forgive me." He held his right hand clenched over his heart as he knelt on one knee, his head to the side showing where I sired him.

I reined in my anger as I stood from my crouched position. I hadn't even noticed I moved. "Your forgiven, now go rally the troops I wished to see who is the best fighters. If there is any gifted them bring them to me separately." I turned my back dismissing him.

"As you wish." I could hear him running away from me. I flicked my long hair out of my eyes.

In battle I pull it up into a high pony tail with bands about an inch apart. It keeps it from flying and does some damage since I soak the tip of my hair in my own venom before any battle. I also have fighting gloves made of ground vampire bone mixed with steel across the knuckles. When I first came to the South I was told of a legend of the God of War that ruled by Maria's side for over 80 years until he fled and never returned. I finally found out that his name was Jasper Whitlock and the only Jasper I knew of was of Jasper Hale the good little vampire that ran with Alice.

Alice along with Edward kept him away from me because he represented the part of the vampire life that they didn't want me to see yet there coddling ended when he left me to my own fate. I had heard Jasper and Emmett talking about his experience in the south. Of course I heard Maria's name a couple times and knew that if anyone should be feared it would be her but I don't think either Jasper or Emmett knew that I was spying on them because they started to joke around then take off into the woods. I was rather pleased that I could have caught vampires talking without them knowing I was there. In fact the south was the first place I wanted to go as soon as I woke up as a vampire. I knew I would learn how to fight and learn how to be tough. Not like the wimpy Cullens. In the south the Cullens are laughed at for trying to live with humans.

As soon as I arrived in the south I decided to make my own army and work my way up from the ground. I knew that I would be on Maria's radar sooner rather than later if I did so but it was rather easy since I can sense gifts in humans as long as they are under my shield. I have two shields that do many things. My mental shield senses gifts along with mind reading and telepathy but can block any mental power. My physical shield is able to do many things. I can encase a vampire within it and turned them to dust as I shrink it around them. However that uses to much of my power and is more of a finishing move. I can also shape it into a weapon. It is a light blue when it becomes visible. I can use my shield to move things as well as myself.

That is my little trick that I have not told anyone about. My 'flying' ability. When in my shield I can move it up to 10 feet off the ground. I have only allowed one other to learn of it and she died shortly after she changed me. Victoria was the first one I hunted down after I earned a name for me. I had my best tracker find her and bring her to me. Ala was a small little thing but she was a fire cracker but she liked the saying 'dynamite comes in small packages' she then added 'But nitro comes in even smaller ones'. It was her little saying that she used before she finishes a battle with someone. Which she got her nickname of Nitro. If even looked at the wrong way she went off like a roman candle.

Seeing the sun setting I turned and headed into the training area. I needed to get my frustration out on some newborns. I had just as many scars as Jasper had when I spotted him shirtless one day before the party. He was well built and I wanted to lick him all over but I took off to Edwards room before he was able to see that it was me. I hoped to this day that I would see any of the Cullens because I would love shoving their protection right in their faces. Edward left me to protect me which only damned me anyway. I could laugh at the irony.

(Volterra, Italy – 3rd Pov)

Aro Marcus and Caius were all sitting in the throne room when the doors busted open and one of their messengers came running in and bowed in front of Aro holding his hand out. Aro flitted forward and took the boys hand and closed his eyes. He had seen what was happening in the south and who is responsible for the uprising in the south. They had finally gotten Maria under control when a new Warlord popped up and started a ruckus. Iz, War Goddess Of the South. She was said to be stunning in not only beauty but powers as well. Aro had sent many down there but none were able to find her or see her. However he found one in particular that did find what the War Goddess looked like and he was standing in front of them.

Aro opened his eyes and smiled down at the messenger. "You have done well and shall be rewarded." He let go of the mans hand as he stepped back to the throne. "You are dismissed." He waved his hand at the young man.

The young boy turned and ran from the room. Aro sat there thinking over the information he just received. He looked from Marcus then to Caius. "It seems that our dear friend Carlisle has kept something from us, brothers." He stood and walked over to each brother and took their hands.

He pushed the image of a beautiful brunette standing on a small hill looking over a large number of newborns. He woman in the memory was beautiful to be sure but the scars covering her body was what kept your eye. Her hair was almost to her butt and her lips were the color of blood. Her eyes were red as fire. She had a twisted grin on her face as she spoke to another. Her outfit was most unusual for a fighter. They were shorts with long blood panels of fabric in the front and back. The side of her legs were bare except for the black shorts. Her shirt looked like one long panel that was folded in half to make a shirt. It stopped just above her belly button.

Aro pulled his hand away and looked at his brothers shocked faces. "That can not be the human that Edward wished to kill himself for." Caius spat. "If it is then why is she in the south and causing problems?"

Aro shrugged. "I do not know but I will find out." He then turned and headed to his study.

He would need to call his old friend and find out if he knew about young Isabella, or Iz as she liked to be called now. If Carlisle did he would pay for his crime. They had promised that Bella had been killed because of the fact she complete disappeared from Alice's radar. Aro and Marcus had went to bat for the Cullens thus the reason Edward left and found that he was Alice's mate and that Alice and jasper were only great friends. Jasper had stepped aside however he came and went from Volterra, Texas and where ever the Cullens were at the time. Aro sincerely hoped that Carlisle did not know about this because he would have to hate to kill one of his fledglings.


Author Note – I hope that you have enjoyed this first chapter of Overwhelming Darkness. It is a little dark but I promise that Bella will be bad ass. Her cloths are rather hard to describe... it is a pair of shorts with a long flap in the front and back. The shorts are black while the flaps are blood red. Her shirt is also difficult... it is one long wide panel of fabric that is folded in half and sown to make arms and cut to make a neck place yet it looks professionally done. Hope that clears up everything if not let me know...