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Overwhelming Darkness

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Chapter 18:

(Bella's POV: Still at Maria's old compound; Texas)

I smirked looking at Carlisle and Esme. They looked as though I killed Edward and Alice all over again. I walked up to them and smirked looking them over.

"Is there a problem?" I tilted my head to the side as I blinked innocently. "Do you not like the way I run my army?"

"What happened to you, Bella?" Carlisle asked shaking his head as if he was a father ashamed of his child. "You were such a wonder to be around but now..." his voice trailed off as my eyes darkened and a grin appeared on my face.

"Do you really want to know?" I asked in an eerily calm tone. "Because I could show you and let you feel what I went through. About how it feels to burn as you feel your child's life drain from your womb as your body kills it? Or as you watch as the man you love slowly and painfully dies in order to make sure that you live, even if it was to become the one thing he hated the most?" I could tell that my temper was rather high, because Peter and Charlotte moved back.

"Bella..." Esme tried to step forward, however I didn't let her move.

My shield came out and took shape around Esme, separating her from Carlisle. "Don't Bella me!" I snapped circling them both. "You, along with everyone else, have lost that right, because of you abandoning me when you should have stayed and help right the wrongs you left behind." I could feel Iz in the back of my rattling her cage bars, wanting out.

"Isabella." The tone of Marcus voice was clear to me that I needed to step back. I spun and froze as the pained look in his eyes as he shook his head. "Go to your little ones."

I straightened and closed my eyes lowering my shield. "This is not over." I hissed as I rushed to my children before I did something that would upset Marcus.

I had opened my eyes at the last minute to see that Jasper was frowning after my receding form. I would not let him get to me, even if he was my mate. I loved my children and that was enough. I would never allow myself to love another like I did Jake. Or even as I loved him. Losing Jacob was the last straw for me loving someone and no one can take his place. As far as I'm concerned, he was my true mate. If I could not protect him along with our unborn child, then I would only try and save the children that did not ask for this life, such as Nick and Mika. Other than that, my heart is locked away and hidden behind venom enhanced steal bars.

Using my speed it didn't take me long til I was at the door to my childrens rooms.

Upon entering, I was taken down by Mika and Nick. I had not taken a lot of time with them since we arrived here, what with all the drama with Jasper, problems with Sebastian, Maria and the Cullen fiasco going on, but they understood.

I kissed both of their cheeks then stood and made my way over to a love seat that I sat in the center of. Nick jumped up on the right while Mika on the left. Natalie and Kirk smiled then bowed, making their way out of the room. They understood that I needed to be here with my children in private, however I heard them take up residence outside the door to the childrens room.

I relaxed a little and let myself fade from the tough warlord to a mother.

"What have you been doing?" I looked from Mika to Nick.

"I've been working on my shield!" Mika answered proudly. "Since Nick has my power now, he can help me by practicing with me." She grinned widely.

"I didn't know that you could take someone's gift unless you killed them?" I raised an eyebrow at my son. "Why did you keep this from me?" I pulled my arm from around Mika and pulled Nick into my lap.

Nick bit his lips as his eyes found his lap rather interesting. "I just found out when Mika came into the family." His eyes found mine and I could see that he was worried. "As soon as I touched her I felt a zap and I had a shield. Kinda like with your shields." I nodded in understanding as I put my arm back around Mika.

"I know I have been busy as of late, but soon, we will be heading back home, then I can spend more time with you." I kissed their foreheads. "Now, what do you wish to hear?" I asked them smiling.

Nick looked at Mika then back to me. "Can you tell us of your human life?" He tilted his head to the side. "I know that you haven't told what happened to Mika and she's been bugging me about it."

Mika hissed at Nick. "Have not!" Her eyes were narrowed.

I chuckled. "OK, you two, knock it off or you'll bring down the house." I told them sternly. "This isn't our house, so the walls wont hold you. Now, I will tell you about my life, but you must promise not to say anything to anyone, am I understood?" I looked at them with meaning in my eyes.

Both Nick and Mika nodded in understanding then jumped down and laid on their stomachs while they propped their heads up on their hands. I shook my head curling my feet under me as I readied myself. This was easy with the children however with the older ones they brushed it off as losing my human life, however it was so much more than losing just my life.

(Jasper's POV: Outside the house, just after Bella went inside)

Standing there we all watched as Carlisle took Esme in his arms as his eyes narrowed towards the door where Bella went in. His emotions were of anger, disgust and vengeance. I narrowed my eyes at him, but Marcus caught my eye, shaking his head. He nodded discretely towards the door where Bella went. Peter was holding Charlotte and nodded at me while his eyes were on Carlisle. I didn't like the look he was given him, but when I noticed that Marcus snapped his fingers and Jane and Demetri took Carlisle and Esme from each other, but held onto them.

"What is the meaning of this?" Carlisle snarled as he tried to move out of Demetri's grasp, yet with a knock to the head, he stopped quickly. "Aro will not be pleased with this, Marcus." He narrowed his eyes.

"I do so with his approval, Carlisle." Marcus told him in a cold tone never heard in his voice before. Aro's yes, Marcus's, never. "I called him before myself and Isabella came back and asked him if something were to come up with you, what I should do with you." His narrowed. "Yet, when I told him that Isabella was my niece and how she said that she would take over this side since we are not present, he agreed, thus it is her position for your sentencing." His eyes went to Jane and Demetri. "Take them to the room at my Niece's compound. Tell them once you arrive that she will be along shortly."

Jane and Demetri both nodded as they took Carlisle and Esme to Bella's compound. Marcus then turned to me. "Why don't you go gather your mate?" He smiled as he turned and walked the opposite direction.

I shook my head and headed into the house.

I sniffed the air as soon as I entered the house and found Bella's scent. Smirking, I used my vampire speed to head in the direction of the room where I could hear her speaking to the children. I stopped before I was near enough for her to sense me but close enough to hear. I could hear Isabella telling the two kids, Nick and Mika, something. I decided that it would be in my best interest to listen.

"After Edward left me I tried to follow but I was unable to keep up with him. I ended up lost in the woods because I tried to follow." She sighed. "One of the wolves found me in the woods 13 hours later curled up in a small ball shivering from the rain. The next day my friend Jacob came over and told me that I was better off without him. He took me out and let me try new things. I rode on a dirt bike that he fixed up and tried to forget what happened to me before anything."

"What happened next?" Mika asked.

Isabella chuckled. "I decided one day to head to the meadow to finally say good bye to Edward however what I found was something I didn't expect. By then Jake had come down with 'mono' and wasn't able to come near me or return my phone calls. However that day Laurent came and told me that he was doing a favor for Victoria. Mate for a Mate. Laurent told me that since trying the animal diet he found his hunger unbearable thus he could kill me quickly instead of taking me back to Victoria for her to torture me." I could hear the disgust in her tone and I could feel the pain and anger as she said the red head's name.

"Laurent was about to kill me when five big giant wolves came out of the woods and chased after him. I didn't know what to think so I ran back to the house as fast as I could." Bella shifted in her seat. "When I got home I told my father what I saw and he went out to see if he could find the wolves that I saw. Victoria killed Charlie and scared Harry Clearwater which caused him to have a heart attack and die. From what the wolves told me later Harry looked like he tried to pull her off but he wasn't able. Anyway after I found out charlie was dead I started to think back on what I was told by Jacob about the cold ones and how Quileute's were descended from wolves. I then put two and two together and went to speak to them about it."

Bella chuckled and I could feel the hurt and guilt coming off her. She never healed from Jacobs' death. "After I found out about Jacob being a wolf I found that I was welcomed to the packs meetings because of the fact I told them that Victoria was coming after me. Jacob and I got closer during that time and we found out that he still loved me. Everyone told me that if Jacob imprinted I would be pushed aside because of what happened to Leah, Emily and Sam."

"Who are they?" I could tell that it was Mika's first time hearing this.

"A story for another time." Bella told her. "I understood but still wanted to be with Jake. It was about two weeks after we started dating that I found out I was pregnant. Jake was extremely happy because he knew that he would never imprint and that I was his only love. The wolves could hear each others thoughts and they told me that I was rather close to be Jacob's imprintee, but something was keeping him from completing the process." I suddenly felt extremely sad and angry. I knew that it was Bella's emotions. "We were at a barbeque when Victoria decided that it would be a good idea to attack. I could tell that most of the vampires that attacked were Newborns because of the stories that I heard from Emmett and Jasper but I didn't understand until I was taken. I was extremely clumsy and hurt myself causing the vampire, that had me, to take a bite." The was the deep sadness that I felt earlier. "Jacob turned his back on Victoria to help me and did end up killing the vampire however Victoria used that time to jump him and injected venom into his neck." There was a pause.

'We let this happen.' The Major hissed in the back of my mind. 'If we had stayed like I wanted then none of this would have happened.'

'Shut it, I know!' I yelled back at him. 'Now let me listen to what she has to say!' I tuned back in and heard that she just barely started.

"...vampire that bit me, did inject enough venom in me to start to change. While I changed I had to watch as Jake died but that wasn't the worse. She told me that I would kill my own child within me before the change was through and she was right." I heard movement then someone settled next to someone else. "Even after all that I did have to feel and hear the life of Jake's and my son die. I felt as though my whole life ended because I had finally found the peace I wished for yet that was denied me. I am only here to help others never to take for myself. Now lets get pack we will be leaving shortly."

I heard Bella clap her hands and then feet running around the room at vampire speed. I frowned as I thought about what I heard. I had told the others that we needed to go after Victoria, but Edward said that she wasn't a threat, but that was because James was alive at the time he saw her.

Unless there was another time that he didn't tell us about...


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