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Overwhelming Darkness

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(3rd Person Pov)

Bella took Jasper's hand and walked into the compound while the others cleaned up the carnage. She needed some time with her children and mate.

Jasper was happy that Maria was finally gone, because as soon as she was turned to ash, he felt the ever looming sire bond completely vanish. For that, he would be forever thankful to his mate. No one else ever cared enough to kill the bitch that caused nothing, but pain in his life. No one but his mate, that is. He was finally happy, because he was able to show his mate that he wasn't like Edward. They were both changed in different time periods, thus giving them different values in life, both mortal and immortal.

Chapter 25:

(3rd Person POV - Volterra, Italy -An Hour After the Battle)

Aro sat in his study waiting for Caius to show. He had just gotten off the phone with Marcus and had come to realize by the tone of his voice that his brother has never seemed happier. It was also shocking that Marcus said that the Western hemisphere was no longer part of their territory, but the territory of Iz, the Goddess of the South, and her mate, Major Jasper Whitlock, the God of War, himself.

Aro was even more astonished to learn of how Iz had been taking care of the Southern Warlords for making vampires younger than 13. He shivered as he remembered the darling faces of the immortal children, but also the havoc they tended to rot when they were let loose to fend for themselves, along with the havoc that their tantrums seemed to cause.

When a knock came to the door, Aro stood and walked over to answer it, already knowing it was his brother.

"Welcome brother," Aro nodded as he stepped aside to let Caius into the room. "I have news from Marcus." He shut the door then returned to his seat.

Caius stood in front of Aro with his eyes narrowed."Well, out with it. What has he found out?" Caius was one of the toughest, most ruthless of the three Kings, and nothing has ever been known to soften his heart. Except his mate, Athenodora, that is. He seemed to bend to her will whenever she demanded it. "Are we needed in the South?"

"No brother, we are not needed." Aro saw the flicker of remorse in Caius eyes. "Our brother has found that Iz, the Goddess of the South, is, in fact, his niece by blood. I also have heard straight from his mouth that he has declared that Iz be the ruler of the Western Hemisphere, while we take care of the east." Aro waited to see how his brother would react to this news.

Caius frowned. "What of the Cullen's?" He hissed knowing full well that they were behind all of this, even going as far as having been responsible for introducing Iz to the supernatural world. "I am already aware that Marcus has indeed spoken to Alice, Edward and Jasper."

Aro nodded solemnly. "He has yet, I am afraid, to report that Alice and Edward were the ones behind the whole ordeal." His eyes met Caius as he stood. "And as I've said, Major Whitlock has found his mate in Iz, or Isabella Swan, as we have suspected for some time. She is the ruler of the South and hearing from Marcus that she is working with the blood banks along with the law officials. I must admit, I am rather impressed at how she is keeping things in the South a lot quieter since they have been when Maria had taken over." Caius was always the one who had hated Maria, because of how she always came so close to revealing their existence to the humans one too many times.

"We already knew of Edward and Alice's crimes." Caius snapped as he started to pace. "What of Maria? Or Carlisle and Esme? Even Emmett and the girl, Rosalie, have yet to be dealt with. We must make an example of them; that way there won't be others tempted to mimic their mistakes." He spun to face Aro. "Don't you agree, brother?"

Aro slowly nodded his head. "I do agree with you, brother. However, there are things that we must take into account. First, that Emmett and Rosalie have had no such dealings with what the coven leader decides and dictates, just like Carlisle's mate, Esme. He, on the other hand, should have known better, because of the amount of time that he has spent here."

Caius thought quietly for a moment before he spoke."You may be right, brother." He sighed as he sat down in the chair behind him, his head in his hands. "He has always been good at judging people." He looked at his middle brother. "How do you fair now that your mind reader and future seer are gone?" He raised a brow in question. "I know how you treasure your gifted ones."

Aro waved his hand dismissively at Caius as he took a seat in the chair across from him. "It means no difference to me. How would I not know if they betrayed us? They simply cannot be trusted," He leveled his eyes to his younger brother. "They would run straight to the Romanians. Yes, it is better that they were killed by young Isabella then by our own hands. In fact, I do believe Marcus has some news he wishes to speak with us about in person." Aro smiled as he stood, signaling that the meeting was over.

"Do you know what about?" Caius asked as he stood and made to leave.

Aro shook his head. "No, but he has asked us to grant him this one request." He frowned slightly. "Has Marcus ever asked anything of us since Didyme was taken?"

Caius stopped and turned to Aro with a frown on his face, tilting his head thoughtfully. "I do not believe so, no." His lips twitched up with a hint of a smile. "Perhaps it is good that we let some of our power go to this Southern Goddess. If Marcus is enthralled then, I don't believe we need to worry about our animosity."

"You just might be right, brother." Aro conceded as he watched Caius walk triumphantly out of his study. "You may just be right." He whispered to himself as he moved back to the paperwork stacked in front of him on his desk. He never knew that as the years went by, he would have more and more paperwork.

Maybe we should have killed more humans. Aro snorted as he shook his head at such thoughts.

(Bella's POV - The Compound Living Room - 1 ½ Hours Later)

Nick and Mika were out playing in the compound court yard as Raoul, Angela and Faia did a search in case any other newborns were left behind. Jane and Demetri were watching the prisoners, because, for some reason, Marcus didn't wish for them to chance an escape again.

Peter and Charlotte were sitting on one couch, while Emmett, Rosalie and Marcus were sitting across from them on the other. Jasper and I were lounging on the love seat facing all five of them. Kirk and Natalie were watching the kids while the five of we all sat down and decided what to do with the traitors.

The blood banks had sent over all they could, which was quite a lot since the blood we are given isn't able to be used for one reason or another. Those who still wished to went to hunt, yet they were already back. Myself, Marcus, Nick, Mika, Jasper, Peter and Charlotte all stayed in the compound while Emmett and Rosalie went with Natalie and Kirk. I believe that since they did so well while tending to Nick and Mika that they deserved to have a break. Once they arrived back, they went right back to watching the kids. It only confirmed what I had already known when I made the choice in choosing them to keep watch over Nick and Mika.

"What did Aro say about me taking over this side of the world?" I asked Marcus, needing to get the meeting underway.

Marcus smiled as he looked at me. "He did not seem too thrilled, but I will explain more once I see him in person." He sighed as he leaned back against the back of the couch and turned to Emmett and Rosalie. "Aro and I had decided that Carlisle and Esme both need a 'reeducation', if you will, on how a vampire is to behave. You may either join us in Volterra, which may be hard on young Rosalie, or you may stay here under my dear Isabella's command."

"I would like to stay here." Rosalie whispered looking over at me. "While I understand that things won't be the same as they were, living in Volterra will be a nightmare for me." I could see her begin to shake at the mere thought of it, while Jasper projected her fear on to me and Marcus.

"I'm with my Rosie." Emmett spoke up, wrapping his arm around his mate in a comforting manner. "While I know that it's gonna be different, I want to stay with my lil' sister. We left her once before and I don't wanna make that mistake again."

I could feel venom prick at the back of my eyes. "I would love to have you both here." I smiled at them both before focusing on Rosalie. "You may also help Natalie and Kirk with the little ones-"

Before I could finish, Angela and Faia rushed in.

"I'm sorry for the interruption, Boss, but we found a small group of newborns in the trees not too far from here." Faia said as she stood next to Angela. "Also, Nick and Mika are upset, however I am not sure as to why." I could see the worry hidden within her eyes.

"I'll be right there." I responded while standing to my feet and moving towards the door. "Marcus, Jasper, would you both accompany me? Rosalie, Emmett, you might also wish to follow, since I will be dealing with the children." I called over my shoulder as I exited the room. "You could learn something from this."

I could feel that Nick was trying to contact me, but I didn't wish to speak with him through the bond, but rather in person. If there was something wrong, then I wanted to see his face when he told me so that I could see his true feelings in his eyes when he spoke. I briefly wondered if Nick and Mika's mates were amongst the group of newborns, thus the reason that they are upset.

Shaking my head, I pushed myself faster until I reached the doors to the outside. I pushed them open and walked out with my eyes narrowed. I scanned the courtyard and found that Mika and Nick were fighting with Kirk and Natalie.

"Let us through!" Nick yelled, as he tried to pass Kirk. "We need to get through!"

"ENOUGH!" I bellowed, causing Nick and Mika to rush over to my side. Kirk and Natalie also followed after them, however a little slower. "Now, what is the problem?" I hissed, narrowing my eyes at the kids.

"There's something pulling me towards the woods." Nick said as he looked at Marcus. "You can see it, can't you?" I could see the venom in his eyes as they starting to well up with venom.

Marcus nodded as he turned to me. "Indeed, there are two bright golden strings attaching the two young ones to the woods." He looked back at Natalie and Kirk. "Take a break, we shall escort the children."

They both looked at me for confirmation, and when I nodded, they turned and headed into the compound. I that knew they needed some quiet time to themselves and having Marcus remind me of that was a good idea.

I smiled as I looked down at Nick and Mika, who were looking as though we were going on a hunting trip. I smiled and raised a brow at Nick; he knew what he needed to do before we departed.

"Alright, alright." He whispered as he lowered his head and took my hand.

I chuckled as I held a hand out to Mika. They were so young, yet it was sometimes hard to remember that from how grown up and mature they acted most of the time. Though, they still were able to act as the children that they were, and would always be.

Mika eagerly took my outstretched hand as we took off out of the compound's court yard. I could tell that Nick knew where he was going, which is why I let them lead me to where ever we needed to go.

Nick and Mika didn't take us far from where the battle was fought. In a small cluster of trees, I could see four small figures huddled close together. I threw a shield around my family as we closed in.

From what I could see, there were two girls and two boys. The two boys looked like twins. They both had the same color of hair and the same bright red newborn eyes, however, one was taller than the other. The two girls had blond hair with duller red eyes, and I could see the many bite marks that littered them on their arms and legs. They all were rather young, too young to have been turned by law, thus deeming them immortal children. If I were to guess, they were all about the same ages as Nick and Mika. We were just lucky that they were of age where they could be taught. It was rare that a Warlord would change a toddler or child under the age of five. They required vampires who could learn and fight, rather than the others who made immortal children from a younger child. They were usually the kind who just wanted a child of their own and didn't have the concept of what it would mean for the child to be forever frozen at that age.

Pushing my thoughts aside, I took a step forward when the tallest, who was holding the older of the two girls, snarled and placed her behind him. I held up my hands as I motioned for Nick and Mika to step forward. The boy and girl who were standing by themselves immediately ceased their growling and stared at the Nick and Mika.

Nick held his arms out and waited for the young girl to come to him. She darted her eyes to me, then rushed into his arms. Mika walked over and took the shorter of the twin boy's hand, bring him over to meet me. I watched as the three mated pairs stood in front of me. Marcus had a frown on his face as he turned to me.

"I shall leave Emmett and Rosalie here, under your command." Marcus then looked back at the children we had just found. "Do you know who we are?" he asked the boy holding the blond haired girl.

"Iz, the Goddess of the South," He pointed a look at me. "And you are Marcus Volturi. Are you going to kill us?" He looked over at, who I assumed to be, his brother.

"No." I answered his question. "You will be brought to the compound and be given things to do. Other than that, you are aware that will remain at the age that you are now, forever. If you don't mind answering, what are your names?" I smiled trying to be as non-threatening as possible.

"My name is Greg," The taller twin said holding the girl close to him. "My twin brother is, Ashton. My mate and her sister are Callie and Samantha." Callie was at his side, while Samantha was at Nick's. Ashton was holding Mika as though she was spun of glass.

"Then shall we head back?" I turned to Rosalie and Emmett. "Since you are not old enough to be out on your own, Emmett and Rosalie, along with Kirk and Natalie, will be watching over you as your guardians. If you wouldn't mind, Rose, would you take the children to their new rooms? Mated pairs are to stay together."

Rosalie beamed at the chance to play mother, even if it wasn't a permanent position. "Of course," she then turned to the kids. "Come on, we also have some blood for you all at the compound. You all look rather thirsty. Emmett also likes to play tag, among other things. Not to mention…" Her voice trailed off as Emmett and she took the new children, along with Nick and Mika, back to the compound.

"You are very lucky." Marcus whispered as Jasper wrapped his arms around me, sending me his love. "To have a family even after you lose your humanity. It is indeed a blessing." he turned to me with open arms. "Please remember that you have more family out there other than those who are here." He hugged me as I pulled away from Jasper and went to Marcus.

"I know. She'll be alight." Jasper said as he stood there with a smile on his face, grinning down at me. "She's a tough vampire to mess with. Not to mention, her mate's close by and will mangle anyone who threatens her and her happiness."

Marcus nodded as he let me return to Jasper. Upon turning back to look at him, I couldn't help but to briefly frown as I watched him look down at his ring, stroking the glass that held what was left of his beloved Didyme's ashes.

He sighed and looked back up at the two of us. "As much as it pains me, I must take the prisoners and head back to Volterra." He walked over and shook Jasper's hand. "Please take care of mi Cara. She has been hurt for far too long and deserves this happiness." He then kissed me on the forehead as he pulled his phone out and began to dial.

"Let's hunt before we head back. I want to talk to you about something." I whispered as I held his hand. "Faia and Sai can handle things until we return. Kirk and Natalie have help with the kids since four more seem to have been added to the ranks. I don't think there will be much of a problem now with Maria gone."

"Sounds like a great idea, Darlin." Jasper whispered as he pulled me into his arms, as he took off running towards town.

I couldn't be happier. I just wished my son and best friend could be here to see it. Not to mention, my father. I just pray that Charlie is as happy as I hope he is. Even with after all the heart break, I still was able to hold myself together. I couldn't be more proud of myself, if I tried. I just hoped that things would be forever slow and uneventful.


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